Wednesday, June 24, 2009

channeling the idea of one love

in more ways than one, my weekend away at croyde bay was the perfect holiday .
everything id imagine a holiday to be.

i had good company

good weather(even better than forecasted)

a music festival by the sea
(goldcoast surf and music festival)

and of course, jason mraz

we stayed at 'baggy too', the perfect place to stay if you ever visit croyde bay.
nobody cared about the time, everyone felt like family
we slept to the sound of waves crashing and woke up to the warm sea breeze and sights of various animals running around.

but as you would have probably guessed, the highlight of my trip was of course listening to the ever cool modern day hippy that is J, perform live to a demanding crowd.

he was set to perform at 9.30pm, but we were there at 11am, right in front of the barriers to make sure nobody could get ahead of us.
and no one did.

this was my fifth time watching him live, but only my second time being front row.
the crowd was insane and even though i was not able to breathe at times, i stood my guard and made bloody sure my hands had a firm grip of the barriers.
being short asians, by the end of the night we were able to call the security team our friends.
they constantly checked if we were okay whilst having to carry crazy passed out teenagers over our heads.

im pretty sure i wouldnt have lasted the night if i wasnt right in front.
"oh the wait it was so worth it"
i even managed to get myself his setlist

jason mraz, thank you for introducing us to all these beautiful places.
we are forever in your debt.

we will live high, we will live mighty, and we will live righteously

we sleep all day

and we are all fond of hats.

thank you for being our (not so)personal saviour

tmrw ill be off to the worlds largest greenfield music and performing arts festival where jason mraz will be doing 3 more shows.
ill be spending 5 nights in a tent and 6 days possibly trudging through mud and surviving on instafood.
but there will be plenty to do and im sure i will have the time of my life.
wish me luck

Monday, June 22, 2009

send out your ray of sunshine

flight tickets to naples bought! trip to capri and climbing mount vesuvius planned! well sort of.

they DO surf in england!
and amazingly i got myself a healthy sunburn too!


june 22nd 2009!


more pictures of lovely lovely goldcoast oceanfest and jason mraz definitely coming soon!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

wake up everyone

this place is amazing.
if any of you ever make it to croyde bay, make sure to stay at baggy lodge
i slept to the sound of waves crashing and woke up to the sound of bigger waves crashing.
but i guess what makes it more amazing is the fact that J is here!!!.
will be watching surf / seasport competitions today and just chilling out to the live music by the beach. this is the life
N is also here, hello dreads!

chance, you can leave the light on as a way to remember me

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

all around the world statues crumble for me

i am spending the longest day of the year with J this weekend at the goldcoast ocean festival.
thats in croyde bay btw not australia.
will report back if it is in fact true that you can actually surf in england!

oh yes, amsterdam.
definitely filled with laughter, if u catch my drift.
pictures, when i can be arsed

already very excited for naples, capri and mount vesuvius mom. please make sure this happens.

someone send me on a daytrip to new york . i want to watch little mermaid the musical.
i will never, ever get over disney. never. ever.

Friday, June 12, 2009

cant think of a title

sorry guys.. i guess i got so used to not updating frequently during revision period i kinda forgot what it was like,
anyways, im off to amsterdam in 10 mins
but heres a piece of awesome news!

TUBBS (the university of bristol barbershop singers), something ive been apart of since it was first set up here in bris won BEST SOCIETY OF THE YEAR!. and this is after getting best new society of the year last year!. so so proud!.


these people definitely made my uni life slightly better than just bearable.

last tuesday we had a barbeque at the downs and had a short game of rounders (which i havent played in 10 years?) and i must say, im not so bad after all!

abi and scarlet had a little presidential surprise for us and handed out music annotated cupcakes and handed out a couple of awards.
and i received one! haha
"the most surprising groove award"
'for surprising us all with a sterling solo and groove filled performance of lovecats'

thanx guys
the after party at mia's was good too, no pictorial evidence unfortunately (or fortunately)
next tuesday will probably be the last time ill be hanging out with these people and im gonna miss them for sure

ok no time to put colour in my fonts. am late already! bye

Sunday, June 07, 2009

celebrate good times , come on

i slept at 5am today and woke up at 10.30.
so DANGER. hahaha.

i am done. insyaAllah.
and i am going to mess up my internal body clock as badly as i can.
the weather has gone from bad to worse, but its alright.
nothing can make me sad right now!.
im flying off to amsterdam on friday!. croyde bay the following weekend, glastonbury after that and hopefully somewhere with my mom as well when she gets here.

today, come rain or come shine im heading to town and going shopping! veni vedi visa!
look who's all grown up.

Monday, June 01, 2009

it opened up my eyes, i saw the sign

hang in there!.

summer plans r coming along v finely indeed
ive got almost the whole of june occupied and my moms flying over early!
ive just gotta find the time to pack up 3 years worth of my life in england before i fly home for good.
tis bittersweet.
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