Thursday, October 29, 2009

do you remember the time

i was on my way to the gym when i got a call from tita telling me she had extra tickets for the 'this is it' premier yesterday. being an mj super fan i obviously doubled back to get a change of clothes so that i could shoot off straight to cineleisure after only an hours session with leo.

of course, me being smart with routes and all ended up getting stuck in a jam and only arrived there 3 minutes into the movie!.(or documentary, whatever u wanna call it). apparently they had an impersonator before the movie and lucky draws (tita won a 'dangerous' cd). damnit.

but thats alright, i was there to watch 'this is it'.
the moment they showed a footage of him rehearsing onstage, the sadness hit me all over again.
i was in glastonbury when i found out mj had passed on. and it was hard being sad by myself as i was surrounded by people who could only make jokes about MJ not being a real person anyways, hence it did not matter if he died.
i did not have anybody to share my sadness with then. (which was why i called you alyaa).

they were dead wrong. the world lost a legend.
i dont think anyone comes close to the genius that was michael.
watching the sets and dances he had coreographed for the tour, no one can deny that michael still had it in him.
the tour wouldve been MINDBLOWING.
the 'movie' wasnt pretentious, it did not try to play with the audiences emotions by making it sad, or highlighting what a big loss it is to the entertainment world.
instead, it told of how hard michael had been working, how awesome the whole creative direction of the tour was.
'this is it' showcased those few songs michael thought his fans would want to hear.
the attention to detail paid on every song is nothing short of AMAZING.
michael had gone BEYOND all of our expectations.
may his legendary music and art live on.


*thanx mom for taking me to the kl show off MJ's last ever tour "the HIStory world tour" and thanx for making me that sequinned glove to wear during the concert

like a comet, blazing across the evening sky. gone too soon

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep. In dreams you will lose your heartaches. Whatever you wish for, you keep. Have faith in your dreams, and someday, your rainbow will come smiling through. No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true.
- Cinderella

Saturday, October 24, 2009

go on, tell me

i was the coolest kid on the block!

Monday, October 19, 2009


hey ive been working hard, gimme a break.

that aside, i have a new role model. im not gonna tell you who because its lame.
no, its not kimora lee!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

i am dreaming in technicolour

the past 2 weeks have been quite a blur. im slowly starting to accept that its in fact true what ive been told; this is where my life begins.
now is the time i start building myself. i have a vision of what i want to be in the future, and this is the beginning of that, this is where i set my foundation and ill be damned if i dont make it a strong and stable one.

aside from attending learning sessions with the new executive programme (BNMNEP), we were also told to submit one learning journal entry per week.
my first week in the programme was spent in langkawi where we had our team building session.
i just thought id share with you guys the journal i submitted.

im special!

the first week of the onboarding module was quite a load to digest. from the very bottom of my heart, i truly believe that i have learned more about myself in one week than i ever have in the entire 22 years of my life (minus of course those first few carefree years we all long to go back to)

before we left for langkawi the word 'teambuilding' felt somehow very shallow to me. what i had in mind were useless and time consuming activities that would make us look and feel like school kids. it was like going back to my primary 6 tunas puteri school camp. boy was i waaaay off.

the very first thing tucker(our coach) asked us to do was to inform the whole group of a certain special trait, ability or skill that we had. as everyone stepped up to say something it was as if a light had been turned on in each and everyone of us (im not trying to be cheesy). what i saw in everyones eyes were "hey!! im special! we're ALL special!" it was overwhelming to see everyone step up to proudly and loudly proclaim why they thought they were special. sure, we all acted as if we were hesitant to do so, but im sure that somewhere below that tough exterior, we all said it with pride, at least i know i did.

more than anything the whole teambuilding programme taught me to believe in myself. i now know that in everyday life, the most important person i have to deal with is myself, and to overcome any challenges that i have to face, i first have to overcome any internal conflicts i have within me. i have now learned the importance of self development and self awareness. i now know that i have to love myself, and by god do i love myself!!

sure, we played fun and silly (on the surface) games. but what was on the surface rather silly were actually brilliant analogies to real life situations we would have to face in our working life (even if it included throwing around squishy balls and running with a balloon in between our legs). i have since learned how and when to trust, how and when to appreciate, when to shut up and listen, and the right situations where i should volunteer my contribution.

whether any of us realized it or not, within that 5 days in the sri kijang resort we lived the i-acted; core shared values which i believe should be applied to our dealings in everyday life aside from just at the workplace.

i believe i have learned alot from this session and have benefitted tremendously. it was 5 days well spent and im sure we can all collectively agree that it was 5 days filled with an awesomely huge bucket load of fun and laughter.

thank you tucker, thank you bnm, thank you new found friends n colleagues.

Monday, October 12, 2009

takin it too easy

langkawi was awesome stuff

just look at that

i really do think we; malaysian city dwellers take for granted the beauty that surrounds us in this country

Sunday, October 11, 2009

11th october 1987

happy birthday bestfriend
am missing you so

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

ready to rumble

hey guys, i attended my first day of work today!.
its not really work yet as i will be undergoing the New Executive programme for 2 months.
but after that, i will be at the bank negara HQ for good. so its the real deal from then onwards.

ill be in langkawi for the next 5 days (i know, so much for work) attending some teambuilding thing. im quite happy to be by the sea, regardless of what we will have to do there.

so i guess ill see you in 5 days!

Friday, October 02, 2009

this twisted abandon

even though it may seem like it, i have not abandoned this blog yet. its just that im currently looking for a new laptop as the laptop im using is soooo freakin slow it takes ages for me to load photos and to do justice to my recent escapades (im up to tick number 5!) i need to show u the photos. so bare with me. im pretty indecisive when it comes to buying things i tend to use excessively. (it took me a little over 2 weeks just to look for a new pair of gym shoes, just bought it today. yay) i think i have narrowed it down to the HP tablet/toshiba/fujitsu. no, please dont suggest i buy a mac.

aanyways, i thought i should share this with you guys.

about an hour or so ago i drove back home from jalan damai alone via the smart tunnel. there was something going on in there that made it seem like i was driving through the twilight zone.
it was sort of foggy/misty. i saw some maintenance vans parked by the side of the tunnel but thought nothing of it as there were quite a number of cars driving through the tunnel.
true enough, i made it out fine. but as i exited the smart tunnel the hair on my neck started to stand, it really did not help that i was driving down that sort of lonely road right after the tunnel. well, it wasnt exactly lonely as it was still part of the highway but very poorly lit.
because i was strictly adhering to the 60km/j speed limit i was sort of on my own on the road.
and of course, just like in the movies, it was when i was driving through the darkest part of the road completely alone that i suddenly heard a female voice from somewhere in my car
i could hear the voice very clearly but could not make out what it was saying.
i let it go the first time i heard it but when i heard it the second time i started to freak out n got cold sweat. the voice sounded like it was right beside me.
it continued speaking (still couldnt make out what it was saying) and this was when i realized that the voice sounded kind of muffled.
and thennn, i realized that it was coming from inside my bag, on the passenger seat!
i thought about it for awhile and then started to laugh at myself really loudly, beads of sweat still trickling down my neck despite the aircond being at full blast

i had forgotten to switch off the bloody garmin!!!!!
the freakin machine was saying "menghitung ulang" "mengemudilah, 400 meter ke hadapan dan tetap di sebelah kiri, jalur"
i swear to god it really freaked me out, stupid bloody garmin.
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