Saturday, September 29, 2007

ooh lala

im off in a few hours!!

will be in london for a day tmrw! hopefully to catch up with yamster, als, aliaa, fasal n ijat.
then its back to bristol!. im kinda happy to be heading back.

"tasha.. do you want to come watch shampoo with me tmrw"
exactly what mom said to the cousin. haha. she meant hairspray

3/4 of my bag is packed with kuih raya. no joke!. ill be offloading some at yameens place hopefully tmrw.
since its almost raya and all, all my going away presents have been cases n cases of kuih raya.
yesterday was a good day. but today isnt
its so hard that i have to leave malaysia on such a sad note but i guess this is just the way life rolls.

today yoda left us for good. she finally succumbed to what we've been bracing ourselves for a long time ago.
i know she fought very hard to stay with us longer
i knew her time had long come and gone
but she stayed, it being the only thing she could do for us
she stayed.

today my cat of 12 years died.
my cat who grew up with me through my primary years up till when i bid farewell to my teens, left me.
today i thank god for the good 12 years that i had with yoda.

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dear yoda,
i love you.

self professed, profound. love is a fate resigned

Thursday, September 27, 2007

like so

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and then i chopped my hair off!.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

the homer in me

this post is for those of you who are in the dark about the sinful treasure that has reached our shores.

*megahuge eardrum splitting drumroll*

*puasa induced tummy rumbling*
JCO doughnuts!!!
and i am DEAD serious when i say they are DIVINE!.
the black one with 3 white lines is especially delicious.
and if u subject yourself to a blindfold test, you wouldnt be able to tell the difference between krispy kreme's and jco's original glazed.
i first found out about this sinful addition to our country when u.hafiz brought over a box for buka a few days ago.
then i texted fachry telling him about it.
over excited haha.
texted him as, if you did not already know, jco is an indonesian owned chain store and so is fachry
indonesian i mean, he's not a chain store.
and he told me that jco is actually owned by johny andrean.
indonesia's well aclaimed hairstylist.
hairstyling and doughnuts.
who wouldve thought ey?
buds and andi deserve a mention in this post as well.
thank you for the times you guys flew back with jco!. hehe
oh i forgot to mention. you can find jco in pavillion.
this IS the first jco in Malaysia right?
kalau tak i malu big time
SHIIITT. super sedap

Sunday, September 23, 2007

because they do it just right

flyhalf, johny wilkinson of england

flyhalf daniel carter of the new zealand all blacks

scrumhalf george gregan of australia wallabies

fullback, percy montgomery and winger, bryan habana of south africa springboks

scrumhalf, augustin pichot of argentina
thats him in his bristol attire btw. hehe

Saturday, September 22, 2007

be mad because im not your trophy anymore
be mad because you're embarassed
be mad on mediocre
be mad because i've lost
be mad because this mask, its broken
be mad because its scratched, cracked, discoloured and gone
be mad because im out
be mad because ive been found
be mad because i quit
be mad because ive been discovered
be mad because ive got no clue
be mad because i no longer have you

but dont be mad because i dont care
dont be mad because i dont love you

more than you know, much more than you know.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


le sigh

i dont know, but this seems too good to be true

6th october, saturday. 20:00.
rugby world cup 2007
quarter finals match (winner of pool c, 1st runner up of pool d)
venue:.........CARDIFF, gb.

which is less than an hours busride from bristol!!
and by the 6th ill be back in bristol definitely....

and winner of pool c translates to me as...
the New Zealand All Blacks!!!! and possibly ireland/argentina from pool d.
which also loosely translates as
watching them do the haka. like for real. like the reall players doing the real haka
*too much hype about the haka as i've watched the schools rugby team do it for 5 years straight*
daniel carter!!
jerry collins!


aaaaaaand, it doesnt say on the site that the tickets are sold out... only that tickets can only be obtained from the venue starting 4th october. which means i can totally go get the tickets!.
unless only the really expensive ones are left.

someone come with me please please please


seriously, if i really do manage to get tickets and go...
totally a dream come true.
so ill be sure to pack an all blacks tshirt/shirt/jersey with me
juust in case.

urgghh but im sure loadsa people would be bashing each other just to get tickets for that match right? coz its really2 totally 100% predictable that its gonna be an all blacks match.
i mean, even a minor rugby fan would crush one of his nuts to watch them play.


hmm, i wonder if its gonna be the ka mate or kapa o pango
of course i would want to watch the ka mate. i know it by heart! haha


a upane ka upane wititeraaaaaa!

Monday, September 17, 2007

for my boys

"A South Korean man who recently quit his job to play more video games died after playing almost non-stop for 50 hours at an internet café.Former work colleagues and staff at the internet café said he had recently quit his job to spend more time playing games. "

sounds like something that is likely to happen to some people i know. becareful boys, there's still that little bit of love left. i dont really want you to die. not in that way at least.
sorry south korean man
im not really calling you pathetic,
its just the way you died.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

little sister, give me hope

a few minutes back mix fm played bob marley's 'no woman no cry' and eddy grants 'gimme hope joanna'. and i thought to myself.. oh yeahh, the good old days.

then i stopped myself short.
wait a minute, these songs came way before my time.
true, gimme hope joanna hit the charts in 1988 but i was a year old?.

maybe in my past life i was one of them black, dreadlock wearing singers who wrote songs about the revolution or a song to start one. who knows?
joanna stands for johannesburg by the way.
and no, no woman no cry isnt a break up song.
har har

you see, everythings gonna be alright coz they got a good explanation

but they sure as hell come it catchy tunes


my feet is my only carriage, so i gotta push on through

i wanna know if you're blind jo'anna, if you wanna hear the sound of drums

Saturday, September 15, 2007

look what dropped by and made my day


Friday, September 14, 2007

in any other way

the boys (my 3 cats, jimi, carlos and slash) have updated their blog. click *here* to check it out


- a night out of loud music really calms my nerves. bass like loud bombs, people yelling, chipmunks almost humanlike, drumsticks almost breaking skins. it calms me, it really does.

-if pain is my only concern, i should just do it anyways. right? because a certain someone told me that the pain will go away and whats left would be the satisfaction that i finally got my way.

-last night there were imaginary pixies and showgirls dancing with big, tall and loud flowers. someone was doing a loud oom-pah-pah and the chipmunks were tearing the room apart.


-my condolences to the families that were affected by the earthquake that hit just behind sumatera. May god be with you through any pain you might face. never stop believing

-Happy Ramadhan (Mubarak Alaikom Al-Shahar)

'Call on me'
"i will answer your prayer"
[the holy Quran 40:60]
have a blessed Ramadhan


it gets difficult when im the only one without one

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

to this, i kiss kingkong

climbing the spout

thousand apologies!
omg, anyone remember that show where this dude attempts to teach a diversed class proper english?. haha

thousand apologies sir!!

anyways, thousand apologies for the lack of updates. ive been away for a few days and internet problems ensued
but as you are well aware, problem has been solved!.

im finally on my 'official' holiday in malaysia now.
meaning, no more planned trips out of the country and no obligations to oblige to. heh
i am freeeeee
so if theres an interesting project to complete say before the 29th of sept, (interesting being the operative word)
im game!!.

2 more days and pasar ramadhan here i come!


down came the rain and washed the spider out
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