Sunday, April 29, 2007


happy belated birthday to meeeeeeeee

more pictures and stories from the beach and harbour will follow
i had a lovely day

Friday, April 27, 2007


its my birthday tmrw and i cant spend.
the only money i have with me is what i brought back with me in my wallet.
my bank is in the reds because i emptied it out before i went home and my phone line has been trying to take out my monthly payments.
no, im not that irresponsible.
i emptied out my account before i went home thinking that bank negara was going to bank in my allowance for the next three months within the next few days.. (that was end of march!!)
well they didnt

so i called pn rafidah and told her that the money they were supposed to bank in wasnt in my account
guess what she said?.. finance department kata TAKDE MASALAH..
and what happened a month ago was that another scholar got double the amount of money she was supposed to get.. so her, being the really honest person that she is called bnm and told them about it... guess what they said?
yeap... finance department kata TAKDE MASALAH.

how can they say TAKDE MASALAH.. when theres obviously a mistake?
i mean, at least have the decency to say.. oh, there must have been a mistake in the financial department, ill go check with them.
well they did say they were gonna check tho.
but that was 3 days ago.
and i tried calling back today and got a "the number you have dialed is not recognizable"
die i tell you DIE...

i am penniless. well not exactly.. but i will be soon enough.
whatmore, anaz already bought our flight tickets to austria and kam, our nova rock tickets.
i have to pay them, but theres noooo mooooneyyyy in my acccoouunt!!

frustration aside,
we're going to the beach at weston super mare tmrw!!!!
im gonna celebrate my bday by the sea
i love i love i love.

AND, weather forecast says itll be sunny tmrw and max temperature is 25c!. woohoo.
thats *almost* like a cold day in malaysia.
which loosely translates as scorching hot over here.

*smiles broadly*


click here for another video of me singing crazy. but this time gavin n dan played the guitars. i just sang. haha
i know i know, you must be thinking why i keep putting up vids of crazy only.
truth is, the ones before that i didnt record
and the other songs aside from crazy i look majorly horrible.

okayla okayla click here for a video of me singing 'im yours' on the same night
its messy, i made mistakes. but.. takpela..

actually, both pon .. kaput abitla. hahaha


whats the rush?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

oh happy day. oh happy daaaAAaay

what semantha said upon a conversation about the hazards of smoking:

hey you know what, i actually dont mind dying young. that way more people will be at my funeral.. i mean, imagine if i die at 105, wont it be just sad? ill outlive my children, my husband maybe even my grandchildren.. and only my greatgrandchildren will attend my funeral and they wont even know who the hell i am.

ok sem, if thats what you want.. we'll aaaaaaaaaallllllll be at your funeral yeah? haha. itll be one great big party!


soraya: eh i had really fresh prawns once.. they letak live prawns in boiling hot water and served it straightaway with dips

azeem: my god what a cruel way to kill prawns!!

soraya: then how else do you kill prawns? cook them la right? you cant shoot prawns.. and u cant break its head coz everyone likes the kepala..

azeem: well.. suffocate themla!

*forgetting that prawns cant breathe out of water*
soraya:hah! suffocate them? isnt that even more cruel? how the hell do you suffocate prawns anyways?

azeem: ermm.. just leave them out?

soraya: oh right.. they breathe underwater

nicholl: what the helll... how else did u think? suffocate them with a freakin pillow?

even soraya has her dumb moments eyh. ahahahha


leeen.. ill do the meme after i hand in my coursework tmrw yeah? hehe..

oh and hey everyone else.. im back in bristol by the way.
and i think its true how they say the weather effects your mood.
i feel freakin gooooooooood. haha


jeng jeng jeeeeeeeng

Friday, April 20, 2007

hey nama kamu shiapa?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

in the zone

live jazz is the best kind..
though i love listening to jazz vocals, the best kind of live jazz is when there is no singing involved. reason being i tend to really listen to the voice if its the dreamy kind and wish i could sing like that, and then temporarily forget about the music.
its the best kind when you get to lose yourself in the music and just, as someone kept repeating yesterday 'layan'.

was at no black tie yesterday listening to a jazz trio comprising of 3 young and not bad looking guys. not that i wouldnt have enjoyed it even if they were old and ugly yah?.

the music was just.. great. the trio was made up of eric li, fly and john thomas. someone kept calling eric 'happy fingers' . i disagree. id call him extremely happy fingers. or magic fingers even. he plays the piano btw. fly on the bass/double bass and john on the drums. superb superb. they also had julian chan helping out with the alto/tenor sax

theyre playing again at no black tie tonight with a guest trumpeteer if anyones interested. would definitely go again if it were not for laundry's anniversary which i most certainly am attending tonight. loads of acts performing and theyll be recorded live with the result of a compilation cd. will finally get to see rhapsody again after a looong break. cant wait cant wait


i'd like to think the best of me, is still hiding up my sleeve.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

meeting up with alie balong later tonight.. and again tmrw to go to the digital mall for my speakers and the art shop for alie's supplies..
lunching with fars and most prob nich day after.. laundry's anni with nich and dunno who else thurs night..

so sweet laa you guys, trying to find time to lepak with me juga despite your busy schedules and exams.. alie lagi.. balik sini just for a day all the way from perak. farah, nak jugak grab a quick lunch tgh2 examla meetingla.. and nich surrendering yourself to wutever i feel like doing thursday friday before i hafta go back.

i have such sweet friends kan

i feel better now. haha


soraya: knock knock, who's there?
andi: quit it, thats my head you're knocking!
buds: hey! knock my head.. it has more hair. can cushion your knuckles.
andi: he hasnt shampooed his hair, save your knuckles the agony. its ok you can knock my head
soraya: *knock* *knock* *knock*


my birthday is coming my birthday is coming my birthday is coming
28th april is coming coming coming
*sigh* my birthday is cominglah

money rant

i finish on the 24th of may and my flight back is on the 16th of june
reason being just so i have enough time to settle my things and finish off unfinished business and catch the 16th of june flight back with yameen( at least tak payah go thru 13 hours alone. horrible i tell ya) . but i know all that wont take more than 20 days. so i figured id do abit of travelling. maybe go visit danish in le havre, spend some time in manchester or nottingham or whatever... then im thinking. i dont think ill have enough money..

coz i wanna go for the download festival. but no one wants to come with me btw.. so maybe ill have money to travel by myself and go visit ppl.
but just look at the line up!


all that plus mcr, linkin park and iron maiden on mainstage.. sick or what?
anybody wanna come? pleease
its 145 pounds for all three days plus camping grounds access..

and then theres the sydney trip which i prob wont be able to pergi pon.
why?. moneyy... because my mom doesnt wanna have anything to do with it.. because of some i dunno what reason la.. n seeing that i probably will have to pay for my ticket back because i was home during my easter break and will be home for summer ( allowance still masuk)... nampaknya i dont think ill have enough money to buy myself a ticket to sydney and still have spending money there..

but i really miss mun , erin, bobby, matt, yamud. etc.. i was so so excited to jumpa them in july dah coz my mom already said ok. gola gola.. travel.. you should go... then suddenly now..
"i dont wanna have anything to do with it, you wanna go you go yourself".. howla?

you see? the root to all my problems is money.

plus i just had to pay for my car repairs. i dont even know what happened to the car, where when how or what. but i still paid coz kalau tak my mom would keep the car in the garage and not allow me to drive. and id be stuck at home moping. and most of the time nobodys at home anyways. so i paid.. and i dont regret it that much pon . but still... thats quite a few hundred bucks gone.

... ok. enough with the rantingla.. i think its post menstrual syndrome.. yeah. i get post.. not pre.
i had a SUPERB time in perhentian with the extended family and it was great to finally watch rafique rashid yesterday at no black tie. managed to drag rendra to go with me and met a.phi there...

see.. i cant do perhentian n rafique rashid any justice now coz im not really in a good mood..
ill try again in another post when i have some pictures ok.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

for he's a jolly god fellow, that nobody can deny

sometimes i question my motives, sometimes i question yours. this world is so full of marigolds and bullshit dont you think? but not much of whats in between. id like to have a cross between a marigold and a spoonfull of bullshit. somehow, i think it'll make quite an interesting dish for soul consumption and only that

today i was supposed to go to laundry with saran for moonshine and prob meet up with kristy and rendra there. car troubles ensued. ren called at about 8.30 to offer me a lift but phone battery went dead and i did not charge it till 10 and by the time i called back, rendra was already there.. not my day not my day.

so that was my bullcrap for the day.
lets move on to my marigold

i got my hair done today. and i love it. jet jet jet black with bright red streaks. i was talking to yamud yesterday about how we were going to get our hair done today and i guess we pretty much went with each others suggestions (inc also faisal's and eliza's.. thanx). and i am haappeyyh. and so is yamud.. so much so that while we were talking to each other today, i told him how i just ran to the mirror to check out my hair and i love it, and he, how he kept touching his tamed curls every other second or so. haha.


i need more of this.
andi and buds, i do not understand how you guys did not feel the urge to bring this over.
now i understand why that weird friend of yours had cartons of teh botol in his fridge


the domas crater, tangkuban prahu
i forgot the volcanos name, but apparently its still active

what our eyes beheld after a 40 minute walk through the jungle
nothing short of amazing, totally worth the effort

im off for a diving trip in perhentian tmrw. wish me well

for he's a jolly good fellow that nobody can deny. that nobody can deny, that nobody can deny.

happy birthday to my dearest friend hazeril ezme. may you get the best things in life. coz you deserve it.12th april 1986.

happy belated birthday to ken. 11th april 1987.


how do you do it?


and when that rainbow gives up on you. tell it, its okay. coz the colours are aleady in your heart

and when the sheepman dies and the clock strikes 13, the baseball bat will guide you through the corridor because it knows what you're looking for

it knows what you're looking for

Thursday, April 05, 2007

the thing that guides you through a cloudy day

i must say im really enjoying myself back home despite really loving bristol.
its always good to get back to my old routine: eat, no black tie, eat, laundry, check blogs for gigs, go to unheard of place to catch favourite acts, eat, laundry again, eat again, laundry again.. oh and to those not in the know, laundry is a bar with live music yeah.. i dont mean i do my laundry. everyday here, is how jason mraz starts geek in the pink 'its laundry day!'., again, the bar kind, not the washing clothes kind.

and after all the food and live music and (i almost forgot!), catching up on movies, its always good to come back home to my cats. i know its gonna be really hard leaving them the 2nd time around. yeala yeala.. i havent been gone thaaaaaaat long.. 6 months je. (i hear people shouting... 'cheh, mengada!') its long enough for me to cry because i miss my cats..

there are a few things i need to write down tonight before i forget about them. when im older if this blog is still around, i wanna read my archives and go "so thats what i did then".. and for that reason i need to give u short takes on a few of the things i did, just because.

and also because ill be heading to bandung tmrw, and if i dont do this now it will never happen.


last saturday i went to catch isaac entry live at no black tie and i was again, totally mesmerized by the quality of his voice that just demands your attention. its like something you cant not concentrate on, tho the noise level by non music appreciating people bothered me to the extent that i wanted to stand on my chair and shout "shut up" . but i of course did not by virtue of my greatest respect for isaacs voice that nasya correctly coined as 'handsome'. i kid you not, isaac entrys voice is HANDSOME. even mazhar had his eyes closed and is still talking about isaacs voice till today.


sunday was laundrys open mic. the turnout wasnt great, i think only one person came to play for the open mic and the rest were the usual performers who goodheartedly played a few songs for us people who came to watch. i didnt catch the name of the duo who came to play but the girl who was singing sounded alot like mocca. and mocca is good. haha. albert, khailee, yuri and reza salleh sang a few of their songs,. all is good, and the world is a happier place.


wednesday saw us all (amy, far, nicholl, kristy and me) at this new place called groove junction (in hartamas, above karma) for reza salleh. found out about it from reza salleh and went because amy wanted to. after she listened to him at laundry, she unsurprisingly fell in love with his voice like we all did when we first listened to him. haha. really nice place, owner jose sed he opened it to play jazz but had to try this 'reza salleh' dude whom his son keeps mentioning. unsurprisingly again, no regrets there and now he plans to get reza to come back every wednesday. the wonders of reza's voice ehh. haha.


today i took bristol uni friend maryam from nigeria to madam kwans to eat 'authentic malaysian cuisine' coz it says so right outside the restaurant. she fell in love with char kway teow and nasi bojari (which i myself have never heard of before), thought cincau abit weird and absolutely loved sago gula melaka. met up with nasya, tatie and mazhar and went to gaucho grill. the meat, absolutely fantastic! ooooyeah. i love meat. was tempted to go to bangkok jazz as we were right next to it, but came home instead as i have an early flight out tmrw morning.


you MUST watch 'perfume: story of a murderer'.. its sick, its twisted beyond reason but its absolutely amazing!.


new indonesian song cds, good padang food, ice alpukat, spas, hotsprings, lotsa new clothes,... bandung, sorayas coming to town.


youve got to let your soul shine, shine till the break of day
yeah yeah nich, thanx for the song. btw youve gotten fatter and stop forgetting your lyrics.haha

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


and in anticipation of death, she still manages to stick her tongue out at me...
alyaa alyaa..

Monday, April 02, 2007


SORAYAmeetsadonis- wala wala bing bang says:

SORAYAmeetsadonis- wala wala bing bang says:
wawa just came in

SORAYAmeetsadonis- wala wala bing bang says:
i hope jimi tak bgn

SORAYAmeetsadonis- wala wala bing bang says:
i have to keep watching jimi now so that dia tak kejar wawa

SORAYAmeetsadonis- wala wala bing bang says:
i dont think wawa saw him on the bed

yameEn says:

yameEn says:
can we like talk about sumthng else

SORAYAmeetsadonis- wala wala bing bang says:

SORAYAmeetsadonis- wala wala bing bang says:
ure the only person im talkin to online

SORAYAmeetsadonis- wala wala bing bang says:
everyone else has a life

yameEn says:

i just thought it was kinda funny. wawa and jimi are my two cats who dont get along very well. wawa apparently doesnt really get along with anyone else but me, so i leave her food in my room and she comes in whenever she pleases, thru the window so that she doesnt have to bump into anyone. its kinda tough on her since there are 6 other cats and 6/7 other human beings around the house. jimi on the other hand, gets along fine with everyone, has lotsa food for him downstairs but comes up and eats in my room anyways just for the heck of it and will rest on my bed after. (sometimes i think he does it just to wait for wawa to come around). .. oh heck, carlos and slash come up and eat wawas food too even tho they have nice bowls and more expensive food downstairs.. theyre doing it to spite wawa, i just know it!... i expressed this to yameen earlier and she likened it to us eating in the cafeteria all the time when we had free dining hall food back in kys. no, i dont really see the resemblance...

ahh there i go, rambling about my cats.. again..
people are getting sick and tired of it. i know. hahaha.


long long loooooooooong entry

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