Saturday, June 30, 2007


sorry folks.

will come back with pictures when the internet is back up yeah?
im back in kl by the way. and off to jakarta on tuesday and then bali.
so dont expect a proper update for awhile yea?



Tuesday, June 26, 2007


sorry.. forgot to tell you guys about the hiatus.

me and mars are in paris right now. well, we've been here since sunday. leaving tmrw and our flight back to malaysia is the day after.

i get to see my cats soon. whoppeeeeeeee.

we had escargot and cheese fondue f0r lunch and a.duni made us couscous and chicken for dinner. yumm. haha

ok taa..

eh, look outside, the sky is green and theres a farting elephant outside your window.
. oshiri is butt in japanese.

Friday, June 22, 2007


packing is stressing. i never realized how much stuff i managed to accumulate in 9 months.
stress stress stress

do snakes change skins when theyre stressed? coz my face is peeling like crazy
soon my glorious glorious tan will be yesterdays story
my face looks like a map
patches everywhere.
yeah, it looks like shit too.


C is here, C is here... soon itll be ABC.. maybe
C misses A and B and all the times C and B had to look out for A.



its a beautiful lie, a perfect denial

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

nova rock


weather was great (although it was a tad too hot at certain times, but im not complaining)
the company was awesome
i managed to watch all the bands i really wanted to
aand, i didnt pay for my tickets. haha
birthday present from yameen
such a doll kan.
well i told her she didnt waste her money and i wouldnt mind if i dont get a birthday present for the next 10 years

anyone up for nova rock next year? hehe

bands i managed to catch
-the smashing pumpkins
-the hives
-pearl jam
-linkin park
-30 seconds to mars
-marilyn manson
-the killers
-within temptation
-flogging molly
-less than jake
-the donots
-sarah bettens
-frank black
-sunrise avenue
-hayseed dixie
-reel big fish
-boss hoss
-hardcore superstar
-me first and the gimme gimmes

yes, i managed that in 3 days!

what i accomplished
-running back and forth between the two stages (which were a good 25 minutes away fr each other) like a mad woman in order to catch bands that were playing at the same time
-a glorious glorious tan
-pissed in a porta potty
-moshed like theres no tmrw (i fell, and got stepped on like a gazillion times)
-survived on redbull only for a whole day
-got carried over the barricade by the security people
-soaked head to toe by security because they thot i was about to faint
-had the time of my life

not many pictures were taken as i jumping around like a monkey when the bands were playing
also, i cant be bothered to load them now, my camera is somewhere in my room and im tired. haha

big thanks to kam, mad, arom and anaz for being great company throughout the whole trip

oh, i forgot to mention about vienna and bratislava. mind is still too occupied with nova rock.
well, we got lost when we first arrived in vienna and were stranded at 3 am with nowhere to go.
and so we slept at a road divider. haha.
but stephensplatz was nice, LOADS of mozart shops, and street performers
bratislava was... cheap. haha.. remember eurotrip?

how could i forget to mention this?.. jared leto came into the crowd and right infront of me!
totally totally HOT.

nova rock

Thursday, June 14, 2007

today i met megadeth! haha.
and i didnt even have tickets to their concert.
was waiting outside carling academy, accompanying zyran who came all the way from sheffield to watch them when their tour bus arrived.
lo and behold, dave mustaine walked out!. hoo. heheh...
then the other lead and drummer walked out and actually came over and spoke to us and signed stuff, zyran managed to snap some pictures with them.

the scene around the carling academy after the concert somewhat reminded me of malaysia.
there was a 'ramly' burger-ish stall, and some guy selling tshirts that he spread out on a plastic sheet on the floor.
only in malaysia, outside concert venues theyd have caps, posters, those tag things, pens, pins, and a dozen and one white lorries/vans selling food.


hoookay, i leave for london tmrw morning,
then im off to bratislava, then vienna, n finally nickelsdorf forrr

its late and i need to wake up early tmrw
i cant be bothered to rainbow my font.
ta ta kids
be good now
or the boogeyman will eat you

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

theres a man in the corner

from cancelling out a few words on a piece of paper, i learned that integrity is the most important thing someone can own. it surpasses all.. all.

biffy clyro's new album 'puzzle' is a new favourite. someone get it for me please.

im tired, drained and sore all over from running every morning, and i dont see any changes. whats the use. okla, men sana in copore sano.. whatever man! u trying to say i have an unhealthy mind?

i met puff the magic dragon yesterday and he told me than green is so not the colour for me. it suits him better. so i said ok, he can have my top.

today, i chill.


ill be leaving for the nova rock music festival in austria on thursday
pray that i get to see the bands i want to (most importantly smashing pumpkins, incubus, slayer, marilyn manson and the killers)
pray i dont get squashed in the crowd
pray i survive 3 days in a disposable tent
pray that the mud wrestling does not happen in front of my camp spot

Monday, June 11, 2007

stressed. im only 20 and im feeling really stressed thinking about money.
and thats only because i dont think i have enough for my 2 holiday trips. whats gonna happen when i grow up and dont have enough money to repair my car? or feed my child? or pay for the leak in my roof?

omg, id lose so much hair that id have to start worrying for money to buy a decent wig.

where the hell did all my money go???

f f f

buzzkill buzzkill buzzkill

Sunday, June 10, 2007


drag 2 yelping, restless and very much alive puppies up this narrow stairwell

the view of the city and wouldnt have to...

the top of this tower with....

he could have a wild lunch at......

he tried to drown the cute little doggies so that...

the big bad wolf was tranquilized because......
haha, caption didnt make much sense?.. well thats because you're supposed to work your way from the bottom to the top you doofus..
dont be greedy, no one gets to the top straight away.
everyone starts from the bottom.
wont you crawl through the roofs of houses?

Thursday, June 07, 2007

not me

a few days ago i came back into my somewhat comparitively small yet comfortable room and sat myself in front of my always overheating yet reliable laptop to find that i had been invited into one of those msn conference msg windows while i was away, by none other than danish the clown

i cannot recall how many people exactly he invited into the conversation but only 2 responded.

it kinda cracked me up a little.

especially the said two's responses.


-danish- says:
will need everyones help
-danish- says:
anyone there?

.haz. *cucumber craving* just sent you a nudge.

.haz. *cucumber craving* says:

-danish- says:
-danish- says:
anyone else there?

Marisa AiXiah : マ リ サ! Fight-o...OH! says:
Marisa AiXiah : マ リ サ! Fight-o...OH! says:
Marisa AiXiah : マ リ サ! Fight-o...OH! says:
what help?

-danish- says:
ok good enough
-danish- says:
and the question goes...
-danish- says:
-danish- says:
how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
-danish- says:
thank you
-danish- says:
have a nice day
-danish- says:

-danish- has left the conversation.

.haz. *cucumber craving* says:

Marisa AiXiah : マ リ サ! Fight-o...OH! says:

ahhahaha.. danish danish

Monday, June 04, 2007



jason mraz is coming to bristol.. 22ND JUNE!!!... and i leave for paris on the 23rd 7am from coventry!!!


but national express doesnt have like a 12/1am bus!! or 2 am or whatever!

so how the hell am i supposed to go watch mraz and get my butt to coventry before 7am!!.


jason mraz is performing at the thekla social.. he's perfoming on a fucking ship!!
i sooooooo need to watch my mraz sing on a ship!
i am so sure he is going to sing bella luna

this is not just a normal omg rant
i really really REALLY want to. babi bodoh stupid.

aaand. he's only performing in bristol, hydepark calling and brighton....
he's coming to bristol for a reassoonnn.....
for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
im speciallllllllll



ok ok ok... calm calm calm... at least ive seen him live before..
calm calm calm. breath in. breath out.

god damn it but he didnt sing bella luna at esplanade



you have NO idea how disappointed i am.
jason mraz is not just any other singer i listen to

Sunday, June 03, 2007


today i got a total amount of 7 hours of sleep and it feels .. unusual.
from getting a max of 3 or if im lucky 4 for the past 2 weeks or so, 7 seems like a pretty hefty amount.
instead of feeling well rested, i feel like a slob. and 7 isnt even the recommended amount! 1 more hour to add on.
haha, but believe me this feeling isnt gonna last, before long ill be sleeping 12 hours a day and feeling totally totally fine about it.

after all, MY EXAMS ARE OVER!!!!



oh yes, happy birthday everyone.
yeah, i know its not your birthday. i just felt like saying happy birthday.

greetings earthlings, i am nukligagahuuni, high commander of the hutuhuyu ship. queen of the super cool planet.
i felt like saying that too.

ta then, im off to the festival of nature!
ok, that was real.


yo ho, haul together. hoist the colours high

Friday, June 01, 2007


i am actually freaked out by the fact that the 'barenaked ladies' are actually a bunch of fat men.
not that i didnt know before, but the very fact just suddenly decided to freak me out today, of all days
what the hell were they thinking???

i have my last bout of torture (in the form of an exam paper) tmrw.
after that im-a swashbuckle awayyy.

summer ahoy!
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