Sunday, February 28, 2010

too late for second guessing

someone asked me today
"what do you like soraya"
and i said, i like flowers wrapped in newspaper coz it just shows that that person took a little extra time in choosing the correct flowers instead of just asking for it to be wrapped in fancy paper and big ribbons.

so next time, get me flowers tied in raffia string or something yeah?
no wait, taknaklah. i want diamonds. but u can put it in a plastic bag, no need for fancy velvet lined boxes .
yeah, diamonds in a plastic bag, thats what i want!. forget the flowers in newspaper.


this weekend was SO awful!. i had tonnes of work to finish. but thank god for awesome friends like nurul alia who helped me with work sampai tertidur tidur. haha.
and then there was still CFA class to attend on sunday.

here's the thing with sunday CFA classes, its a love hate relationship thing.
class=hate, but its somewhere near central market
central market=love.
central market isnt exactly near anywhere (unless you count work, no dont count work)
so ill only go there if i have to go for sunday classes.
and i LOVE the place. i can walk in there alone for HOURS!.
but of course ill always come out with stuff.

wooden accessories this time!
so colourful and pretty!!
mom saw these and went
"dont u dare wear these to work"
pfft she should give me more credit, i look so professional at work okay!

also, have you registered as a voter?
well yeah , we have.

ALSO also.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

and im telling you

everyones been complaining about the heat these past few days but i gotta say IM LOVING IT!.
i do however have something to complain about.

i cant watch videos on my phone. also, i tried downloading blackberry app world into my phone and it said sorry, your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support blackberry app world.
how fast have they been updating these phones?? damnit.
they dont even sell covers for my model anymore!
now i feel left out.

also, 2 weeks to phuket!! yay.
any recommendations?. we're staying at patong.
i definitely want to go to maya bay . yumm.


Monday, February 15, 2010

crackin me up

i know alot of ya'll have seen these.
but some have not.
this is for the 'some'.

hope that made your day/night.
oh wait, i have more.

3rd dude from the right, cracks me up everytime.

and here's my personal favourite

there you have it,
happy valentines day!
just doin my part in spreading some love and laughter

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

oh i forgot to make a new years resolution

well here it is.

from now on, i promise to BELIEVE that i am actually not that bad with directions.
im quite sure im not as bad as i think i am. or as everybody seems to tell me i am.
im pretty damn sure NOBODY can be as bad as everyone says i am.
i guess im pretty okay right?
i THINK, therefore i am.
eh wait a minute, i just said im sure im not as bad as i think i am.
so where does that put me? do i think im bad or dont i?
oh f off with this. i can get lost anywhere

Sunday, February 07, 2010

because my bestfriend wants to know what ive been doing

work-dinner with colleagues-sleep

work-american idol-sleep
work-singing rehearsals-sleep
cfa class-mexican fiesta (and i collected lots of candy from the pinata-sleep

today however, the singing group and i were at rumah charis (old folks home) to sing some tunes and play some singing games. it was nice, and i could tell that the oldies were genuinely singing along and having a good time.
apparently, we moved someone to tears too (not the occupants)
after that was a short photo shoot for the singing competition booklet.

guess what
im going to phuket next month yayy!
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