Friday, December 16, 2011

disney in real life

This movie made me cry when i was 5.

my heart is NOT made of stone guys!

Monday, December 12, 2011

if you can dream it, you can do it

Thursday, December 08, 2011

for neena

this entry is .






. pretty long.

WHAT? not long enough?






hey ho lets go

HI.. how've you been?

Sunday, July 17, 2011


i recently visited a spa called nadalama jamu spa and bar.
i dont really know how to elaborate on the massage itself as i dont frequent massage parlours.

but dude! the

its about 10 minutes away from the curve but feels like 1000 miles away.
even my indonesian friend commented on a photo i uploaded on facebook to ask if the photo was taken in indonesia.

the place has a very kampung feel and is surrounded by lush greenery.
they also serve my fav indonesian fare. and i love me my indonesian food.
i love it i love it! i would go back again and again just for the ambiance and food actually. it really feels like im nowhere near the city.

and if you try nothing else, order the gado2. best.

jus alpukat with chocolate condensed milk. mmhmmm

soto ayam and bakso. these were just okay for me

that is right. teh botol in botol kaca. no kotak lunacy

jamu asem kunyit. not too shabby actually

i could sit here all day

some things need to be shared

Sunday, July 10, 2011

taken from tpretty

no words have rung truer

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

i think i have a problem

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

happy summer solstice

This day, this day is the longest of the year.
of course this isnt particularly true where i am.

21st of june, the longest day of the year
always reminds me of Jason Mraz mainly because of this *click*

But also because we happen to chance upon him on a particular summer solstice in 2009 playing at the goldcoast oceanfest.
can you imagine? jason mraz playing at a surf and music festival by the beach, at sundown. MAGIC!

oklah HTML i give up

i wanted to move around my pictures and coincide them with my words to give a better effect.
and make myself all sentimental about missing croyde bay and shit but this stupid shit thing wont let me do it.

so yeah btw, i really wish i was there again at croyde bay, today at this very instance.

enjoy the jumbled up pictures below, in no particular order (some of which have already been uploaded here before on my original sun n surf music fest post im sure)

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