Thursday, May 28, 2009

who needs shelter from the sun? nothing oh not anyone

weather forecast for the weekend looks AWESOME!.
can finally wear shorts n flipflops to the library
yeah yeah yeah, library this library that. thats all i know how to talk about!.

btw, awesome news. instead of 2, mraz is now performing THREE times at glastonbury. which means that i will be seeing him onstage FOUR times this summer. which makes it SIX times in the span of 3 months or so!. i wonder if he will be performing with 'playing for change'.
*more on glasto lineup, sometime soon*

ma, lets go to bay of naples pretty please.

ok, back to statutory derivitive claims. bye

Monday, May 25, 2009

i am alive and well!!
maybe not so well.
ive just been pretty busy . had my first paper on trusts and equity last thursday. the next two will be company law and commercial law.

my student card expires on the 19th of june. i dont know what to make of this.
cant wait for the trips im taking in june/july!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

everyone 'jadi gila'

i LOL'd at my flatmates twitter bio today.

'Some 22 year old boy that got pursuaded by his 3 female housemates to do this,..'


i think i might actually be going crazy from all this studying
i cant control accidental thoughts! i cant! its not my fault!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

belief is seeing

good news has to be shared.
especially at times like these when moods are damp and spirits are on the ground.(aka exam period for those of you who are not in the know)
and the weather hates you for no good reason!!

you know how i am right about not wanting to write things here before they are confirmed?
i believe in jinxes.

but since everything is pretty much confirmed (insyaAllah)
the good news i want to share with everyone is:

i will be seeing mraz live again in the summer,
not once, not twice but THREE TIMES.

1. i have bought tickets and confirmed accommodations for the goldcoast ocean festival in croyde bay. which is where mraz will be having a sundowner session on the 20th of june. what could be better than sun, sea, and mraz?.

2. this one came as a very pleasant surprise!. it has been anticipated of course as rumours have been going around and mraz had a glastonbury shaped hole in his tour schedule. yes yes jason mraz has just confirmed the glastonbury festival! i bought my tickets LAST YEAR by the way.

3. 3 times because he will be playing two stages (26th and 27th june) at glasto, one of which will be at the new william's green area!

AND, jason mraz will be performing for the American Idol finale show this wednesday!.

so, despite spending the whole day in the library on a rainy sunday, thinking happy thoughts made it okay.

this is me, front row at his 5th of april london show.
its a stupid picture i know, that is not my hand by the way.

and this is him

just had to put this one up again!
calle de preciado, puerta de sol. madrid

Friday, May 15, 2009

belief is a beautiful armour, but makes for the heaviest sword

more pictures from the summer concert taken by scarletts friend, sophie.
it was an amazingly fun night. thanx guys.
next up, the music marathon and bbc recording hopefully.
crossing fingers that ill be in bristol for the social!.
back to trusts and equity *sigh*

Thursday, May 14, 2009

ill show you the spring, its a treacherous thing

The University of Bristol Barbershop Singers (TUBBS) summer concert!

sem+homies, thanx for coming and taking photos+videos!
not perfect, but hella FUN!

Monday, May 11, 2009

happy mothers day ma.
i love you more than i love/will ever love anyone else in this world.

queen of my heart

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

lets get backwards

oh wow. im guilty of clockwatching.
but i havent got much of a choice. exams exams.
dont even have enough time for the internet!.

not too many things happening in the bristol law library. nothing that would interest you anyways.

but if you still wanna hear about it im on twitter!


ok, thats all the time i can afford. BYE

Friday, May 01, 2009

telepathic rendezvous


if you look closely, the piece of cardboard im holding up shows you 'all things me'
'homeslice' zanne made that for me and on the back of it, she wrote me a song for my 22nd birthday, when she shouldve been studyiing. *cue awww

its called: "stuff that you prefer above all others"
(sung to the tune of 'my favourite things' from the sound of music)

a brilliant bulan and tropical summers
spontaneous holidays, hot alexanders
five fuzzy kitties and soo zanne's drawings
these are a few of your favourite things

hot steamy milo and d-i-y monkeys
bottles of ketchup and european hotties
kitschy nail varnish and bright coulourings
these are a few of your favourite things

sing and songwriter jason mraz
all kinds of music especially jazz
a group of sexy and fun loving chinks
these are a few of your favourite things

when the rain pours
or when grace sings
when you're feeling sad
just simply remember your favourite things
and then you wont feel so bad


give peace a chance, save the collomo

like any other 22 year old, i ask for a bag of toys and spent a day at the zoo!
but for what its worth, the bristol zoo was pretty cool.
they had 32 degree humid enclosures. felt just like home.

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