Wednesday, March 31, 2010

sixpence non the wiser

oh wow, my birthday is coming up!
i kinda need a new camera (that new canon ixus with the fisheye feature will do), a new ipod, new tortoiseshell horn rimmed glasses (my thick frames are too heavy to wear 24/7 and my eyesight is getting worse), a pair of SENSIBLE heels (because i cant bring myself to buy a pair, will always end up buying 5 inches n above), rock candy toywatch, a gold nooka watch(or the one with the multicoloured stripes will do), what else what else, a one way ticket to the end of the rainbow, a gold and purple unicorn (and a carebear while you're at it), liposuction, a nose job, (im kidding im KIDDING!), hmm i actually really want a nice, big, loud, oldschool type alarm clock (u know the round faced ones with the 2 ringing bells on top) and a pair of monkey faced bedroom slippers (these r pretty doable right?), ok lets give out some doables. i want a nice gym bag, a pair of 10lbs dumbbells, new running shoes that r mudproof n arent white!...k i still want that unicorn.

no cakes!
a birthday salad will do.

so, since u got through all that,
any takers?

got about a month to save up.

Monday, March 29, 2010

your neck feels like tofu

today at singing practice, there was no singing.
instead, an american jazz pianist was invited to teach us,
about the basics of the alexander technique
which had nothing to do with music
well, i guess it does..
he called it 'learning how to live'.
alexander technique is about learning how to consciously alter your way of being and get out of our faulty habitual something something so that you're less tensed and use your body more efficiently,.
and this will eventually lead to...... better voice projection . amongst other things of course.
its about learning to let go.... consciously

just read about it here lah

hmmm, tmrw morning i shall consciously tell myself to stay longer in bed coz that way, ill use up waaaaaay less muscles and itll also help me relax and be less tensed.
i guess the session did me some good?

to find the site of said jazz pianist who currently teaches at ICOM but conducts alexander technique sessions and jazz piano lessons at his apartment during the weekend.
and contrary to what it says on his website, i do not think he resides in boulder colorado anymore?

even though we only had a short session with gabe, i think i might be a believer. hmmm

Saturday, March 20, 2010

okay okay, sorry for the lack of updates dear Y,

anyways, i wanted to tell you
last night i went for Tompi's performance at Alexis ampang and boy was he AWESOME.
i shouted out 'balonku!' when he asked for requests and he actually performed it!
gotta the awesomest indonesian nursery rhyme EVER!
his VOICE is flawless! and his runs and scats, i dont know how he makes them sound so ..rehearsed when they're kinda not. well maybe he's done them many many times. but they still shock me .
the last time i watched him perform, i was standing in the rain, at an open field and even then i thought he was amazing.
now imagine listening to him at an enclosed place with semi-good acoustics. WOW WOW.

anyways, i gotta run.
but guess whats out


Sunday, March 14, 2010

i want one!

Can you take me home??


Thursday, March 11, 2010

somewhere, waiting for me

yesterday was so horrible its not even funny!
i accidentally rolphed in my bag and completely ruined my blackberry and ipod. managed to salvage my financial calculator and THANK GOD i accidentally left my external in the office.
that split second decision to puke inside my bag cost me more than 2 thousand fkin bucks!.
my receipts are also gone. urghhh!!!

ok bad vibes ASIDE




When I see the sea once more will the sea have seen or not seen me?

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

so cute!

please click to watch the object of my desire at the mo.

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