Wednesday, August 29, 2007

no photos please!


been sitting in my arctic cold office listening to overhead weird sounding jets/planes.
my eyes keep darting back and forth between the huge glass pane on my right and the fire escape sign.
haha i know im being silly and that the sounds are probably coming from jets practising for a merdeka airshow or something
but they sound... weird.. like distorted sounding hijacked planes.
plus i googled, theres nothing about no merdeka airshow.. and planes dont generally fly over jalan raja chulan do they?..
ive been hearing them planes since yesterday.. maybe they're circling around looking for a target.. doesnt help that my building is BRIGHT ORANGE amidst grays and whites.

everytime i hear a plane overhead, i tend to cower and put my hands above my head in a defensive way (not that it would much help if a plane was to come headfirst into this building)
but it has been a habit and a source of comfort ever since i was a wee kid.
no, it didnt start after 9/11.
its not very practical to keep doing that in the office every 3 minutes when i have work to finish.

bloody hell,there goes the UFO again
i mean, weird sounding unsighted flying object.

Monday, August 27, 2007


i am on a seafood diet.. whenever i see food, i eat it!

extremely cold in the office. maybe my (wutever thing in my body that does this) is burning alot of energy to keep me warm, which makes me hungry and put everything in sight in my mouth.

ah well, relish today, ketchup tommorow!

Friday, August 24, 2007

ribbit ribbit

you know the hand tool application on microsoft word?
ooo yeah. im having fun playing around with it
little hand little fist little hand little fist. little white hand little white fist. hooooo
it releaves me of stress without me having to squeeze my own fist shut, which hurts because my fingernails arent exactly short
the hand tool is somewhat... hypnotizing.. really.

i think having to type out brief descriptions of the funds they have here are burning my wires out because their selling points are almost the same..
so much so that i just typed 'this fund also manages smelly cows and rotten eggs' without really intending to.
invest in my fund and you'll get more moooonnneeeyyyyy

working stint ends next week tho
then ill be on holiday again
hip hip hooray!! (repeat 3 times but with me saying hiphip, and you, hooray.)

i finish at 430 todayy.. and i drove, which means ill get home earlier than usual.yahooo

anybody up for frogway the musical tonight? (to idol friends, ash is in it!)... to AF fans (vince is in it!).. harith iskandar is directing which just means the whole show will be funny as hell... and 3 original froggies from the 1979 production will be involved! (mike veerapan and marcel nunis who together co-wrote frogway after a post concert roti canai (haha) and lewis pragasam!!who is.. well, brilliant)
give me a ring if you feel like gooooiinngg!...
and after that we'll go catch whats left of roger wang and sheila majid at the mont kiara jazz festival.

Monday, August 20, 2007

garble marble

i have officially completed marble cannon! yahooo
..all 26 levels!.
and level 26 took me 2 days,
alot of you might have completed all the levels in one sitting but bear with me for abit.
ive never played any handphone games aside from snake
and i sucked at snake.

its almost 5pm, and ive been playing marble cannon all day.
because im sick,
too tired to get up and feeling too damn lazy to make the effort.
yes, okay i shall go shower now.

i still cant decide which i detest more tho.
being sick or having to get my ass up at 7 to make it on time for work
kl roads are messed up

being sick sure sucks tho coz i cant eat.
well i can eat but i cant taste.
and yesterday i finally went to murni for the first time after i got back
hell i tellya. HELL..
bad day for murni.
yameen was feeling nauseous and didnt have the appetite
i HAD the appetite, alot of it really but couldnt taste a bloody thing.
i almost cried when i paid. haha.
we couldve just driven back to my place n have tepung and air for dinner.

dont fret, my sense of taste is back.. i think.


war soldiers upon their return home.
i really dont know which is worse
the traffiq on the road or the monorail/putra

went to makan with nicholl, azeem and kennee in cheras only to find this outside the mamak.
yeap, thats a dead fish floating in a PUDDLE. and yes, thats gravel.
this was in front of a minimart.


from islands in the sky

Sunday, August 19, 2007

paint a picture with my hands

it is a B-E-A-Utiful sunday morning. parents are not around, brother is too preoccupied with the telly. which sums up to me being able to do whatever the hell i please without anyone barging into my room asking me something or other.

okay maybe its not morning anymore.
but sure feels like a beautiful sunday morning.
i feel so relaxed.
nothing urgent i have to do. nothing i have to get ready for in the next 2 hours or so.
so now ive resolved to blogging and trying to solve the rubiks cube.
i sound like an old fart.


home is anywhere you hang your head

- Audrey Niffeneger

Sunday, August 12, 2007

because its all empty

8 random things about me.
tagged by teddy.

1. the first english sentence that i learned (and it was the only one i knew for quite a long time) was "shut up you bloody bitch!". and the one to blame is my grandma. we were over at her place and the neighbours dog was annoyingly barking and howling non stop. without hesitation my grandma shouted "shut up you bloody bitch" and i followed suit.

2. when i talk to people, i dont look into their eyes. i dont because im afraid to make connection. instead, i look at their noses. nobody really notices so its alright. would be something else if i looked at their neck when they were talking. altho i do have vampiric tendencies.

3. karaoke was how i learned how to read with speed. i would pick songs which i already knew the words to and associate it with all the words on the screen.
explains why i cant stop shouting and singing. and when i was 4 my favourite song was save the best for last. and i tend to follow that rule everytime i eat. and people always think whatever thats left on my plate is food that i dont want, hence them taking it for themselves, not knowing that i was saving it for last.

4. when i was really young i use to pick out red m&m's so i could lick it a little, smear the wet part on my lips and pretend it was lipstick. now that i can actually pull off red lipstick, i never wear it.

5. ever since i was born, ive never not have cats. theres always been one cat at least. now i have 7. along the way ive had loads and loads. tho there are two that i miss the most. duma and especially ginger. i think curiosity killed them. sometimes i still cry for ginger. he disappeared when i was 9.

6. i am the walrus is my favourite beatles song. cuckoo kachoo.

7. right now im feeling really tired but i feel like listening to really loud metal music while running on a threadmill until i see spots in front of my eyes.

8. i want to pierce my tongue but i have this fear that if i do, i wont be able to sing anymore.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

im just tired of being myself, so im gonna take a trip and multiply
- jamie lidell

Monday, August 06, 2007

the horror that was

scarred for life i have been,
by the underbelly of a monstrous being.
i will never be the same again.

it was a few minutes past midnight when yameen and i got into my red gen for our trip home. the trip that would cause my life to change forever.

it all seemed usual enough. the hustle bustle of getting to our car after a disappointing football match, having to wait for the car next to mine to drive off as i hadnt parked properly and could not get into my drivers seat. yameen and i were laughing at the situation, oblivious to the horror that was going to befall us in the next few minutes. or rather, the horrific accident that would happen upon me, scarring my thoughts forever, remaining in my mind, never to be wiped off. not even by clorox.

so eventually i managed to find my way out of the parking lot and thru the maze of double parked cars that hartamas is and headed towards the highway, happily gossiping in the car as i had malaysian ms perez hilton herself, on the passengers seat, right next to me. we were almost at the traffiq light that would take us to the main road when all of a sudden yameens normally squeaky and mengada voice changed to that of a dementor-chased-female-dudley.

"opu! (thats me by the way) i see something. ohmygod opu. OHMYGOD."

"what yameen, WHAT?"

"omg opu, i cant exactly say, but you will see it soon enough.. OHMYGOD, you are going to freak"

at this point, i thought yameen had spied a ghost, or a mangled body by the roadside, knowing i would freak out as i hate the sight of blood. but no.......
it turned out to be something far more worse than that...............

........... TO BE CONTINUED

HAHA.. kidding.

ok back to the story.

whatever that yameen saw was starting to freak me out, even though i had not seen it yet. i slowed down my car, not knowing what to do. and just as i was about to stop when the traffiq light turned red, i saw it.
the most hideous sight i have seen in my entire life crawled its way into view
i immediately pressed the brakes, checked that all the doors were locked and the windows shut.
i started shaking, my heartbeat drumming away like the aseana percussion ensemble.
i didnt know what to do.

right infront of my face. there it was. staring back at me. on the windshield of my car

the underbelly of a COCKROACH!!


naturally i squeezed my eyes shut, and opted to do nothing.
then yameen (thank god there was someone with me) reached over and turned the wiper on.
and the monstrous being got swept away.

ughh... how it suddenly decided to fly and land on my windscreen i do not know

and yes, i am TERRIBLY afraid of cockroaches.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

yosss. as in yesss

i am a plague
and i shall be avoided.

its screwing up the plate of noodles i have in my head.
complications making a matter completely complicated.

boo rah rah for the yellow monkey in the purple jungle.
play with colours. play play
and then you'll end up painted in black just like me.
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