Tuesday, June 21, 2011

happy summer solstice

This day, this day is the longest of the year.
of course this isnt particularly true where i am.

21st of june, the longest day of the year
always reminds me of Jason Mraz mainly because of this *click*

But also because we happen to chance upon him on a particular summer solstice in 2009 playing at the goldcoast oceanfest.
can you imagine? jason mraz playing at a surf and music festival by the beach, at sundown. MAGIC!

oklah HTML i give up

i wanted to move around my pictures and coincide them with my words to give a better effect.
and make myself all sentimental about missing croyde bay and shit but this stupid shit thing wont let me do it.

so yeah btw, i really wish i was there again at croyde bay, today at this very instance.

enjoy the jumbled up pictures below, in no particular order (some of which have already been uploaded here before on my original sun n surf music fest post im sure)

Monday, June 20, 2011

who says i tak makan pedas?

i thought i won the freakin battle?.. oh wait



does anyone know why my texts dont come out in colour anymore?
and why are my two columns squished together?!

i guess im at war with HTML again*

*pls refer to posts in 2006

Saturday, June 11, 2011

i have many posts like this one

but its only because on the very surface of my heart (meaning u dont have to dig so deep) i am a child of nature

and its only because nature keeps changing and it surprises us everytime. and the city? its not a concrete jungle, its a human zoo.

the pictures were taken at my favourite rainforest in the city. FRIM, kepong.

and standing in the corner, weighing 100 pounds is your defending gossip queen, yazmin abdul aziz

Saturday, June 04, 2011


ive been busy yes,
but not busy enough to not have a couple of minutes to sit down and say something here like i used to almost every single day.

id like to start blogging again. it probably wont be consistent, some entries might be cryptic but tak kisah la right.

if not for the few who read my entries, its always nice to revisit my old posts and see what me 3 years ago was like.

but like i said. next week lah.

a few pictures from artisan roast cafe, located inside yayasan seni selangor off jalan ampang.
its really really nice.
perfect for sunday brunch

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