Friday, November 30, 2007

in llama land theres a one man band

singing jazz solo is good fun because you can sing it however the hell you like coz thats kinda what jazz is all about.

singing jazz with SATB (soprano alto tenor n bass) is a NIGHTMARE! especially when you get the score very very late. everytime the harmonising sounded weird we would stop only to be told to continue by our musical director.." dont stop, it may have sounded horrid but what you were singing was actually correct.. thats jazz". what makes matters worse is that with this song (which is 'come fly with me' btw) the sopranos (me included) doesnt get the melody all the way through. so im gonna have to concentrate really really really hard and pay attention to the score.

my only consolation is that we'll be singing this piece with the jazz band and not acapella like our other songs.
i hope the band drowns us.

and you know what.. he has the voice of an angel.
ok actually i dont know what angels sound like.
but you get the picture.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

2 monkeys and a waddling duck.

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thank you girls for the loud weekendful of non-stop laughter
and mars, thank you for thinking it was normal behaviour when yameen and i went out of our way and tried sooo hard to act like little kids just to annoy you.
yeah, it didnt work.


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this is the story of the sushi bar.

once upon a time, three girls trudged along the cold wet streets of birmingham (like three blind mice) in search for a sushi bar where they were told had an 'all you can eat' sushi revolver belt for the price of 6 pounds. (amazing, one plate normaly would normally cost 2-3 pounds) and believe you me, those blind mice had more than enough plates to display at the end of their meal.
however, they were a tad disappointed when they realized that the restaurant only put out rolls that were made with veg. they thought 'hey, we braved the rain to eat veg?'. it was then that they started complaining loudly. albeit in malay (so that nobody in the restaurant would understand). " kenapa tak kasi ikan punya dish, ni bukan sushi ni sayur n nasi!" "apalaaa, takkan ni je".. not a second after, the sushi chef set out plates of salmon sushi and some-other-kind-of-fish sushi on the conveyer belt.

you should have seen the beaming girls who immediately grabbed several plates to satisfy their craving for 'ikan' sushi. satisfied, they took to talking about their now favourite sushi chef whom all this while had been looking at them in a rather questionable way. .. "saya tak rasa pemasak ini orang jepun". said mars. soraya then replied "eh, saya rasa muka org ini macam org jepunlah!. mungkin bukan, tapi masih ada kemungkinan yg dia org jepun" to which yameen agreed " ya mungkinlah" as did mars"ada kemungkinanlah, tapi mungkin dari negara lain yang terdapat orang yang muka seperti dia"

all these things were said rather boldly and loudly although they were seated right where the chef was making more sushi as they knew he wouldnt be able to understand malay so it did not matter. after time was spent talking about the facial features and possible origins of said chef, soraya and mars started craving for tamago yaki 'the egg/omelette sushi'. "yaya, kalau ada sushi telur kan bagus" "omg yeah mars, saya mahu makan sushi telur sangat-sangat" " korang ni memang suka sushi telur ehh?" said yameen.

miraculously, 30 seconds later, the chef placed 2 plates of tamago yaki on the belt. seconds later the chef made yet another plate of tamago yaki but this time, instead of putting it on the belt, he offered it straight away to soraya. amazing, a psychic sushi chef!. finally the rather weird chef looked across the belt and started a conversation with the girls "kamu dari malaysia? saya selemban"...mars, being polite started asking him about his work here and carried on the conversation. while that was going on, yameen having no qualms 'kind of' said in a rather loud voice for all to hear " patutlaaaa!!! NAK TELUR KELUAR TELURR!!!.. dia boleh fahammlaaaaa".

and im quite sure he heard, and understood the last bit as he did the rest.
the end

and for that and that only, they have now become the new faces of coca cola.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

they are now in the midst of recording their coca-cola jinggle and hope to introduce coca-tamago yaki to the market.

Monday, November 26, 2007

i shall post something long-ish tmrw.. promise!

i gotta go study for tmrws test. ta

Friday, November 23, 2007

a secret is out

its 4 am in the morning and im halfway thru a can of red devil that displays a warning label : high caffeine content. not suitable for children, pregnant women and caffeine sensitive persons.
i pray to god im neither. so it should be ok.

im pulling an allnighter in order to finish my jurisprudence presentation materials, property lease n trusts n conveyance n registrar and joint tenancy and god knows what else reading, and to finish my accounting exercises.

my brain is about to blow, so ive decided to take a short break and see to some updating in this godforsaken place i call my spoonful of fusion. god, where on earth did that name come from anyways?.

-30 seconds to mars tickets have arrived! yahoo!

-i am now in a state of emotion where i can rejoice and fully embrace a live performance by michael buble of which i shall be attending tmrw.

-i really enjoy singing in tubbs(the university of bristol barbershop singers). 3 more practices left till our performance.

-theres a new foreign kid in town and he's nothing like fez. rawrr

-really looking forward to holidaying in florida with the family and the texan

-i miss my cats. all of them. i wonder what happened to the kuantan cats. fabian, tempang, twinkle, dinkle, linkle, and about 3528735 more names i cant remember. does anyone remember casper and dash?- comet and duma's siblings who died young. well i miss them too. and ginger, king, dino, twinkle2, bush, wiwi. and i miss yoda too

-the kite runner is a really good book. it made me cry. this is the 2nd book that made me cry to the extent where i had to stop reading n just cry for awhile, the 1st being chicken soup for a cat and dog lovers soul.

-if im a right brainer what should i aim to do?

-i dont know, but for know maybe i should aim on finishing my work. but its best to delay it just a tiny bit as i dont want to fall asleep. coz
if i do i wont get up in time for classes.

so, goodbye

Thursday, November 22, 2007

that extra mile

i had street dance today
and we learned a new routine to............


gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme


eric and todd dammans version is stuck in my head now.
go youtube them. GO.


'the boys' now have a tagboard, GO TAG.
you can get to their page via the link on the right.
the latest picture of slash there, reminds me of yoda
i miss yoda.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

for the 20th of november

im probably a little late as its already the 21st of november in malaysia.
but this is my announcement, so we shall abide by my timing
(haih, im sorry yet again for making everything about me.. ok, YOUR day)

just so i feel like i 'celebrated' with you guys at the manhattan fish market, i cooked baked fish for dinner. haha


chirsty's birthday at groove junction

starbucks finale concert at the curve
dinner at my place

Monday, November 19, 2007

in the planet

ignore my sardonic tone regarding biffy clyro's concert.

NOTHING and NO ONE will be able to bring down my mood. at least within the next two weeks or so.

first and foremost, i shall be watching michael buble in concert this coming weekend.
but thats not all, the cause of my sudden burst of elation:


they were already sold out, had to buy them off ebay, paid double the price. but I DONT CARE. YAHOOOOOOOOO!. omg. YAHOO man.. YAA fuckin HOO.
leen more than willingly agreed to come along.
i couldnt think of anyone else who's near me and would really enjoy the kind of songs 30 seconds to mars plays.

you see, they really ARE very good. i just watched them in july. and back then, i didnt really know the band, only that ive heard of them, listened to one of their songs maybe twice and that jared leto was the frontman.. but after they took the stage.. MANN.. i was completely blown awayy!!.. their stage presence was nothing short of AMAZING!. seriously.

and now im watching them again in january.


can you deny a modern myth?

its a beautiful lie.

im going for the kill!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


*CRY*... *dramatic wail* *soraya is screaming in agony*

i can hear BIFFY CLYRO having their soundcheck!!.. i can hear the drum beats, the guitar riffs, the awesome bass lines!.

if you guys dont already know, i live right beside the carling academy. ie, a v popular concert venue in bristol.

anyways, *wails loudly again*.. i couldnt get tickets for biffy clyro. and i now have to endure listening to their soundcheck!... and the tickets for 30 seconds to mars are all sold out as well. theyre playing next year btw. and yet again, id probably have to endure listening to their soundcheck and screaming fans!....

but for jared leto.. i might just go wait outside the venue in the afternoon and wait for jared leto to arrive.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

and i really really really wanna zig-a-zig-ahhh

to those of you who havent had the chance to watch the spice girls' first come back performance click *here* to watch them sing STOP! for some childrens thing for bbc.
i know they lipsynched this, but sources have it that during their upcoming tour, everything will be absolutely live! haha, we'll see how thats gonna turn out.

stop is probably one of my favourite spice girls songs. you know with all the coordinated hand movement thing going on. 9 years, and i can still remember every single word and hand movement to that song.

the spice girls, they dont ever get out of your head do they?. true, if i were to be introduced to them now, or even 2/3 years back, id probably think weirdly of the person who did the introduction.
but since the spice girls were big when i was about 11 or so, i ADORED them. even now, id happily put on platforms, a spicegirls tshirt, their impulse spray and big plastic hoops to sing along to songs like stop, wannabe(this esp!), spice up your life, viva forever and the likes of it

i remember ALWAYS singing spice up your life back in ssp, with alyaa singing along.... at the very top of our lungs! and you know how loud we can get (well, alyaa at least. haha).. especially the part where theyd shout the different kinds of dances.

oh YOU KNOW!!.... flamenco, lambada, but hiphop is harder, we moonwalk the foxtrot, then polka and salsa.. !

you can never get the spice girls out of your head can you?


since we're goin 9 years back might as well add on to that and just go a few more years back.
remember the song 'my grandfathers clock'

my grandfathers clock was to large for the shelf
so it stood ninety years on the floor.........

yeah?, well i found a cover of the original japanese version 'ookina furudokei' by ken hirai. to listen, go to multiply .com and search for ookina furudokei by ken hirai (sorry i tried, but couldnt link it here). it helps tremendously that this ken guy is something to look at.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

whats the longest word in the dictionary?

i got tagged by syazeleen, twice . but for now im only going to adhere to one of them as in her latest tag only one thing is required from me as opposed to her first one that requires me to list down 5 things.

i dont remember the exact line of the subject of the tag, but the basic idea is for me to recall my fondest memory of all time.

to tell you the truth, there may not be one exact memory that i can state which exceeds all in terms of happiness that i associate it with. when i ponder on this question, a different memory would surface each and everytime.

its sad that i could probably pinpoint straightaway on my worst memory ever but not on my best. but on second thought, thats actually better coz that might probably prove i have alot of good memories that are all almost equally special of which i try to keep replaying in my head like a silent movie when the going gets tough.

so i guess im not going to stick to the limitation of the tag and tell all of you my fondest memory and elaborate on it. instead, i shall list down the few that i like to replay in my head.

-when im at home in my room and suddenly i hear one of my cats meow outside the door asking to be let in, or when i sit in the middle of the garden and watch them run around.
-the surprise farewell party that my mom and a few of my close friends planned for me when i was 12.
-when i feel my parents are proud of me for being good at something i like doing even if its not relatively all that great an achievement in the eyes of everyone else
-the train ride to bangkok during the KYS orchestra trip.
-the double bass practices back when rezza and mun were my partners.
-when one particular teacher told me 4 simple words that meant alot and kept me going when i almost quit .."i believe in you"
-the times in primary school when a bunch of us would play football, and when we climbed over the school fence for a short cut to get to mcdonalds.
-the healing that followed after my mom bought me my first guitar when i was 11/12. i may not be very good at it, but when im down, the guitar and me, singing quietly to myself does wonders.
-the feeling of pride i get when i listen to malaysian independant singer songwriters / bands /artists
-that one time i was able to cry and feel no shame.
-when i finally got to hear lauryn hill sing live. i think i cried. i never thought id have the slightest chance of seeing her perform live, full of emotion, with the guitar in her hands. beautiful

haha, turns out there are quite a few
there are probably alot more but this will do for now.
now i need everyone to smile, and think of the good times.
and laughter they say, is the best medicine.


ive probably done this quite a number of times but who says i cant do it again.. click *here* to get to the boys' blog. once again, the boys' are my cats jimi, carlos and slash whom i love dearly and miss much more than you know.

Monday, November 12, 2007

shakes head

Mr.X: hey soraya, you know the poppy appeal?

soraya: err, it has something to do with soldiers n war right?

Mr.X: idiot. nvm.. anyways, this idiot here (points to Mr.Y) thinks that its to promote poppies!

soraya: (gives the look to Mr.Y)

Mr.Y: no i mean, like to legalize the drug.

Mr.X: you're such an idiot. why would they want to legalize drugs!. the poppy appeal is an anti-drug campaign!.

soraya: Mr.Y, look around you, the people who are wearing fake poppies dont look like they want to promote more drug usage

Mr.Y: true point, but i think i read somewhere that they wanted to legalize the usage of poppies

Mr.X: idiot! its an ANTI poppy campaign

soraya: im pretty sure it has some thing to do with soldiers.

*soraya walks away and smacks her head a thousand times over*

the poppy appeal my dear friends, was set up initially to remember and cherish the lives that were lost during the first world war, and later on to raise funds for the ex-Service community. the significance of the poppy being that it was the only thing that grew on the fields where the war was fought, where blood was shed. it was the only beautiful thing that remained just that, accompanying the horrific journey the fields had gone thru.

again, it has nothing to do with drugs ok?

Thursday, November 08, 2007

suspicious minds

today, arina's msn personal message read: i must quit you

immediately i thought:
heyy, she must be referring to that song by michelle featherstone. either that or she's being emo about something or someone.
so i took to asking her

my first suspicions were correct. she was referring to the song. which i used to love but havnt heard in a really long time.

then i remembered this one time when i played the cd with that particular song in my car.
yameen was with me in the car.
the song got to the part where michelle was singing "i must quit, i must quit"
without so much as a blink, yameen turned to face me with a quizzical look on her face n spoke the most bimbotic sentence ive ever heard come out of her (ok maybe there have been worse. haha)

" IM A SQUID??? apakahhh??!"

my god. yameen, yameen... sure it kinda sounds the same but how did im a squid even register in that complicated head of yours? well, you did imagine the yellow pianoman playing his keys in a yellow raincoat.

Monday, November 05, 2007

JL stands for?

30 seconds to mars at carling academy bristol. 31st january.
tickets sold out but still available on ebay.

oh my god.
they are AMAZING live.


in 2 weeks time. gettin lost in bubles voice and satisfying my noodle bar cravings shall be coming my way.

and 2 weeks after that. the family is coming!!!.

i feel like taking a walk along the harbour. so jiwang.


its a beautiful lie. a perfect denial

Thursday, November 01, 2007

malice in blunderland

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