Wednesday, June 20, 2007

nova rock


weather was great (although it was a tad too hot at certain times, but im not complaining)
the company was awesome
i managed to watch all the bands i really wanted to
aand, i didnt pay for my tickets. haha
birthday present from yameen
such a doll kan.
well i told her she didnt waste her money and i wouldnt mind if i dont get a birthday present for the next 10 years

anyone up for nova rock next year? hehe

bands i managed to catch
-the smashing pumpkins
-the hives
-pearl jam
-linkin park
-30 seconds to mars
-marilyn manson
-the killers
-within temptation
-flogging molly
-less than jake
-the donots
-sarah bettens
-frank black
-sunrise avenue
-hayseed dixie
-reel big fish
-boss hoss
-hardcore superstar
-me first and the gimme gimmes

yes, i managed that in 3 days!

what i accomplished
-running back and forth between the two stages (which were a good 25 minutes away fr each other) like a mad woman in order to catch bands that were playing at the same time
-a glorious glorious tan
-pissed in a porta potty
-moshed like theres no tmrw (i fell, and got stepped on like a gazillion times)
-survived on redbull only for a whole day
-got carried over the barricade by the security people
-soaked head to toe by security because they thot i was about to faint
-had the time of my life

not many pictures were taken as i jumping around like a monkey when the bands were playing
also, i cant be bothered to load them now, my camera is somewhere in my room and im tired. haha

big thanks to kam, mad, arom and anaz for being great company throughout the whole trip

oh, i forgot to mention about vienna and bratislava. mind is still too occupied with nova rock.
well, we got lost when we first arrived in vienna and were stranded at 3 am with nowhere to go.
and so we slept at a road divider. haha.
but stephensplatz was nice, LOADS of mozart shops, and street performers
bratislava was... cheap. haha.. remember eurotrip?

how could i forget to mention this?.. jared leto came into the crowd and right infront of me!
totally totally HOT.


Blogger muhammad ibnu hamid said...


opuuu!! gile best! lotsa bands in 3 days??? Gosh, i wanna go to the next nova too!!! sumpaaaahhhh nakkk gileeeee!!

and u went to vienna and bratislava??? omg i've always wanted to go to those two cities!!! best nyeeee!!!

ok dah sorry terjerit dgn overr hahaha!

10:01 AM  
Blogger soraya barakbah said...

jom matt jommmmmmmm.. lets go next year... best gila gila gila. ehhehe

1:55 PM  

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