Monday, January 29, 2007


secretly falling apart

property coursework

Caroline, a law student, is a keen golfer. In october 2006, she joined Student Golf Club(S.G.C), and started a relationship with Drogo, the club's captain. He allowed her to take home three of his 'Bang!' golf clubs and a book signed by Panther Forest, a famous golfer. He also lent her his old car. She was encouraged to hand him some money: 50 pounds 'for Golf Club expenses' and 10 pounds 'for the christmas ball'. Drogo put it in his bank account.

Caroline rented a rundown house and garden from Fraser and a field from Effie . she agreed in writing to pay Fraser 50 pounds a month for 2 years, and to pay Effie 20 pounds a month for 5 years.

Caroline installed a crazy golf course in the garden. The noise of the balls being struck and the gaudy colours annoy her next door neighbour, Hilda. Another neightbour, Joanne, likes watching Caroline play, and sometimes takes pictures from her upstairs window.

In the field, Caroline created some bunkers and has flattened and cut the grass to create a small practice course. Hilda is annoyed that this has destroyed the habitat of the butterflies and birds she used to enjoy watching there.

Caroline put a large sign on her front door saying 'Golfers Gaff". It protrudes slightly into Hilda's garden, beside her front door. Hilda finds the sign offensive, and it prevents her door from closing properly, but she is frightened of Caroline and once said it was alright for her to have it there. The sign also annoys Kerry, another local golfer whose own property is called 'Golfer's Gaff', and who objects to Caroline using the same name.

In november, Drogo and Caroline quarelled and split up. He decided to give up golf in favour of polo, and the S.G.C voted to cease activities.

Caroline however became even keener on golf. She agreed with Gillian that she would take a three year lease of Pobble Beach, a local golf course. The agreement was in writing. Caroline paid Gillian 100 pounds deposit.

One night, Drogo sneaked into Hilda's house and took her computer and bicycle. Then he went into Caroline's house. He took the golf book, though he found she had spilled coffee over it. Annoyed, he took four clubs from Caroline's golf bag: two 'Bang!' clubs and two others.

Caroline refuses to give the remaining 'Bang!' clubs back to Drogo. She asked him to take back his car, which was very unreliable, but, for three months, he neither came to collect nor replied her messages. Furious, Caroline drove the car into a bunker on Pobble Beach golf course. Its windscreen and windows were smashed by stray golf balls . Gillian has written to Drogo demanding he pay 50 pounds before she will allow him to have the car back

Gillian has decided that Caroline is a dishonest troublemaker who will not look after Pobble Beach properly. She refuses to go ahead with the lease.

Drogo has 50 pounds in his bank account He owes Sunny Bank 5000 pounds which he borrowed to buy a polo pony.


(i) Caroline, who wants her money and clubs back from Drogo and wants Gillian ro fulfil their agreement and let Pobble Beach to her.
- ok first of all, u deal with drogo urself. he's ur exboyfren. not mine.. and as for pobble beach, who the hell asked you to put a freakin car in a bunker on the course dude? u crazy? padan muka tak dpt lease

(ii) Drogo who wants his clubs and car back, and his windows and windscreen repaired.
-you stole clubs from her house dude! why the hell didnt u just take back all that was urs pegi. you have 2 of hers. dahla.. and the car? you didnt want it back you ass.. she wanted to give it back! u didnt answer her calls! stupid buffoon!

(iii) Joanne, who wants to sell her pictures of Caroline to a local paper
- joanne is a perv. and possibly a closet lesbian.

(iv) Hilda who wants rid of Caroline's golf courses and sign; and compensation for her lost computer and bicycle.
- the golf course is on her property, not yours! deal with it. you dont like gaudy colours, so what!. and the sign? go to your front door and take it out. and next time lock your doors or install an alarm system, that way, no one can break in and steal ur stupid computer and bicycle.

(v) Kerry, who wants Caroline to choose a different name for her house
- jeez, so many other houses in this world is 'number 6' im not complaining. im not the only one in this world named Soraya either.. deal with it!!

ok, so ive answered all the questions for my coursework
now to look at it like a lawyer would, with cases, statutes, acts and some other shit stuff..
not liking this one bit

Sunday, January 28, 2007

remember when i said everythings tastes good with pesto, egg and cheese?
or maybe i didnt say that here

well, i take it back!!

coz the asian tongue is back. haha. now EVERYTHING tastes good with sambal asli abc and serunding. seriously

even ice cream

ok, im just playing with you.

mamaa... serunding daging dah habissss.


i see the beauty in ugly

Friday, January 26, 2007

you know youre a uni student when...

you step out of your room wearing ur uni hoody, sweat pants, a bubble vest, a stripey scarf, an out of shape hat and your hair is everywhere. you know you look horrible but youre grinning ear to ear because youre warm and comfy and those good for nothing girls arent. you then proceed to half power walk half jog because you have about 25937826537 more miles until you get to your lecture building and about 3 more minutes till lecture starts. miraculously, u still get there on time or at least earlier than the 'official' late comers

today i became a full fledge uni student.

oh and one more thing. i just got myself 4 pounds worth of instant noodles. and mind you thats quite alot of instant noodles.


when its magic, dont ask

Thursday, January 25, 2007

teraju tigo

i think the malaysian students in the uk have taken dikir barat to a whole new level.

i was bored and trying to believe that i had nothing better to do. so i was watching dikir barat performances from various malaysian nights all over the uk. and i somehow really enjoyed almost every one of the videos i watched. sure, what i was watching has gone astray from what the true dikir barat is ie it being kelantanese and about life and morality, but all of it just sounded really 'cool'. a dikir version of pop yeye? hindi dikir? rapping ewa bule? dikir hakka?.. i think it just projects how everyone is living. name me one person in malaysia who is living a pure traditional malay life. whatever that might mean, im not really making a valid point here am i?

well the leader of the dikir is after all called the tukang karut right? kena la mengarut!

id like to see a dikir team do the macarena. nice , no?


look what yazmin abdul aziz found in the far corners of the cyber world...

thats yours truly winning the 'ratu saloma' title in 2003!. imagine!. haha.
i really cant recall what song i sang, but i know i was wearing a small crown on my head, a.kal's top, a.gayahs kain and looking really funky at that.


kiri dan ke kanan. ikut irama pop ye ye

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

tanah airku

Congratulations soraya, you are 42% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Michelle Yeoh!

How Un-Malaysian Are You?

actually, id like to think that im more than 58% malaysian.

seriously, no matter what i say, how i eat, how i act. i love malaysia

haha, maybe i just hate the weather here. in that sense leen is quite right by saying that none of us will ever shut up about the weather.

and cheryls quite right too: dont knock on the weather too much, if it didnt change once in a while, 9 out of 10 people wouldnt be able to start a conversation

the malaysian me

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thats right, its all about food, which i vow to have much less of... well, we'll see about that

Sunday, January 21, 2007


give 'eleanor' a click to check out the friends ey?


why doesnt wagamama give normal spoons like other restaurants?
i suppose them people think its all japanese like and shit.
but seriously?
today was only my second time eating in wagamama
honestly, im not a fan of their food at all, and this has nothing to do with the senduk issue.
i LOVE japanese food, but wagamama just cant get japanese food right.

this section is dedicated to andi and buds

look what i got from this dude!.. all the way from jakartaa...

the amount of indomie he has in his room!.

remember us trying to cook 5 indomies with ur ricecooker coz we thought it would be faster and none of us could be bothered to use the stove? i thought it turned out quite tasty.

SAMBAL ABC!!!!... i miss miss miss!. he brought back like 20 bottles of these. finally someone in the uk who appreciates sambal abc

ok, this wasnt much of our thing since every mamak in msia had teh tarik, but this is still good shit considering the fact that all they have here is english tea. which i dont hate btw but teh tarik is so much better

i dont know where the other picture went but you know what he had in his fridge?

teh botol!!!
hahaha, remember buds wacko friend who had shitloads of it?
how come u guys never brought over any, friend said its a must for all indonesians who study in msia to have teh botol with them. oh well, not all apparently.

haih, good times.


absence makes the heart grow fonder. out of sight out of mind
bristols malaysian night yesterday
food was great
singing was acceptable
no comment on the rest

mother natures been quite good to us these past few days. but im still wondering when the sun is going to turn blue

brought yameen to colins right after we arrived and left for wedgies after we dumped our stuff there

webcamming with mom and the boys, theyre having their operation tmrw!
i sooooo cannot wait to see the boys!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

wat is wrong with the world?
the bananas at breakfast were ALL green!!!
its the only fuckin thing in this world that i actually WANT to be YELLOW..and the world has to fuck it up for me..

ok, abit too much anger for bananas..

and why is it that blogspot does not let me change the colours of my fonts.. AGAIN.

you know how we were taught about fires in lower secondary, isnt the hottest part of the flame supposed to be blue?
then why the hell is the sun YELLOW?!

i wish big bird was red.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

last night was the most, nerve wrecking, hair pulling, tear jerking, soul snatching, face twisting, fist slamming night i have faced ever.

i pulled an allnighter..... dot dot dot..... for academic purposes!!!... and i SO managed to kick law and states ass!

n in some sick twisted way, i so enjoyed the pressure.

i have one more coursework due on the 31st.. maybe ill wait till the 30th(NITE) to do it. haha!


lemon and lime cous cous. just add water.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

soraya vs. html


so this is why they took away my colour pallet and my slanting font and my picture button!
they wanted me to sign up to their new blogger thing!


now its war all over again with html!

prepare your troops html!
my ships have completed their scan of the area and found NOTHING
you wussy html you!. im going to calculate every possible destination along your last known trajectory.

BEWARE!. this is a war i want to WIN!



valentine's day is on the 14th of february
my birthday is on the 28th of april
make-soraya-happy day is every single day



tacky one liners are so yesterday
dont you think?

this post looks so uninteresting and dull
this post is completely black and white
this post was induced by an error caused by blogspot
this post is the way it is because blogspot doesnt have the colour pallet for the blogger to change the colour of her fonts
not only that, this post contains no pictures, also because blogspot does not have that tiny picture up where blogger could click and post a picture she so wanted to.
because of that, blogger succumbed to submitting a post, that lacked of creativity
blogger is not a html queen
everyone knows that
blogger is wondering why blogspot is doing this to her


shit, i cant write my one liner here coz i cant slant my fonts

Thursday, January 11, 2007

why does everyone keep asking me to breathe?
i do that just fine

there's another little hole in my heart

big and small, in and out
the air
the brown paperbag

so this is what it feels like

at times like these, hot soya calms me.soya and beatles acoustic album
so why doesnt tarzan have a beard?

hey guess what? its national break up day!


all this remembering of cases is driving me mad..!!

larseonner? larsonneur?
cauldwell? caldwell?
hirachand punamchand v temple? (seriously mr.punamchand, if u were going to commit an offense, you couldve at least spared us law students the agony n maybe change your name to.. umm.. charlie brown?)

kaitamaki, adomako.. dont they sound like japanese crackers to you?
criminals yo!


had a goood dinner at iguana's with them guys (this was the first real meal ive had in maybe a little over a week, the meal i had after the library episode was just a sandwich so that does not count)

envy the guys: roshan was talkin about all the good food he had in jakarta over winter break, colin n vishaal about all their jet skiing n beach shenanigans in trinidad&tobago and kenya respectively

tak envy langsung: they were all freezing to death coz they just came back from warm countries. haha. i was feeling A okay! i had an autumn jacket on, colin was practically an eskimo and roshan wore gloves twice the size of his hands.


the nemo judex rule- no man should be the judge of his own cause

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

bimbo post yo

i fuckin lost the bid on the LAST pair of the black and white alexander mcqueen skull scarf thats on ebay that would cost me less than 100 pounds.. why?? coz i FREAKING went to the library.. was this what lucas meant when he said constitutional rights is gonna bite you in the ass?


now the cheapest one left is 189 pounds..

i could buy the one with the white background.. but i freaking want the one with the black background and white skulls.. WITHOUT the stupid red anchors. so no, i do NOT want the shipwrecked collection.

soo sooo bummed.

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Monday, January 08, 2007

cornering the evidence

i just called semantha and she was at her place hanging out with sam...

sam's back? why?
to studyyyy
OMG.. i HAVE to start..

so tmrw, im going to the library with semantha.. at 9 freaking AM!
aaaand, im going to have a proper meal. not the usual yoghurt and soup ive been surviving on for god knows how many days (except of course for the pasta annette made me, like.. 4 days ago? -_-)

a proper meal folks! you have no idea how good that sounds to me right now.




it's a little too early to bury the worry

Sunday, January 07, 2007

dan diddly doo

i had something to blog about. i swear to god.

ohmy, neurons and braincells are flying out the window. i swear to god, between clicking on blogger dashboard and new post, i forgot what i wanted to blog about. its something really important. i swear. something i wanted to get across to all of you so that everyone could learn something from it. it might as well have been something that could start a movement too! something that could change the world, start a revolution! something that may determine wether or not pigs really can fly in another world, so that when someone says 'when pigs fly' you can actually not lose hope altogether! you see, it might have been something that could restore hope to the world, something that could make this world a better place. for you, and for me and the entire human race!

buuuuuut. i cant remember what it was.

so i guess ya'll shall just have to make peace with the world as it is.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


warwick msa's malaysian night ?.. and mind you, marisa aisha (verrry good friend) is warwick msa's president..


dave, alex,emanuelle and rafael's birthday party.. house party. ehemm.

the agony of choice!

but me being the great friend and the good girl that i am, i suppose everyone knows which one im going to choose right?



i just found out my midsessionals wont be counted towards anything.. nothing! zilch. zero! i feel like a brand new person!.. whats the point in studying for it then?

this room suddenly seems so much brighter. i've found my enlightenment. i've attained the highest form of karma.. EVER

this is sooo GRAND


eat and sleep- nothing sacred about the order

Friday, January 05, 2007

how do you do?

blockage blockage!.. i dont know what to write about anymore. making like a sloth is murdering my braincells. this is dangerous!.

tmrw, im gonna step out into the sun and go over to broadmead. soraya is ready to face the world again. promised the friend for a junkfood/studying spree. marks n spencer/tesco metro here i come.

and after exams are over and done with, im going to regret all the junk ive consumed and go over to broadmead again. this time to get myself some dumbells and an abstretch machine.


have you ever had a dream where the guy you adore and hate at the same time is singing your favourite song for you from the back of a moving bus with no driver. n just before jln 14/56 he rushes to the drivers seat and turns the corner?

and then he tells you, next time he has to concentrate on driving...... -_-


absence really does make the heart grow fonder

save some face. you know you've only got one

Thursday, January 04, 2007

i aint got no crystal ball

well. seeing that my whole day has been spent within the confines of my four lovingly decorated walls. theres really not much that i can say to any of you except that i have a newfound love. reading dream interpretations!...

ok that aside. here's a clue to what ive been doing all day

been trying to get that right all day.
verdict?... almost..
thats good enough by my standards okay!!

you might want to scroll down and stop the music before you listen to whats on the vid.

ive been in my room all day. ohmygod. im a slob! a sea lion! a papa penguin. maybe i should start tap dancing?




ive always been a somehow somewhat someway somewhere

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

yesterday or today?

to this day i still dont know what jimi was dreaming of


happy 20th birthday ALEX!. may god rid you of your 'adolescent-ness'


today i admired the clouds with an old lady on the bus
today i saw a car that boldly claimed it was a skyline when it wasnt
today i helped out a friend with a punching bag
today i had a conversation on bolts and screws
today someone said i was amazing
today yamin n ali left for london

ermm.. actually its not today anymore. replace all todays with yesterday. thank you

Monday, January 01, 2007

not just yet

i just came back from new year celebrations at oceana

even though i had a great time, quite awesome actually.. the countdown really got me thinking

i dont think im ready to let 2006 go. i dont think im ready to say all those good times happened last year. i dont think im ready to say the last time i really hung out with my bestfriends was last year. i dont think im ready to say that happened to me last year. i dont think im ready to take last year as the past. i dont think im ready to let go of last years memories. the good, and the bad.

im not letting go of 2006 just yet. its staying. for now.

im still in love with 2006
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