Thursday, September 28, 2006

ok, lets start with what did not happen!!

i forgot to bring my camera, so i did not take any pictures at the pasar ramadhan.. and they DID NOT have the biskut marie cake i was looking for! and you know how, people say "roti bom" or "sini adik, beli kuih" to promote their stalls? well i got so frustrated i started shouting "biscuit marie!!" hoping one of the stalls would shout back "sini sini.. sini ada!!".. haih, i should start being less optimistic.. something else did not happen.. ajin did not come to give me my special goodbye!.. and he's already off to singapore today.. goodluck with the comp ajin!.

so what DID happen?.....

i went to no black tie for the last time yesterday before i have to leave for the uk.

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went with the mom, a.phi....

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and derrick a.k.a haha.. catch him on love? perhaps. every thursday 8.30 pm. yeah.. and yes, thats a superman shirt he's wearing.

we watched mei chern and rizal hefni play two sets each. and a li'l surprise at the end. rizal called reza salleh up to play! wasnt planned. and he played hootie and the blowfish's let her cry!. my very own touchy feely song. heh.


yamin asked me why i did not post anything up about my farewell party. well i suppose words wouldnt do it enough justice. i had a great time. thank you for coming everyone.

oh, for those of you who are in the dark, my party had a theme.. 'angels and devils'.

pictures pictures.. some people wanted to see what i wore. here u goo..
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i dont think you can see it in the picture.. but i was wearing black wings and a black halo..

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just for good measure this is what my wings looked like after i sprayed it black

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this was after mars stole my wings. hehe


*special request....
mom said "hey i like this picture, can you put it on your blog pleeease"

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so here it is. hehe. for you mama
thats me and my panel of advisors on must-do's, musnt-dos, and oh-what-the-heck-just-do-its, when i get to the uk.
and theyll be coming around to check on me... often.. -_-

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Your Seduction Style: The Natural

You don't really try to seduce people... it just seems to happen.

Fun loving and free spirited, you bring out the inner child in people.

You are spontaneous, sincere, and unpretentious - a hard combo to find!

People drop their guard around you, and find themselves falling fast.

eh, there you go.. im a hard combo to find okay??.. line up please

You Are 7: The Enthusiast

You are outgoing and playful - always seeing the happy side to life.

You're enthusiastic and excitable. You love anything new.

Multi-talented, you do many things well... and find success easy.

You prefer to keep things light with others. Opening up is hard for you.
i am number 7?? bloody fishsiticks to hell!!. if any of you know me well, you should know that i HATE the number 7. no idea why i hate that number , i just DO.. and im bloody number 7!!.. but most of whats written there is true tho. haha. shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

Your Career Type: Artistic

You are expressive, original, and independent.
Your talents lie in your artistic abilities: creative writing, drama, crafts, music, or art.

You would make an excellent:

Actor - Art Teacher - Book Editor
Clothes Designer - Comedian - Composer
Dancer - DJ - Graphic Designer
Illustrator - Musician - Sculptor

The worst career options for your are conventional careers, like bank teller or secretary.
there you go, why am i taking law again?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


im gonna take pictures at the pasar ramadhan tmrw.. i think that is so ON.

and if ajins not there to gimme my 'special' goodbye, im gonna see to it personally that he gets 'special' treatment at that 'special' someplace. oh and i hope we meet adams friend who wears red shoes with apple green socks and carries around this bright yellow badminton racket with pink strings. mars and sab both think the dudes hot now btw. he used to be very tall but he's a li'l shorter now.

guess what? i have fake cuticals in my hair!

i had korean bbq for buka. and im soo loaded with sotong bakar you wouldnt wanna know wut im thinking about right now.

okay, i really think i need some rest.
im gonna go dream about Dr. McDreamy now. its the eyes its the eyes. sigh.

Monday, September 25, 2006


today i read a letter that made me cry. it wasnt because i was happy, it wasnt because i was sad. i cried for no reason. sometimes we do that. not every little thing in life needs rhyme or reason, sometimes its those little things that give reason. and sometimes they take it. other times, theres none at all.

and up that mountain above and beyond,
lived light, the only way it could.
no matter what lay in its path,
it climbed, pushed, clobbered through
i gaze they ray that finally made its way
fighting our battle and giving us day.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


sigh. i miss going out at night looking for a place to catch some good music. and always finding one mind you.

i miss going to the gym because i had nothing better to do

i miss driving around with really loud music when im depressed

i miss being able to not rely on ppl and having to wait for them

i miss miss miss my live music

i miss being able to do my own stuff..coz now that i have to rely on people i cant just.. go

fuck man, i miss my car. im going away in 7 days. this means i wont be able to drive till i next come back which would be in june 2006. and that is IF....

on a much much much more happier note, i had a really really wonderful time yesterday, but lets leave that story for when im in a better mood.

Friday, September 22, 2006

because i want to be

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


i cooked meatballs for sahur last night! well, i cooked the gravy.. meatballs were the microwave ready type. and it was unbelievably yummy. meatballs, gravy and lingonberry jam. pure bliss i tell you.

* * *

yesterday, me and a fren who would be the last person unimaginable to converse with me on this topic talked about the quran. you wouldnt believe who if i told you. well, assuming you know this guy. he said that he would like to study the quran, find out its real meaning coz "its the deepest form of literature known to mankind, dude!"

and then we started on how people always come up with different interpretations of the quran and that from now on, he wouldnt listen to anyones conclusion coz he really wanted to study it for himself.

did i buy all this? absolutely NOT. ahhaha.. coz you know what he said next?

"i think i wanna be a sikh"

"what? why?"

"theyre really cool people! no extremists.. no disturbing other people"

"well yeah, ure kinda right there"

"and the long hair! whooaaa.. "

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well what can i say? the dude really needs to Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
by the way, he just found out that drinking is haram. haha Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Sunday, September 17, 2006

1,2,3 i need a genie

I NEED a fucking car!!!!!

i leave in two weeks. and its those little things that org lain would render unnecessary that i really need to do! and for that, i fucking need a car!. i got no money to pay for taxi everytime i need to go do something coz at the rate those meters run, theyd clean out my whole bank account!. actually, one ride would do just that, i have like whaat.. 10 bucks in my acc?

oh god, i really need something i can drive.

and guess what, im home alone tonite and ive got absolutely nothing to do. i culdve gone to the gym, or finished off stuff that needs finishing. but i cant! coz i dont have a car!. if i were to ask someone to come pick me up and keluar it would be for food no? and i dont need more lemak!! i freaking DONT. so here i am, feeling very pathetic and oh so bored and alone.

added: oh, im not such a sad case after all. tania picked me up and we went to watch 'you,me and dupree'. i must say, twas funny. yaya, you should watch this one because of the whole -ness thing goin on. yumm, we had takoyaki and papa's beard, no wait beard papa's.. okay not sure wut its called someone help me out here. yamin? mars?.. anyways. its really good go try it out. ahh, then we had iced vanilla latte to wash it all down.

sucker soraya.. i told you TOLD YOU that if i went out id have FOOD. but i din have thaat much.

"so i got up and strolled over to the other side of the cantina, i asked the guy, "why you so fly?", he said "funky cold medina" "

Friday, September 15, 2006

i just burped- the kind of burp where u have no clue why theres so much angin in you but when the angin actually comes out you can taste it in your mouth, then you know. coz u can actually taste the leftover angin of what you ate a few hours back, hence the burping. or as we kedahans say it 'blahak'

i had a very malaysian night.

PIG OUT night.

i have been wanting to go to fatty crab for the past i dont know how many weeks. finally did. and oh boy, did i fatty crab!.. crab crab and crab, bowls of very yummy fried rice and chicken wings. the 3 must haves if youre ever in fatty crab. puas i tell you. and i ate with both of my hands, crab shells were all over the table, as were the chicken bones, shards of crab shells flying all over the place as we tried, fruitfully mind you to ketuk the kaki ketam.

this is what i love about this place. nobody cares wut youre doing as long as youre having a good time with your food. heck, people would stare at you if your table was clean and absent of the ketuking kaki ketam sound n crab bits flying all over the place.


we had DURIAN! (which explains the aforementioned burping).. i know, ketam.. and then durian pulak

me, mom and tania then headed to kl to watch sofia rehearse her tapdancing . and started to panic coz we did not have any mints on us and our breaths.. well you can just imagine how it mustve stank kan.

so, kinda kelam kabut.. but tania found peppermint chewing gum at starbucks. thank god


we went to nasi kandar pelita.. for MORE food.. well, not exactly. but i had my teh o ais limau.. and some of us had roti canai. the tap dancer was hungry *_*.

fwd 4 hours. im still full as hell.. and burping every now and then..

MALAYSIA.. sigh!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

bimbo nya?

i was at cynna yesterday..
yarrrr.. in your dictionary, and mine, and everyone else's, cynna would yes, be classified as a club (bahh)
yes, this soraya that some of you may know oh-so-well does not particularly like to club. as in the dancing-dancing house music type of club. haha. live music is waaaaaay OK!.. hey, but i dont mind dancing to hiphop n RnB tho i dont particularly adore that genre of music, but lets not go there

well, last night was rather an exception as it was cynna's first year anniversary party and i promised the bestfriend that i'd go with her to cynna before we leave. so club i did. sorta, there was free sushi so i kinda pigged out as well. hah.

cynna just for you babe!. haha

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a.phi, mama and giovani kept us company earlier in the eve... oh yes, i was walkin at the back when i saw azam just as he turned around to see my mom walk up the staircase towards cynna. you shouldve seen the look on his face! classic!..

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oh yes, they had a 'pink' theme. yes, i must love these ppl alot to actually go to a PINK themed party in a CLUB. haha.. yamin was the only one to stay true to the theme. alyaa had pink beads..i. well, had a pink somethin around my waist.. at least!... oh n thats a headless azam in the picture. im not in the mood to torture anyone with the sight of his face. ok, kidding.. well, sort of.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
CLASSIC moment (sorry alyaa)... fara alyaa azmin ran into a glass wall.. and guess what she was drinking that caused such a hilarious fallout (on my part at least) between alyaa and the glass wall?....*gasp*... COCA COLA.. folks, next time you have a night out, remember not to order coke ok? it makes you feel like an 'able to walk thru solid material' mutant.

i shall call this one a bimbo post...
i never thot my blog would come down to this.
oh you know, pictures from a night out in a club, telling people how stupid who and who acted.
hahha.. soraya has her bimbo moments too.

oh and i saw you that night. i know you know that i did. it saddens me that wutever was between us has come to this. but thank you. for not once again, leaving me with a nasty image of you.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

show me some sugar!

i should update this blog

but i shant

jeez oh man, soraya has gone looney!

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look what i found! JALAN BULAN!... so who wants to come with me to the moon? we can ride in a spoon and get there real soon, maybe even by noon and catch that cartoon! .

ok, nothing else rhymes with moon and i dont wanna have to name a cartoon character 'loon' or 'goon'

umm, once upon a december soraya found her way to the moon. she found blue cheese there and stuffed herself with all the blue gunk she could get her hands on!. k, the rest of the story is up to your imagination. i resign this storyboard to your hands. im feeling really.. 'out of it'

you can tell cant you?


Saturday, September 09, 2006


i hate goodbyes

but goodbye..........

i wish i had to leave earlier than you so we could skip this goodbye...
well, ill be leaving soon but 21 days is a long enough time to be left here missing your company of which i have had almost every single day for the past 3 months of my holidays...

amiiiwwaaahhh.. who's gonna drive me back from gym when im too tired now! and who's gonna 'tak kisah' to teman me when i wanna go somewheeerrreeee

"leave your solutions in the rain, where they wash off. happy and free now, beautiful somehow i believe."

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


short insights because im malas

- merdeka eve. la bodega kl. songs, poetry, musings, rants. twas delightfully enlightening. probably the first time i sang negaraku feeling only half proud.

- sunday. last minute call, broken bridges the musical. fun, entertaining. truly a malaysian musical. hats off!.

- trust and respect i realized, can actually evolve into something i never fathom would emerge. hate.

- always always capture the moment when which you feel you were at your happiest. there will come a time when you'll need to relive it in your head. trust me, sometimes self medication works wonders.

- culture is something i wish i had more of. my own. not anyone else's.

- today i went shopping for stuff to bring to the uk. this officially marks the start of my so called journey into a new chapter of my life. unfortunately i dont intend to change much. it is still soraya who's gonna return. only with a degree and a slight hint of an accent. maybe even a you-know-what.

- if i did not have a conscience, there would be so many things i would have done differently.

-one day i might just be able to run thru 24 hours guiltless. and everyday i wait for that day to come. of being full of unnecessary guilt all the time, i am guilty.

-smile, it confuses people.

- i love. im loved. i feel loved. but who says love can heal everything?

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wide eyed wonder

Saturday, September 02, 2006

kamu ini anak siapa?

im quite sure most of you have heard of 'the look'... the one that makes you cringe everytime its directed at you...... yes, the one 'the rock' is pro at......


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well, some people just have the talent........

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
some dont......

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
and some try really really hard...


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
*gasp*.... nicholl cut his haaaiiirrrrr!!!!. hehehe

Friday, September 01, 2006

nuthing but nut

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
today i spent the day basking at jalan bukit bintang coz i didnt have any money.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
sadly, nobody came to give me any . i got tired so i decided to take my music elsewhere in hopes that at least one kind soul would come and make my day...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
well, no such luck... so i decided to make it more obvious that i wasnt playing just to entertain random people... yes, i sat down cross-legged on the filthy tiles and plonked my 'ternganga' bag in front of me

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
ah, finally! someone got the hint!!... she bent down and looked as if she was about to put a few coins, or if i was lucky a few notes in my bag

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

no such luck!!... she only wanted to feel the material of my bag and started bothering me with all sorts of questions about my bag... she was trying to shop off a basker!!!..... i tried to run away, and politely said that i wanted to go sing somewhere else... she insisted on coming with me and helping me carry my bag (as pictured above)

some people kannnnnn.....

disclaimer: any resemblance between the characters herein and real persons living or otherwise is purely coincidential


today i went to watch the movie 'gong'... yeap, soraya actually went to the CINEMA and forked out money to watch GONG....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
but only because zacky was in it..

and omg, he looked HOT in the movie...

and when i told my mom this is what she said

" you see what tv and editing can do?"
"jahatla, he's okla ma.. but the movie was crap, and him being hot totally saved the movie"
"but thats only coz you know him"

pffftt.. but seriously... if it really was TV, anyone wanna sign me up for an upcoming movie anytime soon???

eh but seriously, he really did look hot in the movie.
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