Sunday, August 29, 2010

you can turn off the sun, but im still gonna shine

I did 2 personality tests recently. One tells me I am an inspirer, the other, a performer.
They both tell me I love people, attention,the limelight, performing, spontaneity, and have the gift of gab.

I knew all this before I did those personality tests.
But that doesn't mean my career needs to be veered towards those things.
Because despite working within four walls,
I still enjoy attention, I talk to ppl A LOT, I still perform, I still write and I still make music.
Even though sometimes I do these by myself, I don't think I have strayed off my natural path at all.
I am still a performer
I am still an inspirer

Sunday, August 01, 2010

manah amai

in the sky, matahari
shining down oh, so sweetly

and in my soul, a simple melody
i hear it play for you and for me

and everything,
all we need is you and i

and everything, oh manah amai

-isaac entry
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