Tuesday, April 28, 2009

live righteously

oh friends, they make me smile so.

im going to sleep now.
tmrw i will wake up a happy 22 year old, with a bag full of toys.
ready to spend a day blowing bubbles at the zoo.

thanks guys.

thanx mom for seeing me to 22.

Monday, April 27, 2009

1000 things


uncle paul welcome to the family!
wish i couldve flown back and joined you guys at the aryani.
it looked like a very happy beach wedding.
ballroom weddings are SO last season


ok so im waiting to hear news about the new puppy

Saturday, April 25, 2009

teru bozu do your job!

my awesome white skullcandy headphones have officially disappeared :(
time to treat myself to new ones. will consider it a birthday present to myself.
if only i knew where to find the raggae jams!

boatrace tmrw!

Friday, April 24, 2009

throw away your analytical knife

i opened my internet browser window and what i saw on my google homepage weather forecast were clouds and rain for today.
i looked across at my window and i see sunshine streaming in. i hear birds chirping.

you dont have to believe everything they tell you. even with things that are not within your control, they might be dead wrong.
but it certainly helps if you keep thinking of sunshine.

happy 24th of april

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

here's an update

it was sunny today! real warm too.
its a good thing i guess that exams are in the summer.
imagine if i had to take major exams in the winter?
urgh, depressing times.
i think this summer is gonna be a REALLY good one. ill tell you why.... soon

Saturday, April 18, 2009

the universe and you

the truest example of how opposites DO attract.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

my other curbside prophet

Sunday, April 12, 2009

i stopped my counting when i saw your face.


im going to let you in on a secret few people know.
i guess it doesnt matter anymore but believe you me, it tore my heart apart when i found out.
but like most things in life, if you pray hard enough, will for the best to happen and persevere, things will always turn out well.
and that it did.

remember how i had a 'double check' for my mraz tickets in madrid?. well, here's the thing, soon after that post, i found out that the ticketing site had messed up our order and we DID NOT have tickets for mraz's concert in madrid. not only that, we couldnt buy new ones as they were already sold out.

ticktacktickets can go die and burn in hell!
they did very very little to help, the closest thing to 'help' was them suggesting that we buy tickets to his barcelona show eventhough the messed up order was clearly their mistake, and this is after me telling them again and again that we had already purchased our flight tickets and booked our accommodation in madrid.. solely for the concert!.

well anyways, so i didnt have mraz tickets. i didnt want to share this with anyone because i was heartbroken! blogging about it would make it seem... final. like it was actually actually true. i did not want to believe it. i was really hoping that i would wake up and find out that it was all a sick joke/horrible nightmare. i mean after all, i didnt blog about it right?. during the days leading up to my trip, so many friends told me over msn/sms/fbook how lucky i was to be able to watch mraz in spain. all i could say in response was "omg i know! im so excited". i still didnt want to believe i did not have the tickets

so the 5 of us headed to madrid with a heavy heart (well at least MY heart felt like lead). i kept repeating to myself and the others how god had already planned this out for us and that theres always a reason to bad luck. i kept saying how madrid was going to be awesome even without the mraz concert and that all of us were going to see him in london anyways. but somewhere not so deep inside, all i was, was extremely sad and disappointed.

so after a 2.5 hour busride to london, another 1.5 hour busride to luton, a sleepless night at the airport and a 3(?) hour plane ride, we finally arrived in sunny madrid. our first sign of luck. the sunshine.

it WAS a nice day out, so for the first time after finding out we didnt have tickets, i thought to myself that i might as well make the best out of this and at least try to enjoy myself. so we headed out to puerta del SOL where street musicians were aplenty.

and guess what?


so was LUCK.


for a full-ish account of our encounter with the man himself click *here*

from there on out, our fates were SEALED. this trip turned out to be one of the best holidays ive ever had in my entire life.
god really does work in mysterious ways.

i immediately noticed how beautiful madrid was, how calm the people were and how incredibly amazing my luck was! meeting and holding a conversation with jason mraz brought me back to my senses and i no longer had to mope alone on the inside. i could enjoy madrid, and that i certainly DID!

as luck would have it, i also managed to get tickets to his concert(at face value!) from a guy whose friend could not make it as did semantha, albeit at a slightly steeper price.


meeting jason mraz was without a doubt the highlight of madrid. but apart from that, i had an extremely good time there and it will for quite sometime, top my list of places to revisit.


thanks for making it such a wonderful trip girls

parading metadors that got soozanne into a torrero frenzy

throughout the trip, semantha was obsessed over la policia de espana!

playing dumb tourist. just so she could talk to one

after meeting toca, me and sem couldnt help but to invest in toca pants from the el rostro market

el retiro lake

never ever make semantha row a boat

i hope i remember madrid forever.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

and i find it kinda funny, i find it kinda sad

did you guys catch adam lamberts performance of mad world on american idol?
how sick was that!.

simon: "bad news is we've run out of time. good news is ill be the only one commenting and im gonna give you a standing ovation."


pun not intended

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

oh heart to ground

i was front row, but too stunned to record anything eventhough this was my 4th jason mraz concert.

i now think that 'magic' doesnt even come close to describing his live performances anymore. i cant even say it was 'out of this world' because it was much more than that.his show was truly everything JASON MRAZ

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


life imitating art

alive and looking like this.

ive thrown all hope of growing up out the window.
dont worry fiza, more when i get back to bristol ok.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

abang long oh abang long

i refuse to count the number of times u do this to me riight before the picture is taken.
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