Wednesday, August 30, 2006

believe me when i say ive got something for his punkass

for the first time in her entire long ass holiday(since 9th june), soraya was BORED... u-huh. i thot that wasnt ever gonna happen, but it plopped its fat ass right on my face. oh, but i only let it stay there for a little while, just for the satisfaction of saying, " yeah, long hols.. got bored once in a while".

why was i bored?.. lets see

1. ran out of blogs to read
2. no gigs to go to during the day
3. no movies at the cinema worth paying for
4. the gym is so telling me to stay out
5. fingers still nicely manicured, dont wanna strum nice songs on guitar, cant seem to find stupid pick.
6. malas nak mandi . haha
7.thats it i guess
8. didnt wanna end with 7, dont like the number
9. k, while im at it might as well go to 9, i like 9.

the hours of the day simply loves soraya. she didnt wake up all that early and before she knew it it was already dark. so yayyy. malam time means cari music time!. hehehe..

tuesday.. mana nak pegi haaaaa??... decided to look thru blogs again to find somethin. hehe, nasib baik ada.. on reza sallehs blog. he was gonna open for madison flynt at the backyard pub. so, yeah duhh. i wentla

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reza and band.

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madison flynt.. before they played i thot they looked kinda ganas. but guess what they playd? PUNK. well at least i thot it sounded punk. and whats with the ties??.. avril was soo yesterday. hehe.. but their songs are quite okayla. and oh kill me, they played a punk version of 'hit me baby one more time'

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more surprises yo.. they decided to abandon the whole punk feel and go for emo boyband song. haha..

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mia palencia and madison flynt.

if you guys are curious, they're playing at laundry tonite for merdeka eve.
yeah, pergila menyambut merdeka with some danish studs. hehe.. i shall opt for a more malaysian n artsy fartsy merdeka. will let you ppl in on that


Monday, August 28, 2006

emo filler

why is it that just as i turn my back in content knowing the worst is over that it decides to give me a huge blow?. couldnt have been at a better time, misery just knows its timing all too well.

i wanna be living IT.. not living UP

its times like these that i wish i never did my very best from the very beginning. maybe sometimes its better to keep some inside so that in the end theres a good surprise for everyone.

but then again, if it makes it easier for everyone else, why not?
ill just have to live with it, like i always have


i meant to blog about this on saturday when my excitement was still very much on a high, but seeing that this is soraya you're talking about, its already monday. That being said , the feeling is still there, tho it might have waned a little theres still alot of it left for me to at least want to sit myself in front of the screen and dedicate a longish post to the one ..... the only

maliq & D'essentials!!
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okay, im back at a HIGH..

as some of you may already know (esp those who r frequently in my car), i am a HUGE fan of this neo soul jazz outfit from jakarta. ok, credits to andi and buds for asking me to get maliq & d'essentials album (1st) for them when i went to bandung.Too bad u guys weren't around to watch them. needless to say, after listening to them i got hooked! i super like their songs!

ok, next up.. credits to fachry for informing me bout their show at planet hollywood, and for getting me the tickets waay early!. well, it was actually a charity event organized by the indonesian students over in Malaysia in aid of the jogja victims. there were a number of cultural performances and bands playing during the earlier part of the show but lets not talk about that ( the performances were really good tho)
oh, small mention just to get it out of the way.. i won some stuff from mtv indonesia for answering a question about maliq & d'essentials... the vj's response.. "whoahhhh fann banget dehh". haha.

back to maliq & d'essentials

they were simply AMAZING!. im serious. they did so much more than just perform their songs. they should seriously consider recording a live album. well, theyre fairly new so im quite sure they will soon enough. their 2nd albums comin out soon!! i think this was the first concert/show/gig/whatever i went to where i knew every single word to every single song and enjoyed every single minute of the god damned performance. oh, tak.. i didnt know one song (its a new one thats gonna be in their 2nd album, so.. forgiven), but hell, halfway thru the song i was already singing along! i am telling you, even a non-fan would've been super impressed by their SUPERB stage presence! every single one of them had something going on up there. no one was shoved out of the spotlight, not one of them was 'just a member' .they all had their time.

while im at it i might as well introduce them as i have pictures... i only have individual pictures tho as i was right at the stage and too close to take the bands picture as a whole. oh well, not complaining!

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here's to ANGGA who introduced neo-soul jazz to indonesia. he's EQ humania's nephew ( local indo jazz singer)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
INDAH.. the female vocalist. superb superb!

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SATRIO... recent baldy. his guitar effects: karenn abisss!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
IFA.. the keyboard and backup vocals are verryy necessary to a full sound

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AMAR.. ahh.. this guy is totally entertaining! one second he's playing impressive scales and the next he's singing into the small mic attached to the end of his trumpet

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JAWA.. yes, his hair is pink. i think he's the most 'semangat-ed' bassist ive ever seen. haha.

k, i saved the best for last!!.. my favourite. haha yes, this one even deserves a different colour scheme

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WIDI!!!!!!... you will never understand why i like this guy so much unless you've seen him onstage... he's at the very back of the stage yet he's the one who stands out the most. i kid you not. i know its not very often that drummers stand out more than the vocalist/guitarist, but widi rocks my socks BIG TIME!

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i dont think its his skills that makes him appealing (though i must say, his skills are more than plentiful), i dont think its his looks either. But this guy just catches your eye. totally semangat, practically dancing behind his drumset.... *swoooooon*

and guess what made my day??

TOTALLY made my day!


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widi came out to sing!!! you see how versatile these ppl are? hehe.. siiigghhhh...
couldve sworn i turned into liquid when he started singing.. okay, but i didnt. blehhh.

to those who have never heard of maliq & d'essentials, i pray you come out of your shell and start listening to some real music. hehe

Saturday, August 26, 2006

here comes the reckoning

haih, maybe ive finally gotten sick of writing long entries in this blog. but i just have to write this one coz in the next few hours id have another gig to blog about by which i would probably be too malas again. but i know for a fact that at the back of my head theres this voice that keeps reminding me that i actually have this nagging need to blog about all the gigs i go to and everything i do thats worth mentioning. BLOGS are eeeevvvvOOOoooLLL...

oh by the way, something happened to my laptop, some bug ate EVERYTHING up. i had to reinstall everything, my laptop was literally empty! and if that isnt bad enough, i lost my ipod so all my songs are gone for good.. NooO.. ihave to redownload and thats gonna be a bitch. eh, but most of the songs in my mini are from my cds so its not all too bad. oh but speakin of which.. apple does not make mini's anymore! BODOH

so anyways, lets talk about something nice and be merry now!..

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alyaa likes this picture coz my arms look huge

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neither me nor amirah fancies this picture. but wutever. ahha

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mama and moi

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the loud, the slightly tolerable, the 'tak kisah' and the japanese who doesnt look it.

spent friday night at no black tie listening to a part of the heineken acoustic series. watched the sofa sessions, shanon shah and reza salleh. in that order.

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the sofa sessions with frontman ariff akhir was pretty much the same as always. a tad dissapointed they didnt play 'pretend sometime'. gotta be my fav song of theirs!. but 'lagu malas' is always a fun song to listen to. they did a cover of 'cant take my eyes off you'. umm, the songs abit overplayed but, heineken punya pasal. hehe. oh but ariff played 'across the universe' when i watched him at olive. and that has got to be one of the nicest songs ever.

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shanon shah's voice may not be in my top10 list or 20 for that matter, but he sure knows how to get the crowd. beat this, he did a cover of numa numa yei!!... yes, the 'mayaa heee mayaa hooo' song. unbeatable. hahah. whatmore. on the piano! and it was all melodious like. yes, im talking about that romanian song with the famous fat boy dancing to it on youtube.. the rest were originals plus a madonna cover. 'intergalactic romantic failure' is worth mentioning tho, still makes me laugh. oh, i think shanon overstayed his set. he mentioned that he was gonna play his last song and went on to play four!. but he ended with 'imagine'. i loove the beatles, so a john lennon cover goes in my good books. heh....
oh, i would talk about his other cover but then again, i dont want to be questioned by the authorities, if you know what i mean.

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now, rezza salleh... well lets see. i sure have alot of good things to say about this dude. even my mom is a fan of his voice now. i know ive said this once, but hell im gonna say it again. reza salleh has the best guy voice ever (besides mraz). hehe. and his songs are nice too. my 2 favs, 'angan-angan permata' (which sorta sounds kinda mraz-ish) and 'for her' (im not sure of the title tho, but its the "caan i see you toniiight" song). hehe. somehow, i think he likes to do sappy covers. haha. the other day he did edwin mccains 'ill be'( OH noOo. ahhaa. i like this song, but its overplayed, no? )... yesterday he did foo fighters ' walking after you'..the "im on your back" song, which i really like so alls good. ended the set with 'under the bridge' . a perfectly sing-a-longable song for urs truly. perfectly, meaning i kinda hafal the whole song. soo. oh yes, another real sappy but real good cover he did before thats worth mentioning, but this was at olive : hootie and the blowfish's 'let her cry'.

okay, so much for 'sick of writing long entries'. im off!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


jeez oh man

im not feeling too good and my right eardrum is threatening to blow up on me!

the last time i fell sick my left eardrum swelled up real bad and i had to snort drugs up my nose to make it all better (docs prescriptions ok)

i dont know whats with me and swelling eardrums everytime i fall sick. maybe i abuse my eardrums too much. but no shit man, i hope my right eardrum doesnt get as swollen as my left should it decide to swell. coz it hurt like fuck!

Sunday, August 20, 2006


write up on neil labute's The Shape of Things is already up on the klpac site.. it'll be running from the 8th to the 10th of september. be sure to check it out if you're around!. Farah's in it. yes, the same farah who wanted to go 'bicycling'. hehe

'broken bridges the musical' (yeah, the one i was supposed to be in but had to pull out coz they wouldnt let me go watch coldplay!) started showing on the 19th and the premier was graced by, and i quote kakiseni on this 'our most famed bridge breaker of all, our prime minister' heh.

wouldve been nice if i was in it... i still remember a line from one of the songs though " drink, drink! drink all your troubles awaaaaay!". haha. and if you were wondering, nay.. i wouldnt drink all my troubles away, id emo-sing them. blek

i think im down with something. my throat feels all scratchy, my head feels heavy, my eye lids weigh a tonne, and i feel like im warm and cold both at the same time. oh, wish me well already.
for now, im gonna just have to 'jimi hendrix' my uncomfortable feeling away.

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fuck, i think there's a roach in my room. or is 'wutever i down with' making me delusional?

Saturday, August 19, 2006



maybe i wont be going to london as often as i thought i would..
i'm staring to appreciate bristol already

concerts i shall miss in sept:
ok go
are you experienced? (tribute to jimi hendrix and the experience)... SShhhIIIittTT!!!!
stairway to zeplin (tribute to led zeppelin)

the ones in october:
gunz and roses (tribute to guns n' roses)
whole lotta led ( tribute to led zeppelin)
big queen do ( tribute to queen)

and the tickets are all below 10 quid.. im loving the place already

Friday, August 18, 2006


first and foremost, i'd like to congratulate the bestfriend for scoring AAA in her recent alevels (no thanks to someone, haha). she'll be going to ucl for economics whilst ill be in uni of bristol for law. not to worry tho love, ill be in london more often than you'd want me to. haha.

here's the obligatory search for 'perfect picture of alyaa n soraya' shot.

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well, this obviously isnt the 'IT' picture we have been searching oh-so-long for.

well, in the spirit of happiness (or not, in a certain someones case) we decided to indulge ourselves with dessert!. oh, this was in laundy by the way. we went there to catch rhapsody and tempered mental in action. both wildly entertaining i must say.

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my excruciatingly sinful creme brulee

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alyaa's giant(tho it doesnt look it in the pic) strawberry cheesecake.

somehow, everyone decided to spend their thursday night at laundry yesterday. well i of course would recommend for everyone to spend every thursday night at laundry as this is when they feature mostly local indie artists who deserves alot of credit for their talent. next week will feature them boys from denmark(madison flynt) who will also be playing for the starbucks music series finale on the 2nd of sept at the piazza, curve...

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mars, sue, rezza, danish and hakim decided to join us around 10-ish

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
tho i must say i dont look too happy with danish being there. haha

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
bumped into them sri aman girls on the way to the loo. met sean (introduced a while back by a diff set of mutual frens) who's coincidently going to bristol as well. he was our cameraman.

later on, bumped into ariff,izzah and old schoolmate johan. more to come. haha. menon and beatles lookalike fren wong joined us juuust when tempered mental was about to finish their set. then alyaa met a couple of other frens who went on to tell me how grim bristol is and how i wouldnt be able to party hard (not that i do!). 2nd thoughts about bristol were erased after i met ash and friend who convinced me that bristol was a grreeat place and i would have a kickass time there. haha.. okay, then i met picha. oh and then aqida just as we were about to leave.

im gonna stop now, this post is already beginning to bore even ME..

anyways, rhapsody did a cover of india arie's 'I am not you hair' which i aaabsolutely loved! their originals sounded great as always. tempered mental was a first for me, ive never seen them perform before and i gotta say... impressed with frontperson malena(i think). she plays the bass and sings for the band.. rezza thot she resembled a thinner and taller version of me (haha, thinner n taller. but of course).


visit to listen to 4 new songs by ELEANOR(up and coming soon to be famous band from jakarta, haha)... the 2nd song 'lagunya lagu curhat' features ME. hehe.. ignore them few notes that decided to rebel and skip the school of tune!.


brokenscar will be performing at fasta pasta (ikano) tonite, 8pm. so for those of you who are free, try to go! this will be one of brokenscars last few performances before kevin leaves for melbourne

i have a kenduri to attend. cant make it. would have gone otherwise, no doubt. sorry kevin


will be going for a briefing and fitting at cosry tmrw for the 'wedding of the year'...yeap.. you're allowed to laugh!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


A VeeEErrrrYY HAPPY BirThday TO:

yehh.. tania's the ugliest one in the picture. ahhah


my face looks much bigger coz its muuuch nearer to the cmaera ok!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

shift delete

ok.. malas mau blog in entry yg panjang..

its 4am plus2. just got back from this recording studio in damansara. 8pm-3.30am. not bad considering 4 songs were recorded

i sang in one. a duet. went with fachry and his bandmates: agung, itonk, didit n mamat.. who after much deliberation decided to name themselves eleanor.

ive gotta give it to these guys. they write kick ass awesome songs. serious shit man. asik banget.
hopefully the mixing will be ready by tuesday night so itonk can take the final version with him when he returns to jakarta on wed.

i so love their songs.

ok. tired and hungry. but happy

Friday, August 11, 2006

gentle spunky funky grease monkey

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the 3 wise monkeys are suppose to depict messages to hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil

now the 3 wise baboons up there look more like theyre saying:

nik amir: alaaaa, tutup telinga pon can hear evil jugaaaak

soraya: shit, i saw im gonna have to cover my eyes and pretend i didnt like what i saw

yaya: i TERspeak evill.. ter.. terr.. sumpah! TERRrrRR!


i got my tickets for pentas seni 2 warna yesterday.. joyful joyful. thankyou fachry!

to those who are interested:
pentas seni 2 warna featuring maliq & d'essentials (yes this is why im excited)
26th august, klcc convention centre (yes, this is where datuk K and siti are going to wed)
tickets rm50 (inclusive of donation and free xpax prepaid pack)
in aid of the earthquake victims of yogyakarta

umm, so if any of you get any late night booty calls or weird msges from an unknown 013 number, its not me ok!.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

hardi har

What You Really Think Of Your Friends
Yamin is your soulmate.
You truly love Bob.
You consider Amirah your true friend.
You know that Fara Alyaa is always thinking of you.
You'll remember Fiza for the rest of your life.
You secretly think Mars is creative, charming, and a bit too dramatic at times.
You secretly think that Mun is colorful, impulsive, and a total risk taker.
You secretly think that Alia is loyal and trustworthy to you. And that Alia changes lovers faster than underwear.
You secretly think Farah is shy and nonconfrontational. And that Farah has a hidden internet romance.

some true, some hilariously true, some farfetched, some just effin funny

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

knock knock. then again maybe not

farah, amirah and alyaa came to visit...

fara upon entering " soraya! shut off that sad music noww!!"...
and i was listening to maliq & d'essentials mind you, my usual. or was it glenn of indonesian idols.. and then agnes monica's 'tak ada logika' comes up and alyaa hollers " what is this? arab music?"... heh

appreciate them dropping by and understanding when i didnt want to go out. dahla it was farahs birthday. sorry babes. murni's soon enough yea? hehehehe. what was the soft shell crab thing u wanted to eat?

anyways. the whole time they were here i couldnt stop laughing la....

fara alyaa just came back from umrah:
in she storms in her usual three quarts and her 'eat your heart out im taken' top, sunnies still firmly tinting her view... and of course alyaa being alyaa had to shout and make a scene upon entering soraya's humble abode.. one hand holding a Quran in a really nice kaabah lookalike case, one hand holding a bag of kurmaa.. "look what i got you from meeekkkaaahhhh"...
as zee would put it, it was 'flippin' funny...

the scene was just soo.. SALAH.. one would expect that kinda entrance say if she just got back from hawaii bearing gifts such as a pair of funky flipflops and pineapple pudding. not mekah, the Quran and dates. hehe.. but thanks luvvv!!.... and of course alyaa had to justify everything by saying its okay coz she has wuduk!. .. oh n then, omar comes in "assalamu'alaikum fara alyaa".. extending his hand to salaam. in good regard she of course answers appropriately and salam balik..... "NooooooO!. batal air sembahyang!". hahaha

and then we were talking about ***** and how somebody suggested i get married to him.. and alyaa's response :" if you do that, i will be there to physically stop you, i swear!!"..

haha.. alyaa alyaa.. you leave us all in stitches. funny k..

happy birthday

Dearest AMY turns 20 today

darling-est FARAH turns 19 today.

yesterday, NASHA turned 19. and she gets her results today, lots of luck

Monday, August 07, 2006

it sure aint fun to be walking, when i dont know which way to go

been a hard day

to those who 'just wanted to know' i got abb for my a levels. A for econs, B for sociology and maths. if ure not close enough, i dont appreciate u asking. but now that you know, its okay to acknowledge

thanx fiza,farah,yamin,mars,ali,ikmal,mels,idzwan,arina and nasha for calling/texting/msn-ing and telling me 'its okay' regardless . much love

to andi and buds thank you so so much. i love you both to bits. even ur feeble attempts to make me laugh meant alot

i love you ma

Friday, August 04, 2006

curiousity killed the cat

we kinda just found out that the three kittens are all males.. curious males. heh.. lucky i didnt give them female names

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
MASTER YODA.. ahh this ones a female.. been with us for about 7-8 years
now if curiousity is the only thing that can kill a cat.. i declare yoda an immortal.

am in no mood for useless banter, mindless chatter or intellectual musings, hence the pictures. i love my cats.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

men and cars

i watched tv tonite! yeah, its been awhile.
was playing with the kittens when my brother turned on the tube.. rockstar was on!.. i gotta say, that soul guy, wutever his name is... rocks.. well, not literally coz he sang raggae but it sounded awesome.. i think dana sounds rather nice as well.

anyways, atas tu sudah out of topic, i was just trying to tell you guys that i watched tv coz i heard something which i thought was really funny on channel v..

some dude sent in a request for coldplay's fix you.. " i would like to dedicate this song to my car because it has been having some problems and i want to fix it"

HAHAHAH... adoiiiiii. some people!


fiza's heading to jakarta tmrw. asked her to help look for maliq & d'essentials 1st(repackage) so i can listen to the other songs fachry refuses to send me.. BLeHH.. keeping fingers crossed!.thaaanx fiizzz


cheerio!. run along now kiddies!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

and if the sun comes up tmrw, let her be

soraya is not so bad with directions anymore! wohoo....
mels directed me to her house and i got it spot on!, well, i had to count on mels sense of direction the rest of the way though. we went to the olive lounge to tgk reza salleh and ariff akhir
( haha, yeah.. monday night pon pegi cari music).

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

soraya: i must say mel, your sense of direction is pretty good (upon lalu-ing god knows what jalan to get to the pan global building)

mel: nah, its just okay.

soraya: jeez oh man, if yours is just okay, wut does that make mine? the lowest lowest lowest kind of worst possible?..

eh, but ive gotta say, its improving ok! like alot!.

ok, aaaanyways.. just to let you people know, i had the FOULEST tasting mocktail ever in olive. it tasted like.. ahhh, no, you wouldnt wanna know la. if you ever go there and you dont drink alcohol.. please PLEASE order juice. even plain water tastes better

k, i didnt take nice pictures of reza and ariff yesterday so im not gonna put them up.
i had a very, relaxing nite. the place is really umm.. chilled out. ok well, it was like sitting in my living room listening to good acoustic music. their sets were very.... interesting. haha. first few was biasala.. some of their own songs, some mellow emo covers. eh, i was quite sedih when reza played hootie and the blowfish's let her cry. and mel had her emo moment when he played
runaway by the corrs. hehe.

but towards the end, it turned out to be quite funny. yeah, funny. ok, maybe not ha-ha lawaknya funny but funny nonetheless. it all started when reza played take that's back for good. yeah.. TAKE THAT. hahaha. and then his frens kept asking for old covers, which was very nice to listen tola nonetheless. we left after ariff played across the universe. so kiranya, left at a highla, that song has got to be one of my favs by the beatles. maybe my favourite. please listen to the cover by fiona apple. l-l-l-loove it.


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

as you can see (or probably not) alyaa and i are possibly getting closer to discovering ways of finally being able to capture out 'IT' photo. we figured out something vital: if theres enough light, DONT USE FLASH!. .this was in bangsar the night before alyaa went for umrah.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
soraya, farah, alyaa and amirah.. missing in action: alia.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
at dome's when we made our 'dont-use-flash-for-nicer-picture' discovery.

somehow, even tho we all came in different cars, alyaa managed to convince us to send her back all the way to shah alam in one car " if you all send me back together, i doa for you guys in mekah nanti".. pfffttt.. and so we did. we took pictures in the car, but im not gonna put it up. why? because we HAD to use flash. hehe.

btw, this 'ambik gambar banyak banyak' hal is all alyaa's doing ok.
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