Tuesday, October 31, 2006

eres un idiota

its monday
im supposed to blog about my very malaysian weekend in london
but im not going to just yet.. not until i get all the pictures from other people.

another stupid conversation i had with sebastian:

sebastian: hey, have you had dinner yet?
soraya: yeah, just did. had a cup of tomato soup
sebastian: man, thats little. id have to eat alot more
soraya: well, i had tea and i really dont mind losing some weight
sebastian: sorayaaaa.. ure on a diet? hahaha
soraya: well not really but i should be.
sebastian: well no. its winter.. dont you need to fatten yourself up for winter?
soraya: what do you think i am? a polar bear?
sebastian: close enough.......

its sebastians mums birthday tmrw nite.
feliz cumpleaƱos a tu madre sebastian

halloween tmrw! yayy.. and im gonna dress up. whee.. but thats another story for another post!

listening to lagunya lagu curhat by eleanor featuring me! haha. i miss fachry and the rest of eleanor!

Thursday, October 26, 2006


today sebastian taught me spanish over soup lunch. soo

un hablo poco espanyol!
one of the earliest phrases i learned was "my teacher is handsome" which i shall not try to type out as i do not know how to spell it. but i do remember how to say it!

then i told juan spanish is definitely easier to learn compared to mandarin. and sebastian said i was lying and i was saying that coz im racist!. wtf? and juan made a very stupid conclusion:

mandarin is easier because the population in china is vast! so many people live in china and speak mandarin. it must be easy.. spain does not have as many people, and less people speak spanish, therefore its harder..

and thennnnn...

juan got joyce to teach him mandarin

the first syllable she taught him was 'chi' i think..
and that alone had 5 different intonations.

he then understood what i meant when i sed spanish is easier. soraya wasnt being racist. haha. beat this.. mandarin has 5 intonations, cantonese has 9!. and one sentence can be said 50 ways! whoa man!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006



im gonna run out of money pretty soon. i want duit rayaa!! i wanna go out and shop for unnecessary stuff!

i want duit raya!

selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin!

ive got no fancy raya stories to tell anyone since i didnt exactly celebrate raya here.

heck, there was a confusion as to wether raya was on monday or tuesday. alot actually said tuesday, but i went ahead and celebrated raya on monday!. ahah.. because the central uk site said monday! so heck with bristol, soraya hari raya on monday!

like i said, no lemang, rendang or all that. but i had a proper traditional english tea for raya.haha, bolehla tu, kira my kuih rayala!. big thanx to samantha and nicole for being great raya company, and of course a big thank you to bisc, to ben for making the scones yg tak berapa jadi, and to josh for the verrryy sedap chocolate banana muffins n brownies! and there was of course some other very sedap probably out of the tin cakes and lots of teaaa

so that was my very english raya
im off for belly dancing

proper raya this weekend! london, watch out for soraya in baju kuruuung!

Monday, October 23, 2006



hari raya for bristol will be on tuesday!!!

london is raya-ing tmrw!!.. even bath is raya-ing tmrw!!! bath is freaking 25km away!

you tell me!! wheres the justice in that?!!!!!!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

and then there was bath spa

the bath trip with the mssa mofos was yesterday...

bath is... umm.. old and stinky. ahha.. im sorry but thats the truth. the old bit wasnt meant to pose as a derragatory statement tho. coz in bath's case, old is good.

seriously, take a look.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
classist place, this bath is. haha. look at that building. its supposed to signify the 3 classes in bath, the far left being the proletariat clas, middle; bourgoisie and rightmost ruling class. common house roof, mansion, castle anyone??

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

medieval tiles yo!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
if someone could please steal this cape for me. it would make a really nice halloween costume, thanx.
oh this cape.. its called a 'cope'. no idea why.. maybe its a cape for the pope. which makes it a cope!..

oh back to the 'old and stinky'. now that you know why i sed old, stinky would be from the horse manure thats almost everywhere... and possibly the bath river(which is supposed to have healing powers btw) that looks too much like sg penchala back home. ie very much like milo or teh tarik just in case u didnt know.

bearing with the stinkiness was all too worth it.. coz i met this bugger:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

who reminded me alot of this bugger:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

who got me thinking of this bugger:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and of course this bugger:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and this bugger:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and who can forget this bugger?:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

haaaaa... i miss wawa, yoda and 'the boys'.. haha yea. mom calls jimi, slash and carlos 'the boys' now.

anyways, back to why the trip to bath was totally worth it!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i havent got a picture of the fudge factory from the inside tho. but its heaven in there.. alll kinds of fudge, truffles, fudgestickles, and every kind of chocolate imaginable!.

i intend to go to bath again.. definitely!!
for the roman baths (coz we din have time to enter) if not solely for the chocolate caramel fudge!!

i shall leave you all with a picture fit for a propectus. so feel free to mail me if anyone intends to pay me good money for this picture. haha
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Friday, October 20, 2006

ratio decidendi

ok people. i need you to make a decision for me? oh hell, the decisions made really. i just need reassurance. haha

so would you rather




* oh, phones are gonna be thrown in for free tho. so price is not a factor yea? decide for me. cepat!

oh you know what?

id rather have


Thursday, October 19, 2006

i did it!

i finally did my own laundry. yes, it was my first time. and yes, i suceeded. all my bajus came out ok, and they came out nice and toasty from the dryer too!.

oh yeahh .. uhh huhh *does stupid circling arms dance move*

yeahh, thats my nice fresh clean clothes. and yes, i stuck to black (save that red shirt) even in my first week. so what!.

you know, i actually tried to do my laundry 2 days ago to no avail. i went to the laundry room with my bag, and stood there completely clueless.. then i found out i actually had to get soap. hey, jgn gelak.. taktau ok. ingatkan masuk machine terus basuh.. soo i postponed my laundry. when i told my neighbour i tak reti, dia gelak sampai terduduk. buat malu aku je ok!.

so today i bought those soap pallet thingies. pastu taktau mana nak letak pulak.. nasib baik there was another guy there, and he showed me the soap drawer. ahhaah.. the drying bit was easy peasy tho..

so soraya has clean clothes!!

im not a bimbo, spoiled, undomestic or anything like that. i just dont know how to operate the laundry machines here ok.

Monday, October 16, 2006

shalala all day long

im sick. literally sick. down with the bug. blue with the flu. see a penny pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck.. haha, ok that was kinda out of context.
it suddenly became way colder today. i mean, mother nature, hear us out..gradually give us cold weather, dont throw it down without the subtlest warning and catch us all right smack in our faces!


on a much much brighter note! yamin was here this weekend (as im sure most of you have been informed via my previous post)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

thats us just 'lepak'ing at the fountains in front of victoria rooms i.e the music department. just coz i wanted to. i just love passing by the music dept everyday, it just looks so nice. well, not that my building isnt nice. the wills memorial building (ie law dept) is one of the oldest and most beautiful buildings around okay. but it doesnt look nice from the outside! well, soon enough. right now its covered with scaffoldings, the inside is superb tho. ill put up some pictures when i feel it looks nice enough to be exposed on this blog.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

this is what the music department looks like from the front. yamin of course, had to go spoil it with her ter nganga mulut. this picture was takin during her 2nd hour in bristol. and she already has a shopping bag in hand. pfft

surprisingly, we did not take many pictures. well the only sightseeing we did was actually to the wills memorial building and victoria rooms. the rest of yamins trip here was spent in the shops!. yamin la kannn... tapi we didnt shop much ok. masing2 tunggu bank account to be in full service.

well, took yamin to broadmead. which is the main shopping area and within walking distance from the uni. she went crazy in primark and vowed to come back. of course. haha. we went to cribbs causeway and retail park on sunday where she again went crazy and expects to spend at least a week shopping there. but it IS massive. RETAIL PARK, go figure!.

saturday night, we made a trip up to escape bar in UWE(university of west england).. it was my first time there k!. joey came along.. it was his birthday! heh. went there to meet up with some other friends.

pics taken via camera phone. a tad unclear

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

clockwise from top left: joey, yamin, me, chriscross, alex, hannah, ravedave and me again.

oh ive just got to type this out, it may not seem funny here but i tell you, it was HILARIOUS then..

dave wanted to learn a to say something bad to say to chris in malay.. so i just told him to say "kamu pondan"

dave: KAMU PONDAN!!!
almost immediately.. chris stands up n shouts

hilarious i tell you!! not expected at alll!!.! rupa2nya chris wanted to know how to say something bad as well, and joey taught him pukimak. i just couldnt stop laughing! i mean.. haha ok, i dont know what i mean. but it was fuuuunnnyyy!!!

well, i had a nice weekend.. yamin, thanx for coming!!.. come again. ah well, im sure you will la kan. haha. nak shop punya pasal.


if any of you come across aero mint hot chocolate mix, please get it!!.. deelicious!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

in our heads, in our hearts, in our eyes

i just came back from latin american ballroom dancing class. i had loads of fun doing the cha cha but messed up on the waltz terribly.
halfway through class this dude walks in and joins us, he wasnt a beginner but decided to join in coz there wasnt enough guys to pair up with the girls.

10 minutes later i realized he wasnt on the dance floor anymore. caught him sitting by himself in the corner.......

KNITTING.. yes, he was knitting.. like, grandma knitting..

total turnoff!


had my auditions for the musical yesterday
went pretty well i think.. it helped alot that the guy i had to read the scene with was good looking. haha.

i wont know the results till tmrw or the day after.


there are TOO many books to buy for law... toooooo many!


yamins coming this weekend.. yayayayayyyy!!
im gonna take her to cribbs causeway and the retail park(yeah, amusement park for shoppers like us!) and make her watch a movie with me. gonna take her shopping in broadmead and the galleries too. the sunday market should be nice too. still thinking of getting the jimi hendrix wall rug.


went for an international students reception with the lord mayer.. was cool coz we got a free walk thru wildwalk@bristol.

hung out with chriscross, isabel and ravedave. probably meeting up with them this weekend and dragging yamin along. yayayyy.. yamins coming!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

fara alyaa azmin

happy 19th birthday to the bestest girlfriend on earth
ill see you in 2 weeks!
lololololooooove you!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

say what?

i get so stressed up when whatever i say is taken the wrong way. and i also get stressed up when someone plays the sympathy card on me

i need to destress

i need wawa or jimi to destress

i dont have wawa or jimi

im stressed

Sunday, October 08, 2006

oh nanana

come on, seriously???
quite a number of people have been asking me if i'm from colombia everytime i introduce myself as soraya.


maybe its because of that famous colombian singer with the famed self titled album .. 'soraya'. haha

guess what, she died of breast cancer, quite recently i might add.

so she was reborned a confused law student studying in the uni of bristol. pfttt. right

Saturday, October 07, 2006

oh dear me

i wasnt able to get the giant jimi hendrix poster!!. *sob* .. the stock was supposed to come in yesterday but it still wasnt in today. so i didnt want to wait and decided to get the smaller version. alls well coz i bought 3 posters. hehe.

this is what my corner looks like now

well the bad side is, now id have to turn around to look at jimi when i wake up. but at least i have a constant reminder telling me to not conform. haha


joyful joyful.. oh happy day.. we are joyful!!!
i finally got my guitar.. i tell you, 5 whole days without a guitar is bad enough for me. its not like im good or anything, its just something i need with me. its like how some people always need a stress ball. i need my guitar.

everyone, meet my new boyfriend.
a crafter with a solid cedar top, grand auditorium mahogany body, indian rosewood fretboard and a dovetail neck joint with dual action truss rod.

of course its not as hot and sexy as the one i left at home. but i figured long distance relationships dont work so i might as well get an exceptably hot replacement. ;)

i even said no to a night out in town coz i wanted to stay in with him.. well that, and the fact that my feet are killing me. or bludgeoning me really. and also that i havent bought myself more shoes. i dont want to wear heels and my walking shoes are completely soaked

Thursday, October 05, 2006

like everyone predicted

ive already started to head away from what has been said to me a countless number of times before i came to bristol

"yaya, you are going to the uk to study law ok, not performing arts"

haha, yea ok. i get it. but that doesnt mean i cant do both right?

i just came back from open mic night at the gemini. which is the badock bar and its only a minutes walk away. apparently they have it every week. so i went, thinking hey maybe i could go and sing one of those nights when i get a new guitar ( which im going to do tmrw! yayy). then when i heard the singers n players who turned up, my hopes were totally crushed. they were fuckin good! buuut, the light totally shone through the black clouds again when i found out they were seniors and most of them were from the music dept! haha. coz right after that a fresher turned up and he was horrible. ahhaha. the seniors came over to start things up since its the first open mic night for the term. gemini.. soraya is soo coming into town. haha.

i went to the freshers fayre today n joined quite a number of societies. haha
ELSA (european law 'something' association) which is starting a research on artists rights, interesting really.. but guess what, this dude started this because he married an artist. pfft.
i joined the music theatre society, but of course. and i have an audition this monday for a musical thats coming up. yayy!!.. rock society!! haha, pretty interesting bunch. i went up to the booth and was confronted with heavy eye liner wearing, multiple piercing, morbid looking people. i wanted to turn back but one of them started to ask me questions. so i went. err, i dont think ive got the right soc, i listen to 60's rock mostly, and i dont think i look like i would fit in with you lot. he took one look with me and said "there u go, you've got more than 2 piercings and youre wearing black, you'll fit in just fine!. now sign up". haha. and so i did, got myself a free cd some buttons, some discount cards and got one of them to draw me a map and give me directions to one of the better guitar shops in town. and (hold your breath) *gasp* soraya signed up for latin american ballroom dancing. just thought id give it a try. classes start next week. whoopdeedoo

ok, so do my lectures, tutorials and seminars. ive got one of them law book authors lecturing me. he seems pretty interesting.

alright then, i need to hit the sacks and get a good nights rest. hitting the shops tmrw! new guitar. yayayayyyy.


i was webcamming with carlos, slash and jimi. jeez oh man, i miss them soooo much!. TOO much!

"they say he changes when the sun goes down"

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

strung up, but im not falling behind

whoah. another tiring day. seriously
ive got a 45 minute walk to the university, which is where the main town is. ie: ive got to walk 45 minutes to go shopping!.

im thinking of moving closer to uni but i really like my hall. help?


i saw a HUGE jimi hendrix poster at the poster sale over at hawthornes today. they ran out of stock! but there r new ones coming in and theyre gonna sell it over at freshers fayre. i am SO going to buy one.

imagine waking up every morning and facing a HUGEASS poster of hendrix. massive love man. haha.

thats what my bed looks like at the moment, oh and those black sheets are not fitted! theyre flat sheets! and i managed to put em in nicely. im turning into a domestic diva.

now imagine the whole length of the wall beside my bad.. with THAT!.
i am so loving the looks of that already.

oh and yes, thats a tiny black board on the wall. haha. ive got a whole wall to draw on at home. at the moment a tiny black board to vent on will do just fine. come to think of it, with a huge hendrix poster beside me, maybe i wont have to draw horrid pictures to vent so much. haha.

and look, the blackboards clean! so i guess so far soraya's been a happy kid.


i went to buy some snacks and drinks at sainsbury today . met a few guys from the self catering halls who were trying to buy stuff to cook. hilarious i tell you, there were quite a number of them there. all trying to figure out what to buy and how to use kitchenware. they had no clue. none.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

oh i wanna dance with somebody

yesterday there was a 'school disco' themed party at the gemini, then another one with people from all the other halls at the academy. soraya, being somewhat ignorant of course thought it was 60's disco and brought lots of beads over to bristol thinking that she'd have loads of stuff to choose from. . WRONG. haha
it was too late for me to shop for anything when i found out so i had to make do with what i had. and guess what. i wore a skirt! a pleated black skirt. a short one. and boots. nooo . haha. and no i did not buy myself a short skirt, someone loaned me one.

well no one bothered too hard so i was fine. at least i wore a shirt!. and no, im not going to show you how i look in a short skirt n boots. haha. im lucky u cant see from this photo. these are the people who's rooms are in my unit by the way. happy bunch.


i went shopping today! for some stuff for my room. black and red stuff, yeah go figure.
will post some pictures as soon as im done putting everything up. registered with the faculty today.
managed to get loads of stuff done.


today i met a guy from barbados and have finally heard the sexiest slang evaa!!.. if you dont know this already, let it be known that soraya loves guys who speak english with a distinct slang, that being not american or british. and well, it should sound kind of exotic and sexy. haha..
and this guy's slang.. is PERFECT.. wut do you call people from barbados anyways? barbadosians? barbadoso's? barbarians? .. but wutever. the barbados slang is beyooond sexy!
oh and theres a guy in my hall who looks and speaks almost exactly like shah rukh khan.


i just saw carlos on the webcam.. i miss my cats!!


oh could everyone just click on this link and please go vote for ajin! hehe.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

the u to the k

just a quick update for you people

im already in bristol. wohoooo. and im absolutely knackered. everyone else is still at the bar,i knicked out early. badock halls a really nice place! haha. so yes. soraya is happy where she is. i have yet to see the university and the people there though..

so anyways, i arrived at about 6am in heathrow and took the underground to leicester square. 50 minutes and 2 useless simcards later, i met fara alyaa! super lucky she arrived the same time i did. otherwise, i wouldve had no means to contact anyone. met up with mels and yamin after a few mins. i super sayang you people for waking up early on a sunday for mee. hehe. they even had breakfast with me. haha. then we met up with idzwan after bfast coz he wanted to puasa.

hey but seriously guys, thanx for taking the time to meet me! hehe.
oh and yes ... i met someone who i may or may not talk about sometime soon. so just watch out for that..

badock hall. lets see
too many interesting people
im too tired to be bothered with descriptions
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