Thursday, May 31, 2007

spot on.

i see somebody famous!!!
do you?
no no, i didnt mean me.
really, who do you see?

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


i think mother nature forgot that its almost june!
bloody hell its cold cold cold.
i shouldnt have walked out in board shorts and a hoodie
not a good idea.

today me and cheryl caught a glimpse of british comedy over at sems place
and we decided that its not funny. ha ha ha
im funnier.
double ha ha ha.


check out the soraya's i found

but i think, as all of you might think, and know, and agree and immediately confess to knowing all along but didnt want to say it out loud so as to not make me inflate like a balloon and finally burst. (because u still want mearound)

that this soraya is still the best kind

aww come on, admit it already.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


i wish i saw you
i wish i knew you were you
from the very beginning

which is.....
a very good place to start
when you read you begin with A-B-C
when you sing you begin with Do-Re-Mi
*include drawings of music notes and treble clefs and bass clefs around lyrics*

haha.. sound of music yo!. i miss.

ok, in all seriousness....
gahh.. cant get back to my so called 'serious' train of thought
that train has chugged far far awayy ...
* chugga chugga chugga chugga chooo choooo*
so lets just drop it. ahah


Cyril Takayama is HOT.
i know nik recommended watching him eons ago and mars passed me his video link weeks ago
but today... i declare Cyril Takayama HOT
he's like a slick baddass who steals food from posters and coffee from framed pictures!

if you dont get me, go youtube him
so so HOT.

by the way, did i tell you that sylar is sexy. ?
i am sylar..really!


its almost 5 am and the sun is gradually rising
i still havent gotten used to the fact that the sun sets at 10pm and rises at 5 am.
its just too unusual.
i feel like im living on another planet.
it didnt feel as funny during winter when sunset was at 4.
maybe im a vampire and i love the dark.
no no .. i want to get a tan, so i should be happy with how the sun works now.

why am i awake?..
ive been up alll night.
well not exactly. i fell asleep as soon as i got home, which was around 6+pm
then i woke up and looked at my watch.. "oh hey, its only 7.30 ill go make dinner now"
and then i realized it was dark outside
"huh? winters not back right?"
was only then that i realized that my watch showed malaysian time
it was 12.30am.
so here i am wide awake.. and i have to 'wake up' in about 3 hours to get to the library on a sunday because i spent a very productive day in the library yesterday reading calvin n hobbes


hamster hooey and the gooey kablooie!

Saturday, May 26, 2007


this is what happens when exam stress builds up ..........

and the only way out is through a tub of good ol' vanilla ice cream.

dont worry ma, i only had a couple of spoonfuls. and i promise ill go running everyday after exams. no more happy food.

i am so sick of writing essays. so so sick


a moment of silence and Al-fatihah for my late great granfather, tok habib

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

click click meow

everyones been asking for the boys'(jimi, slash and carlos) punya blog add...haha, i cant refer to them as the cats. or mama'll kill me. so its the boys in brackets their name just in case some of you dont know who my boys are.

people people.. the word 'blog' on the post about them was the link to their blog laaaaaaa...
anyways, just for got measure.. click *here* to get to their blog.

chit chat yakity yak

today i had a good time just sitting on the grass and watching the sun play with shadows on our faces. for once the grass was greener on our side of the world.

tho all of us just HAD to keep pulling it out (inside joke).

i realize that i love to talk. nonstop. i cant help it. i like talking. i dont care what i talk about i just like to talk. i can talk with fullstops, dont worry. but after the fullstop, theres always another sentence coming right up. no breaks. just a whole lotta bull. i could go on and on talking about nothing and come out sounding shallow and stupid but i wont care coz i just love talking. it keeps me going. yeah, talking about nothing keeps me going like how the dynamo keeps the light on the bicycle going (does it?). you dont have to give me a topic. ill just talk. even if the essence of what im saying to you the whole day could be rooted to one word or sentence

just like how the whole paragraph up there could be summed up to
"i like to talk"

oh and thats why i dont really like exams.
i have to sit still for 3 hours. and not talk. which is why most of the time, whatever i write on the answer sheet would be exactly what i would be talking about in that 3 hours.

complete and utter bullcrap.
which is a nicer way of saying bullshit come to think of it. why cant we just say bullshit tho? i think bullcrap and bullshit brings out about the same kinda rudeness. which is the not-so kind. i mean, who cares if you say bullshit or bullcrap right?

ok i shall stop.
this is bullshit.
or bullcrap


*click* to check the hoppers out


if chasing our dreams is just a distraction

Monday, May 21, 2007

inherent risk

so so afraid
*thump thump thump*

Saturday, May 19, 2007

meow click meow

umm omar, i think you should talk to mama a little more.
tita, maybe you could help out too..

mama has gone completely whacked!!
the boys (yes, my 3 cats: jimi, carlos and slash) now have their own blog.
ok, which one of you aunties encouraged my mom to do this?
or were you all opposing it as i know a.daing would? forcefully might i add?.

okla. its kinda cute. haha

ok actually, everything i said about my mom having gone bonkers is completely untrue

i think everyone should be told about this and i guess sooner or later the truth will come out eventually. so id rather it come from me

my cats are actually of superior intelligence. yes theyre aliens. this is why they have their own blog and are able to type out their life story. and yes, they have their own computers to do this as well.....

you heard me right!... my cats set up their own blog! they type themselves. and they are of superior intelligence. but not more superior than me of course

ok, i gotta go. phone just beeped. i think jimi just sent me an sms. well it could be carlos or slash.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Your Love Number is 7

When you fall in love, you experience it to the fullest.
You are a cheerful, joyful soul - and you attract people easily.
While you fall for people quickly, you also fall out of love quickly.
It takes a dynamic, exciting lover to keep your attention long term!
i just KNEW it .. the moment i hit enter... i KNEW it was going to be something bad...
i HATE the number 7. dont ask me to explain. i grew up having an obsession over numbers.
everytime i walk on tiles i count them and skip the 7th tile... everytime i watch a movie, ill make sure my seat number doesnt include a 7 in it. when i have 7 (for example) rings to account for, ill make sure ill buy an extra one just so i have 8 and not 7. or maybe buy another one so ill have 9 coz i like the number 9 (but thats for another story).
point is i DESPISE the number 7.. and my LOVE is number 7??
and i am also in a country where the currency compared to that of my home country is x7!.
and i dont know what.. just wanted to be abit more dramatic.
but im not a drama mama
7!....... DIE YOU

Sunday, May 13, 2007

your day

i remember when i was about 5/6 i strayed away from my mom in a shopping complex and ended up onstage for some mothers day stint/promotion/whatever they were having

guy: so tell us why you love your mummy

young soraya: because my mummy's beautiful!!!!

guy: oh so wheres your mummy? lets see this beautiful mummy

*awkward silence*

guy: oh thats okay *probably thinking im some homeless child walking about on her own* heres some free stuff for you for being brave enough to come onstage.

young soraya: oh thank you!

a few minutes when later i found mama and told her what happened and how i got all the stuff i was holding, this is what she had to say

"omg yaya why did you have to say that? thank god i wasnt there, i look ugly today!"

haha, you're still the prettiest to me ma. or maybe im just saying that coz people say i look a hell lot like you.

"yaya remember, when all else in the world turns against you, theres always mama who loves you"

i love you too ma.

happy mama's day again

happy mommys day

Thursday, May 10, 2007

the onions

i dont think ive ever properly introduced 'the onions' to you guys.
well, here's our logo that i designed (chey. haha)
we have a computer generated one now, and even a 3d one. but i somehow have no idea where i can save that from. haha...
so here's the original hand-drawn one.

'the onions' is basically a really whacked group of people, *ahem* with talent.

'the onions' currently consists of 33 members (with hopes of recruiting more) including 8 pionions (pioneer onions, myself included).

so here's an email i just received from tania.. our umm.. pioneer pionion?

Dearest Onions,

I feel it is time for us to reunite once again (after a year and a half of silence)! I've been reading the tea leaves and destiny is telling us to hold our second "Onion's Annual Comedy Hour" this year in July!

On a more serious note, tell me what you guys really think. If you are interested, do e-mail me and if you aren't… e-mail me STILL (so you won't leave me high and dry with hopes)! Nothing has been planned yet. Except, I was thinking we could hold this when the UK students are back for the summer and while the students from "down under" would be back for the mid-year break. Therefore, if you know you are going to be in Malaysia this July and would be interested to revive the Annual Comedy Hour, you know what to do (if you don't, refer again to the second sentence in the second paragraph). Also, feel free to recruit more new members into the team, all the crazier (and easier to delegate jobs too). Oh, and any suggestions or dissatisfactions are gladly received (although the latter are most likely to end up in the rubbish bin *evil laugh*).

So, if things do work out well and enough members are interested, we will be rocking the Onions! And if my words are still not persuasive enough to make you participate, then my last chance would be to tempt you with one crazy after-party that night! Okay, REMEMBER dudes, e-mail me ASAP and don't leave me in the dark.

Long Live the Onions!

Ps: One tiny problem might be that we, the students from Oz and NZ might not be back long enough for a proper practise. On the other hand, if all of us are willing to put proper hours of serious practise, I'm sure the show would still be a success and we would still have Fun, Fun, Fun! Cause we have great talent obviously.
so if everything works out, this is an advance promo post. hehe

ice ice baby

i am under the weather

and umm, over it

and behind it

and in front of it

ok, you get the deal.. everywhere i turn its the weather constantly bugging me in the face. the weather not knowing that i really dislike how it is acting up now. oh dear, you just dont know when to leave me alone now do you?

its cold again, and ive had to take out my jackets that have been collecting dust since before easter break.
aaand, its getting me all cranky.

my hall seems to have turned off central heating (in anticipation of hot summer sun, NOT)
its constantly raining with the wind blowing at a mind warping speed
and the bottom of my pants are still wet from walking in the rain.

that and i have tonnes of reading left to do.

the only help is that the library is sorta crammed with human bodies nowadays, so much so that body heat seems to work better than the central heating they have there.

BUT i still feel the chill.. sigh


you know im pissed when i cant be bothered to change the colours of my fonts

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

tepid warm

you know you've been watching too much heroes when every other person that passes you start to look like a character from the show..

a few days ago, me and sem spotted hiro, ando, sylar and maybe even claire.
today, i saw sed sylar again.. and yet another sylar and another one!

is it just me or is the university of bristol breeding sylar lookalikes?


today i felt like purchasing the book 'extremely loud and incredibly noisy' because the title reminded me alot of.........



when you're done, clean your hands with the glue i left on the plastic shelf

this is funny.. ha ha

Sunday, May 06, 2007

only because everyone has this on their blogs

i now know that i can never go into interior designing

just this morning my room looked like 30 FBI agents ransacked every inch of it trying to look for a nanochip. or as tok would put it, 'macam tongkang pecah'

yeah something like that. only change all the colours to black red and white.

sooo.. i decided that i should clean my room. yes, the word 'i' and 'clean my room' went in the same sentence. and while im at it, move around some stuff as well. ppl say, cleaning your room and rearranging the furniture can give you motivation to study. or at least alia n leen did.

what i got:
-a very weird arrangement. but condusive for me as my study table is right next to my bed, so every time i lie down id turn n see my study table n feel guilty. also now, i can sit cross legged on my bed and study!
-quite a number of long gashes on my left leg from repeatedly scratching myself on the corner of my iron bed
-my room looking even smaller than it did before (one of the objectives of rearranging my stuff was to make my room look bigger)
-dust from under the bed, now exposed and repeatedly trying to take cover in my eyes n nose
-and last but not least, not much more motivation.

also i need to repeat that something about the arrangement looks... weird
not right

this post was just to prolong my relax time before i start studying
see, i told you cleaning my room didnt do any good

Thursday, May 03, 2007


took a trip to the beach last weekend.
thought it was quite alright, had loads of fun
what with all the kite flying, frisbee throwing and pigging out.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
we were deep in conversation, but yameen had to go spoil it by looking at the camera

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
the compulsory shot

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
most of everyday

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
another compulsory one

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
i think i have a knack for flying bart simpson kites

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
we found diamonds in the candy floss bag

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
everyone else couldnt care less about bart

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
when i grow up i wanna be a flying guitarist, yameen wants to be a netball player

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
sunbathing in england? haaa

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
yameen trying to jump, me trying to kick her

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
post beach trip, bristol harbour. happy 20th soraya


tho i had a fab day,
weston super mare doesnt come close to the beauty of the beaches back home.
and the bitches too.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
ta ta for now!


they're one and the same, just like water

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

you can keep the name, it never suited me

just another line on my wishlist

isnt it funny how the roads just pass us by

sukajadi sukajadi.. saya tak suka jadi

one mans magic is another mans plastic

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

bodoh . so so bodoh

matters regarding my missing allowance from BNM have not been resolved
so for now my current account is still in the reds
and my mom cant send me money yet as msia's having public holiday 2 hari or something like that

and because of this, threemobile cant take out payment from my account and
they have decided to cut my line.

so for now, you people in the uk cant contact me via the number i normally use.
in the mean time, u can get me thru the number 07748274231 which i normally only use to call n text international numbers

hopefully ill be able to reconnect my old number once this bank issue is resolved.

bodoh.. so so bodoh.
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