Saturday, May 31, 2008

justifying reasons why

of all the things.. yesterday loud singing woke me up.
it was 9pm (yeah i was asleep) and i was hoping id sleep through till the next day when i heard a huuge crowd singing and it wasnt even messy.
looked out the window and saw that a huge crowd was gathered in front of my building.
curious (but of course) i went down to see what it was and saw that jon from 'reverend and the makers' decided to leave his gig in the carling academy and sing outside for abit.
so what was left to do?
i sat behind him on the stairs and listened.
of all the things to wake me up when i really wanted to sleep

next morning: off all the things to wake me up!.. THE SUN! haha.
i am so not staying indoors today.

Friday, May 30, 2008

everythings gonna be fine
im gonna be okay
im gonna be alright
im gonna be fine

everythings gonna turn out just fine
i will pull through
im gonna be ready for whatever
i am strong
i can do this

everything will turn out great
i believe in myself
i am strong
i can do this

i am alright
i am fine
i am great

Thursday, May 29, 2008

oh how i wish i was his bestfriend

you make it easier when life gets hard

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

angry red, defeated yellow.

you dont really wanna read about study stories or recollections on my exam papers do you?
theres really nothing else going on right now.

oh and

wtf danish!!! you did NOT tell us the ferry ride to le havre would take us 8 bloody hours. u gave me the impression that it was about 2/3 hours.
le havre better be worth it considering the limited number of days i have here after exams.

yeah yeah, we're going to le havre to see YOU. whatever.

*click* for good news that sort of came about from a very sad/sickening situation

Monday, May 26, 2008

faulty tearducts

i think im finally succumbing to super mega dewa exam stress.
i have proof that when u overwork your brains, the wires that transmit energy levels, knowledge input and emotions get confused and temporarily (i hope) go haywire.

what proof?

for the past 20 minutes or so, ive been crying my eyes out watching petronas adverts on youtube. and theyre not even the sad ones!!

this is so not me.
i do not cry watching movies (with very few exceptions) whatmore minute-long commercials.

Friday, May 23, 2008

happy birthday adin!

adin was born on the very day malaysia reached the peak of mount everest.
officially at least.

i wonder if tita had that pokemon cake made for him.
i wanna see.
omg, can i like have a fake 12th birthday party when im home and get this zurina cake maker person to make me a simpsons spiderpig birthday cake?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

exam starts tmrw

*cue music when killer raises his bloodied knife and is about to murder beautiful innocent big boobed teenager*


*cue music from who wants to be a millionaire, the one that comes on when uve got to answer a determining question*

take your pick, both are playing simultaneously in my head right now.

Friday, May 16, 2008

one love undivided, thats what its all about

here in my home, ill tell you what its all about
theres just one hope here in my heart
one love undivided, thats what its all about
please wont you fall in one by one with me

Thursday, May 15, 2008

im showing you the wtf face

a bunch of us were in the common room and were short of change to get instant coffee fr the dispenser machine.

rupert dimwit: u know what soraya, if we went to your room and scoured thru im sure we'd find at least 10 pounds worth of 10 and 20p's.

soraya: how would YOU know?

rupert dimwit: i googled your room

*so lame, can curl up into a ball and die*

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

well i say that best things come in threes

Sunday, May 11, 2008

unquestionable love

for someone whom my heart holds no bars in love
im sorry this post did not come earlier as i was preoccupied and didnt even realize it was a sunday what more 2nd sunday of may.
and im sorry nicholl wished you a happy mothers day even before i did!
*mentally strangling him now*
you know i would do so much for you ma
i love you to death.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

community chest

so this is my daily regime:
everyday i wake up around 8-9 and leave for the library when im ready and return for dinner at around 6-7.. and then 8-9 i leave for flat 505 where i try to study more coz thats where a few of us converge to study.

i hate it btw. the whole routine. i dont like routine. but i guess i dont have a choice

however todays session in 505 was different. i was too stressed out studying properly law and everyone else decided to take a break.
of all the things, they decided to play monopoly.
where people buy, sell and take mortgages on property
i just cant run away.

i did get a hotel worth 9million tho. haha.


last night was TUBBS (the university of bristol barbershop singers) inaugural concert.
i dont know if we sounded as good as i felt, singing onstage.
will update more when i get enough pictures, videos and soundclips.
ING-ON-AH-EE! (thats one of the chant lines in circle of life btw.)


The right kind, the right line,
or the right time to say almost anything that's right
the right kind of phrase.
I'd never find the right thing to say

Thursday, May 08, 2008

bye bye hottest man in dreads.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

england has insects!

yes, throughout my stay here i dont think ive encountered any insects yet.

today was bright and sunny!
and everyone was outside and in shorts n skirts n flipflops! it was glorious.

it was horrible being stuck in the library all day, till the time came when i had to go for singing practice.
and they decided to hold the practice outside too!.
only we were singing in time to iain's hands swatting away insects.

i love singing a circle of life.
it doesnt matter that im repeatedly chanting a line in swahili that i dont understand.
shenzi means stupid in swahili.

jan: you need more legato. sing like caramel!
cat: is it alcohol-o'clock yet?
sarah: we should change the society's name to the university of bristol barbershop buskers singer society
cat: yeah!! tu-b-b-b-b-b-ssss.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

got me lovestoned

sem: soraya, where were you yesterday? how come u werent in the library with us?
sooz:yeah, were you in all day? you're so anti- social.

my life has come to a point where socializing means going to the library. oh help me lord.


i think my ipod is officially gone.
i just hope its not in the hands of someone else who cant appreciate my taste in music
*FCK!*... all the cd's i transferred into my ipod and left for the dead, GONE.
all my instrumentals that i need for studying, GONE
im currently using some crappy mp3 player that my laptop wont even read.
urghh.. my 1000 over songs and irreplaceable videos. GOOOONNEEEEE.

plus now my headphones are acting up. i can only hear off it from one ear. GREAT!.

i want another ipod. thanks.
before my laptop dies on me and ALL my songs wither away and die.


good day:
- finished theories of justice by rawls and anarchy, state and utopia by nozick.
- had a session at the gym.

bad day:
-fell down on gravel.
-now i have the budak kecik luka on my knees.

good day or bad day?

Thursday, May 01, 2008

live high

Just take it easy
And celebrate the malleable reality
Nothing is ever as it seems
This life is but a dream
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