Monday, March 31, 2008

sing it

bangun pagi, gosok gigi, cuci muka, pakai baju

hey, kamu tidur tak pakai baju ya?


bangun pagi, gosok gigi, cuci muka, tukar baju

hoi! kamu tak mandi ya?


eh malas la


Sunday, March 30, 2008


i had jco's oreo doughnuts and thought of the time u brought back 3 dozen.
3 full boxes of oreo doughnuts only.
and u only let us touch one box!.
ah good times.
fighting over doughnuts.

that bite you found in one of 'your' doughnuts?.
yeah that was me


Dont wanna be a boy, you wanna be a man
You wanna stay alive, better do what you can
So beat it, just beat it

Thursday, March 27, 2008

go on and click

*click* for a cover of the kill (30 seconds to mars) by me
*click* for a cover of the way i am(ingrid michaelson) by me again
*click* for signified thoughts. a song nickelodeon wrote for his band eleventh hour

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


i was listening to some of the american idol performances that i missed, on youtube with my headphones on when i realized that there was something 'wrong' with the sound.
i mean like, bloody hell i paid a fair amount of pounds for headphones and the 'surroundsound' was completely off already.

so i started fiddling with the wires until i realized that it wasnt plugged into my lappie.
id been listening to my laptop speaker, with my headphones over my ears all this while

feeling stupid.

told nickelodeon and he responded:

~NicDGluT`~ says:
bodoh betul..

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

on the randomness that is eijas eizzat

eijas wouldnt believe that i was back in kl
so i said "swear to god im in kl"
to which he replied swear to god hope to die?

really now, exactly who came up with that phrase? i think i would be able to accept it better if it went, swear to god hope to die if i lie. but no, it had to end at hope to die. why would someone, hope to die?. if anyone can clarify said phrase, please do so.
because eijas did not help at all

SORAYAsaysyou- vaka nebuna says:
who the hell came up with that phrase anyways

eijas says:
cats, streeet cats

eijas says:
live by the gun die by the gun

eijas says:
coz why?

eijas says:
coz im a certified gangsta

SORAYAsaysyou- vaka nebuna says:
coz u cant take the jazz out of the cat brother

eijas says:
take the juice!

SORAYAsaysyou- vaka nebuna says:
im blogging this

eijas says:
yeah, make me famous

eijas says:
do it do it i dare u

so i did, and then he said:

eijas says:
opu kite budak pj kene unite opu

Monday, March 24, 2008

she bang she bang

just like a tattoo, ill always have you
-jordin sparks

if i should die before i wake, its coz u took my breath away
-jordin sparks AGAIN

what is it with her and dumbass lyrics?
im sorry, maybe it doesnt look or sound as dumb typed and said out loud.
but please listen to her sing it, it got me and amirs sniggering in the car. quite badly.


that aside

why in the world did none of you think it important enough to tell me that theyve shut down jaya supermarket and gazebo!?!!!

jaya supermarket holds toooo many memories man.
plus its where i go for EVERYTHING.
its where i snuck out to from sri petaling
its where i get last minute birthday presents
where i look for story books when ive run out of stuff to read
where i get my cross stitch/art stash
where i get my famous amos fix
where i get my quick sushi fix
where i shop for cereal n snacks

plus it was THE hangout place when i was a kid.
anybody remember kathys toys? or better still, kathys toys when it was on the 3rd floor?
they had a whole arcade n kids world in there! super cool i tell you!. haha

now its GONE.
just an empty blue shell.
i cry!.

and gazebo.
well, not really a place i hold thaat dear
but andi, buds, we went to eat and bungkus stuff from there countless of times
and it was where we always went if we wanted to get away from *crazy person* and talk about him remember?
and mars, yeah maybe we didnt go there thaat often but gazebo always came up in our where to eat convos
now all thats left of the place is a huge sand pit and nobody bothered to tell me!

i cry!.

ok now that thats out of my system.
lets think happy thoughts.
2 more lonely nights without the dreads and then i/we get to catch him in action!
come on, you KNOW who im talking about.

all i wanted was a freaking roti canai
too much?

its not easy working hard on something you dont believe in
but that, id rather do. if the only other alternative means giving up.

i only have but a few requests.

at least one night out of live music (of my choice, with my friends) without interruptions (read: sms's full of question marks)
roti canai
lala chong/fatty crab
a trip to no black tie/bangkok jazz/the duke (doesnt really matter with who)

and all these things ill do with no request of "penat/malas/jam/hujan" on your part. except for the crab maybe coz i dont know how to get there.

so i dont know
maybe im asking for too much.
everyones gonna be relieved off me on the 15th of april.

* nurul alia razali, when are you coming home. i need to see you at least once.
**amy, ill try to squeeze in lunch with you at paandi whenever i can. i foresee that it cant be anytime this week, sorry
***nic, no idea when i can even 'think' about the movies. its best u go ahead and watch 10000bc. tho i would really love watching a movie where most of the characters have dreads!.

i am so into dreads right now.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


and away we gooooooo.

dont be confused if you see me in a ferrari shirt!
who do i support?

gen2la, siapa lagi.

bad joke.

Friday, March 21, 2008

tutti frutti haikuti

these bananas are a trip!!

ahh, i may have spoken too soon!
bananas, they always smile.
black and yellow is the way to go


im a believer, thats why im blind
be a believer, believe everything. you'll be right, half the time

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

do re mi fa so

i dont know what it is with me, but theres just something about guys who arent exactly the best in vocals compared to their competition that makes me go weak in the knees.

well, on idol at least

first there was ace young:

and now theres jason castro!
haha, yeah i know. maybe its the whole hair thing.
but in between all that there was the 'bald' eagle. and he couldnt sing all that well either.

jimi, slash and carlos. 18th march 2006

yesterday was the boys' birthday, and tita kindly layan-ed my mom and brought over an empty carrot cake and heaps of cream cheese, colours, and pipes for decoration.

end result:
to those of you who STILL dont know, the boys are my 3 cats; jimi, carlos and slash. who just turned 2 yesterday.

:) its so good to be home and do silly stuff like this!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

a walk in the park

its been a superb 3 days back.

no sleep on thursday night, 3 hours sleep on my 12 hour flight and straight to the sunburst music festival.

and before i forget:
happy belated birthday to amirah alsagoff (14th march), who as you can tell came to sunburst with me.

we met many2 familiar faces through out the day, got well soaked, danced in the rain, queued up for an hour for a ridiculously priced colonel burger, sang along to many a song, and had a greeaaat day out jumping from one stage to another.

i must say i enjoyed john legends performance the most even though i only knew 3-4 songs. tompi was the bomb too (tho i was disappointed that he sang quite alot of covers, was hoping for more of his songs), well it actually started pouring towards the end of tompi's set, but i thought hey, i came back for this, the rains not gonna stop me. and soaked through we were.

many were surprised to see me back. haha. soraya doesnt disappoint.

finally got home around 3am ++ and passed out till 3pm!

the next day felt really short (well, duh, it started at 3pm!) had a nice time playing badminton with the mom and some others and finally headed to granma's for some long awaited goodness that is her cooking!!.

oh mannn. sedapnya, nak lagi.

and then the fav aunty came and look what she brought!!

too sweet!. thanx tita!.

so im settling in well at home, its very very nice to have my big bed back and space to move around in my room. and my blackboard wall and my cats.

mengada, its only been 6 months la!.
but somehow so far, this has been the most relieved ive felt from being able to come home.
i dont know why.

im doing my hair tmrw, finally!.
and alia's coming back on thursday.
hopefully i get to have a nice long catch up chat with alia, amirah n farah then and maybe see nickelodeon before he goes back to penang on friday.

and then i will bury my nose in my books and resurface from time to time to catch up with people and the malaysian indie music scene.

and oh, f1 weekend coming!. blergh i guess, ill only be able to start studying properly next week huh. thats still early. if i were back in the uk id prob be on holiday the whole month!.

right, i am bringing my jurisprudence/eu book with me to qube tmrw. but something tells me ill end up reading shantaram. haha. .

before i forget
happy 21st birthday to encik faisal fatah . who im pretty sure is gonna be celebrating this year like he did last 4 years straight. tho he says differently.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

give me nothing, tell me everything

yes everyone.


im in my lovely lovely room as im typing this

and jimi is beside me, protesting because he wants me to stop using the computer and sleep so that he can sleep on the bed too.

how can anyone not want a jimi. heh

ok, now he's trying to stomp all over the keyboard. im off to sleep.

updates tmrw!.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

it cannot wait, im yours

im two days late!. video aired march 12th
click *here* for jason mraz's new music video

i know alot of you already know the song by heart, but it only just became an 'official' single. the ones you guys had before were illegally downloaded im sure. haha.

this has always been my favourite mraz song. ever since i 'illegally' discovered it on limewire.
no im not a freeloader, i buy albums!.

the video clip looks like a tourism video no?
it also has this feel good vibe about it.

you dont even have to ask.
ANYTHING mraz churns out ill love. anything.
i CANNOT wait for his new album to be released

we sing we dance we steal things will start selling on may the 20th!.
fans can pre-order the album on his site starting from march 18th!

i reckon its again my turn, to win some or learn some


i now realize how much singing helps me.

i cant properly now as i have a sore throat and can barely speak.
wasnt able to attend tubbs practice and octet practice due to my current incapibility of even attempting my sop notes.

so i didnt get my weekly sop fix.
and now i dont get my daily sit in front of computer search for tabs n sing with guitar fix.
i dont even get my singalongables.

and i want to scream. i cant even croak out a tune, let alone carry one.
and its very frustrating. all i can do is whistle.

i may not be the best but i love singing
i really do.
i wish i could drop everything and just sing, or make music, or perform or just listen or or or..
well i wish i was good enough to be brave enough to do just that.

okay u know what, i just want this sore throat to go away.
i want my voice back.
i just want to sing in my room, in my shower
if nowhere else.

Monday, March 10, 2008

ring ring

andi: oeiiihhh
soraya: apa?
soraya:mau apa?
soraya:im sleeping u b*******
andi: so get up!!
soraya:why r u calling?
andi: balonku ada lima rupa-rupa warnanya. merah, kuning, kelabu, merah muda dan biru. meletus balon hijau, hatiku sangat kacau. balonku tinggal empat, ku pegang erat-erat
*hangs up*

taik ah lo!

edit: thanx anne for alerting me. geez ive never noticed this before. there are 5 balloons. merah, kuning, kelabu, merah muda and biru.. then why the heck did the balon hijau meletus?!.. where did the balon hijau come from? hahahaha.... andiiii, budss... what have u guys been teaching me all this while. haha.... does anyone know the real version? ahha

edit again: aihhh..i just asked mr. nandwani. its HIJAU, kuning, kelabu, merah muda dan biru. but i cant sing it the correct way now. ive been singing the wrong one waaay too many times. haha... but i swear to god, tompi didnt sing hijau.. he said merah... he has an imaginary green balloon

i guess not everything is obvious

so what IS a magazine?

Sunday, March 09, 2008

easterglam is for shits!.

its all sunny out.
maybe the storms not coming after all.


and still i try so hard, hoping one day theyll come and rescue me


the strongest winterstorm in history (or so they say) will be hitting this side of the world late sunday till monday with winds of up to 80mph(thats slightly above the average windspeed of asian typhoons). hail showers to be followed by heavy rain with possibility of bad floods and building damage.


how ironic, we just had our easterglam party yesterday.

Friday, March 07, 2008

my favourite guitar heroes.

only 8 days till im back with them.

i know that they probably wouldnt recognize me when i return and wont feel comfortable enough to jump on my lap and fall asleep there.

but i also know that it would only be a matter of a few days to regain their trust.
and just like that, i would be part of their world all over again.

cats only judge what matters.


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

the 'danger of death' on a lazy monday afternoon.

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