Saturday, December 25, 2010


ok so i lied.
i didnt start blogging diligently again. but yet im back here to supply you with a video for your breakfast/lunch/dinner.

i found this video on mraz's blog n he's right, most amazing video/music i have ever seen/heard. it combines sufi music with spanish flamenco. 2 very magical styles.

also, check out the flamenco guitarist. aint he magical too?

btw, merry christmas.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

check out that malaysian flag

Buatan Malaysia 2, The Actors Studio, Lot 10.

i kinda like the stage.
once upon a time. i knew people who would check this blog 3 times a day.
well obviously they were my friends who wanted a mindless read.
but still

perhaps i should pick it up again.

life is pretty peachy.
not that ive had any peaches lately.

okay let me know.
off to fight a war .
fake one, with my toy soldiers
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