Friday, July 31, 2009



i am EXTREMELY looking forward to this one.
if you know me well enough, you'd know that i am a HUGE fan of maliq & d'essentials.
arguably the best live act around. i say arguably because theres also mraz u see.

4 years ago when i saw maliq & d'essentials in planet hollywood i was amazed at how good they were live. after the concert, one dreadful sentence kept repeating in my head(involuntarily) "ohmygod i think they were better live than mraz" . i did not want to say it out loud, because i felt guilty haha. but a week later mars told me the exact same thing, although with a very very guilty face and in a very very low voice so that no one would hear. haha.

if you do not know by now(impossible), I AM A HUGE FAN OF MRAZ. nobody comes close.
but i think maliq & d'essentials almost did.

but of course, that was 4 years ago. at that time i had only watched mraz once (at his first sold out concert! which was a part of the mosaic music festival). now, after having attended 8 of his shows, he stands at an unbeatable #1 spot.

maliq & d'essetials will undoubtly be AMAZING live (bear in mind that i am a fan of experimental/funk/rhythm/acid/mod jazz) so if you are around, and have the time, i urge you to attend this show.

also,there is of course afgan, whose voice can make any girls heart melt. yovie and nuno whose cd is stuck in my cars cd player (not on purpose actually, the eject button is broken) and atilia who ive seen countless of times at bangkok jazz and no black tie.

amy and i will be at the pitbull area, RIGHT IN FRONT (i will accept no less).
tickets range from RM53-RM178
join us if u can!

dont miss out on this one either! they've been practising!
*also, if u want to check out the new pj live arts theatre at jaya one!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

i. am. so. exhausted.
its 10.30 and my eyes already feel like lead.

i love you tomàs!
see you tmrw

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

and then, theres also the moon

as some of you may well know, since i am back in malaysia for good i will inevitably have to start working soon. i dont exactly know when, but it will definitely be before the year ends.
i know with work, it will be exceedingly hard for me to travel as there will be no set holiday periods where i can plan my trips as i did when i was still a student.
there is also that need for me to save up for my trips, i cant ask mom to pay for my holidays forever right? haha.
but i think i am one of those people who wont mind working hard and being reasonably 'papa kedana' for a whole year just to save up for a one week trip somewhere.
what i wanted to do here was list down things i want to do / places i want to see so that i have a permanent reminder not to lose track and forget about seeing the world.

although i am very grateful for the fact that i have seen alot more of the world than some others, and although there are lots of other places i would also like to see, here are a few that top my list (in no order of preference)

spend a long relaxing week at kandooma, maldives

obtain a 'hero' certificate after climbing the great wall of china

go sailing in greece

visit broadway and its many many musicals (ive done new york when i was young, but not broadway)

climb mount kinabalu(this is something i actually hope to do before i start work, but first theres bukit gasing to climb!)

see cambodia in its entirety

lets you and me see, if i make it

Sunday, July 26, 2009

part of that world.

when we were on the way to the lyceum theatre to watch lion king the musical, i remember naming some cartoons/movies that i thought should be made into a musical.

and mars, one of them IS actually a musical on broadway! the best one in fact.
the adams family!!!.
they're creepy and they're spooky, mysterious and kooky.
in other words, perfect!. haha
i wonder how they portray 'thing'

*i am mind channeling thoughts to mr.person who brings international musicals to malaysia*
*also to mr.person who has the power to decide which musicals should go on an international tour*

i so desperately want to watch adams family the musical and little mermaid the musical.

in an alternate universe i live on broadway . every day i watch a musical of my choice and always have prime seats reserved for me. also, when i feel like it i can stage in as the lead to any musical of my choice because i already know every part by heart. tmrw i will be starring in 'rock of ages' opposite american idol's constantine maroulis. after that i will be the fairy god mother in shrek the musical. day after i relax and watch ragtime and mary poppins the following day. by this time i would have watched the little mermaid and the adams family at least 10 times. all this while the production crew of wicked would have been constantly badgering me to play elphaba, and i will of course oblige in the next few days.

in an alternate universe, in an alternate universe.

in this universe, i am thankful to have been given the chance to watch quite a number of musicals at the west end, some repeatedly.
for now, i singalong to illegally recorded clips that are up on youtube and wait for the next auditions for a decent musical to come along.

i live in the real world. but once in awhile i like to dream.

Friday, July 24, 2009

theres no place like home


jimi, slash and eric were sleeping in my room with me on my first night home.
my flight back home was HORRIBLE, it was bumpy all the way and i did not manage to get any sleep.
as i took the night flight home, not being able to sleep could have actually been a good thing.
this is because i would arrive at 5pm, and being super tired i would be able to fall asleep during malaysian night time. ie no jetlag!.

and i did! i fell asleep at around 1am, and as i was drifting off i remember thinking "yesss! no jetlag!"
but of course, at 2am i was woken up by a huge, heavy furball named jimi who was constantly pouncing and walking all over my face.
and that was it, i did not shut my eyes again until sunrise.

the next time i woke up it was already 2pm. so much for roti canai for breakfast.
but thats the beauty of malaysia, breakfast food is available 24 hours! so i called alia up and headed out with her n for roti canaiii!!!.
if not for anything else, i love malaysia for roti canai and gardenia.

im home alone as the brother and parents all have dinner parties that they are attending.
didnt wanna stay in all alone on a friday night so im heading out right now to meet up with yameen and gosh!.

it feels good to be home.

Monday, July 20, 2009


i may be emitting dangerous radioactive waves
i suddenly cannot charge my laptop, my blackberry or my favourite twisty nokia phone.
i have tried using other chargers but they still wont charge. therefore the problem must be the gadgets' battery-charger connection or the gadget itself.
too much of a coincidence that all 3 r suddenly not working right?
if any of you can tell me why, please do. now.

i shall have to go buy a 20 pound phone today because i need to stay connected to the world.
if any of you know of a place where i can buy a 20 pound laptop, please let me know.

for now i can still charge my laptop battery if i physically hold on to the connector.
i gave up on the phones.

am i magneto's evil spawn or what.
this is very very frustrating.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

hello real world

im just here to sing along

Monday, July 13, 2009

who needs the gym

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

born to amuse, to inspire, to delight.

like J, i will list down 10 things i am grateful for today. i suggest you do too.

1. i am grateful for J
2. i am grateful for the trip to sorrento, capri and napoli with mom
3. i am grateful for my family
4. i am grateful for graduating
5. i am grateful for my birkenstock tan
6. i am grateful that mount vesuvius did not erupt as i was looking down into its crater
7. i am grateful for clean toilets. (glastonbury toilet hell hole)
8. i am grateful for olive butter and soft white bread
9. i am grateful for this number. always.
10. i am grateful for this love and joy i call life.

life is beautiful.


Thursday, July 02, 2009

wake up and smell the roses

i officially do not like london anymore.
it is too busy for even my liking. nobodys in the shops, they are all on the streets! que?
i have officially had enough of living in a flat, in a dusty country with four seasons.
i am quite ready to go home to tropical weather, live in a comfortable house with airconditioning and land to run around with my cats in.

that aside, for now, oxshott is still in my good books. but only because the weather is beautiful. winter over here is tres horrible.
a.daing, qai and mars spent the night here with us yesterday and we had some good fun running around the compound and frolicking in the sun


how many villages could we save, how many watts could we luminate

at glastonbury, i watched jason mraz on stage 3 times. because i could.
i managed to obtain 2 of his setlists out of those 3 shows.
to date, i have watched 8 jason mraz shows.

jason mraz in the acoustic tent

jason mraz at the queen's head

jason mraz on the other stage
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