Monday, September 28, 2009

i am at peace. OHM

why why WHY do i always have one way arguements with machines! why cant machines just NOT give me problems and just work they way theyre designed to?!!!


im so glad they still print books.
good luck to you generation Z people who wont know the existance of paper, i wish you all the very best in life.

before i throw this laptop out the window, i better just forget about technology for a while and turn to my trusty books.

oh bless you mph and borders.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

tick number 1 -twice!

as predicted, bukit gasing was indeed tick number 1 off the list albeit it being on the 3rd day of raya instead of the first.


however, what i thought would be an uneventful (but physically exhausting) hike with mom turned into a rescue mission of sorts.
we arrived at the entrance to loud, incessant cackles of the neighbouring house's geese and after investigating found a poor little gooseling on its own on the opposite side of the fence, down in the drain.

of course i immediately picked it up and brought it back up the tiny hill. but this was the nearest i could put it to its 'elders'

everytime i tried to pick it up and shove it thru the fence holes they would hiss and snap at me.
by that time i had already pricked my finger quite badly on a thorn and did not want to get geese bite marks.
mom was quite insistent that we get the poor thing in, by hook or by crook as there were quite a few monkeys around the neighbourhood and leaving it out on its own wouldve been fatal.
lucky for us, a kind man came by and used his backpack to lower the little baby into the compound

after it was safely back in, it was quite obvious that the baby's mom and all its aunties were giving him a loooong lecture on the dangers of venturing into the outside world while telling him exactly which boundary he ought not to cross.


thankfully, we still had enough daylight to enter gasing hill and we were able to do so with a clear conscience.

in the beginning, mom was quite enthusiastic and trudged ahead at quite a steady pace

but after awhile, she decided that it wasnt fun enough to detach herself from her blackberry and went on to bbm, update her facebook status and view photo comments.

however, i certainly enjoyed immersing myself in nature (bugs, mosquitoes n all). it was quite shocking to find a jungle right smack in the middle of pj
of course the jungle got much thicker as we progressed and believe me, much much more hilly.
by the time we got to the hills where we had to literally hold on to branches to climb up, i just didnt bother taking pictures anymore.
after we finished the hike, which by the way took us much longer than necessary *cough* blackberry 'stops' *cough* i promised myself that i would definitely do this again.

and that i did! right the very next morning, in less than 24 hours!
but this time with marisa, her mom and the two little monkeys
oops wrong picture

THESE two monkeys, nazim and ilyas


although this time we made quite a few rest stops,

we also decided to be alittle bit more adventurous.
aside from hiking till the hanging bridge (which i also did the previous day)


we decided to test its sturdiness by really shaking it up and jumping on it
well actually, the accompanying adult started it, the rest of us just followed suit.

besides that, we also followed the 'anak sungai' trail

some parts of the trail, we had to walk IN the shallow river as it was surrounded by thick jungle and there was nowhere else to walk
the boys i could tell, really enjoyed this part of the trek as they were able to splash around in the water (so easy to make little kids happy)

of course they were in their crocs which they didnt mind soaking at all whilst i wasnt too happy climbing back in soaked training shoes.
but overall, i really liked the 'anak sungai' trail.
however, its not something you would want to do if you were looking for something more physically challenging.
i enjoyed it for the soothing sound of running water, lush greens and general peacefulness of the area. it was a good ' winding down' trail.

will definitely go to bukit gasing again, since its really near my house and all!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

dangerous liaison

turning 21 whilst having to study for advocacy class isnt something id wish on anyone
but happy birthday anyway!!

soya bean

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

eid mubarak!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

we go on and on and on

if you look a few posts back, i listed a few countries that i promised myself i would visit someday.
well, since im starting work on the 6th of october (u-huh, i already have a date, sigh/glee? dunno) i doubt i will be able to tick any of those places off the list anytime soon.
so i am now going to list a few more accesible places which is easy enough for me to visit within the few days that i have after raya, before i start work.
i doubt that i will make it to all of them, but here's to hoping that i get to most.

go trekking at frim kepong to one of the streams and up through the canopy walk.

climb the 272 steps of batu caves with a supply of peanuts so that i can feed n take pictures with some of its resident monkeys.

go kite flying and cycling at the kepong metropolitan park.

take a hike up bukit gasing (mom said we will do this on raya day, so this will hopefully serve as tick number 1)

visit aquaria klcc and buy something from atlantis

have tea at the carcosa sri negara

have a nice picnic by the waterfalls at sungai tekala recreational forest

take pictures at the lake gardens and its surrounding area (deer park/bird park)

there are few other things i want to do like go white water rafting, fire fly sighting along kuala selangor river, cave exploring and waterfall abseiling at gopeng but lets not get too ambitious


since these two are jobless and on holiday ( and they love me), they WILL come along.
anyone else want in?

Monday, September 14, 2009

all the roads that lead you there are winding

did i know my way to dewan perdana felda?

did this little machine help in any way?

did i end up having a one way argument with a machine?

did i find my way there on time (barely)?

but as usual, it has to be with the correct passenger seat navigator, instinct, and a couple of phone calls to the right people
but i always find my way nevertheless.

satnav, tomtom, garmin, whathaveyous. BITE MY ASS

Thursday, September 10, 2009

tear to tear

i havent uploaded anything on youtube in quite a while. this one is up for sem!

i have just recently converted this video and some other similar ones into mp3 format and transferred them into my ipod.

listening to these sounds on loop at night makes for the best sleep ever. that is, aside from the real thing of course. now to look for oil scents that smell like the sea.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

sleeping to dream

a few days ago i dreamt that i gave birth to an ugly baby. i did not dream of the birthing process, but in the dream, when the nurse presented the bundled up little thing to me i somehow knew it was mine and upon looking at it i realized that it was really ugly

i woke up scared wondering what this might mean and looked up similar dreams at various dream interpretation websites. all sites interpreted dreaming of having a baby as the coming of a new 'beginning', a new prospect/project/job.

my first thought was.. SHIT.
whilst dreaming about having a baby might mean a good thing, my dream presented me with an UGLY one.
as some of you may well know, im going to start working soon and it will be my first proper job that should last me at least a few years.
it really worried me that my subconscious mind was telling me that the prospect of it was an ugly one.

reading further i discovered that dreaming about having an ugly baby however meant that i should be wary of someone whom i trust.
i breathed a sigh a relief, the thought of someone breaking my trust seemed to me a much better experience than completely loathing something new coming my way which i would have to face whether i liked it or not (noted that it might not mean my job)

i realized that while somebody close breaking your trust might be devastating to many, it didnt really bother me as much. i am one who absolutely enjoy the company of people and while i may have those few friends whom i believe i can trust with my life, i dont think i have ever really opened up completely to any of them. in fact, i dont think i have opened up completely to anyone. i pride in my ability to keep important, significant, things to myself never having to divulge important secrets to anyone just to 'let it out'. i dont have to keep a diary for that, neither do i have a secret locked blog. i gave it a long thought and concluded that i have not trusted anyone in this world with something so important that the breaking of that trust would effect me greatly.

so i guess for now, all is clear. looking forward to what lies ahead


yes, i do look into my dreams as i do not have dreams all that often. and yes, i have definitely dreamt of jason mraz and have concluded that i may never hear him sing bella luna live

Monday, September 07, 2009


so what if im not over it!!! its only been 5 months ok
i was supposed to get married on 09.09.09. 9, being my favourite number and me having this weird thing with numbers.
however, i completely forgot about it and seeing that 090909 is 2 days away, the possibility seems pretty bleak.
i need to do something important on 09.09.09 so that i can look back in years to come n say.. yeahh i did that in 090909.
problem is, i cant think of something significant enough. anyone?

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

its all i really care to

recently someone asked J one of those easy but extremely difficult questions.

he wrote a poem in answer.

I am not my face. I am not my hair.
I am not my family. I am not my care.

I am not my upbringing. I am not my mole.
I am not my receding gum. I am not my cold.

I am not my money. And I’m not my fame.
I’m not my hat. I’m not even my name.

I’m just an idea that happened upon love.
I am that I am and that I am is enough.
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