Sunday, July 30, 2006


im not one to say whats really in my heart
and im not one to show much of whats hidden there either
call me cold, stoic even

to get it across, its just because disappointment is not something i choose to face
and its hard for me to say things ... just things...


ok dah, nobody dare ask me why i posted this ok!. i just had to. biar.. soraya emo for one day, give me the pleasure. it doesnt happen often.. so just leave it be!..

no recent happenings triggered my sudden urge to post somethin like this ok. i just suddenly felt like it.. i tak pernah emo emo on my blog. soooo.. biaaaarrrr.. blllleeeeeeeehh

Saturday, July 29, 2006

packing on wrinkles

i feel like an old woman today... its saturday night, im at home. i opted to stay home with my indo playlist and story book as opposed to havin some laughs over amir yusoff and gruvavenue over at mont kiara. jeez oh man, OLD FART. maybe somethings 'off' with the planet allignments today.. coz i feel.. reaallly really tired.

ok, i know u dont give a hoot about how my joints and the cycleworks of my mind are fairing in this terlalu laju world.. so i shall stop whining

went to listen to rhapsody, lied and broken scar yesterday at starbucks telawi.. uuunnnfortunately, due to 'lack of planning' (yes, alyaa, im mocking you), we arrived late and missed rhapsody's slot!. they played 30 mins a turn, so the whole thing was over by 9.30pm. since it was still early, alyaa n i headed to mont kiara for the sunrise jazz fest. met up with nashaa++, mels n gang.. and bumped into not-met-in-ages-sspmate milan. oh, bumped into not-met-in-ages-sspmates such,such n such at bangsar too (cannot remember names la). oh, ran into menon and his drummer wong(i think) at both starbucks n kiara too. .. ok ok, enough with the running into ppl... ada lagi kot. haha

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
umm, i only took pictures with alyaa last night seeing that she insists on taking at least one photo of us everytime we go out(which is quite often btw) so that we will one day have the perfect 'IT' picture of the both of us. umm, this isnt the 'IT' pic. . oh i have a pic with mels too, but she looks drunk in the pic, so i shall spare her the humiliation. heh. okla, mengaku, i look abit 'off' in the picture jugak.

since, i missed rhapsodys slot at telawi, i decided to go to starbucks, pyramid today to watch.

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yep, they're THAT good. i so baik. hehe.
out of topic: yamin, bila yg u takde kick boxing haaah!.

on a much less nicer topic to have to talk about.....
bobby and hazeril ezme are both goin back to sydney tmrw...

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
*sniff* *sniff* *sob* *sob*... *CHOKE* *CHOKE*


'kangen(piano version)' from maliq & d'essential's 1st(repackage) is on repeat. special thanks to fachry for it.


was going to meet up with kirsty, stanley and ken tmrw nite as k and s are both in kl. just got a msg from stan sayin he cant make it. somethin to do with temaning the parents somewhere. sokay stanleyy..soon soon

Friday, July 28, 2006

i said 24/7 baby 365

hey people...
here's another name to add to my now growing list of very talented locals/semi-locals.


the dudes voice, is. ummm.. lulling? .. caught him at laundry.. he's played there before. so the next time he does, ill let ya'all know so we can aalll go. oh well, everyone should just go to laundry every thursday for their live music. but i seriously think the dj there should stop playing RnB and hiphop during the breaks.

oh but this guy is mesmerizingla. esp loved it when he did a bluesy/jazzy cover of michael jacksons 'the way you make me feel'. oh, and that 24/7 365 song too.

the bald dude sitting plays the harmonica for the band, and he does it well. ishh.. jelous wey, i mean .. that much music coming out of such a small instrument. oh, but of course rezza had to point out that his somewhat of a potbelly would move in and out everytime he starts playing, so everytime he does, we'd all start laughing. tsk tsk... ISHH!!

oh well, thats rezza for youla kann!. dumbass.. and mars pulak kept pointing out how isaac's lips resembled that of steve tyler... people!. come oonnn!!! haha

oh, the bestfriend decided to make an appearance as well. she came after her 'umrah' briefing. and no, thats not what she was wearing while the ustaz talked about umrah what-to-dos. hehe.

amirahs currently in melaka attentding her BTN, farah has play rehearsals every night now and alia is stuck in perak. ehhe. aliaaa, weekend ni pon tak balik ke?.

anyhow, the montkiara sunrise jazz festival starts tonite, but ill be going for the starbucks music series at starbucks telawi to watch rhapsody, broken scar and lied.

yeap, am so loving the holidays, bum around during the day.. and go listen to music at night. montkiara jazz. um. maybe tmrw nite. oh and yea, i went for the pcd 'thing' at sunway on wednesday. wouldnt call it a concert, they werent even on the stage for an hour. pfftt. but the company i had was good. heh. so, i shall call wednesday night a workout(from all the dancing), and no, i did not go for the music!.

so, if anyones up for some music at starbucks tonite, gimme a ring. starts at 8pm. oh and while we're on the subject, gimme a ring if anyones up for some jazz tmrw nite jugak yea?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

sing a song of sixpence

i just found out that there are quite a few people taking the level2 singing exam with me. good news: there might be a recital! yay yay... bad news: this means i have to take exams with people who sambung terus after their level 1 where as i had like a 10 year break. ahah. yeah, i took my level 1 when i was 9. i dont freaking remember how to do everything properly!.. hish, and now i find out i cant just sing any ballad, it has to be a POWER ballad with out of the world throat exploding screaming. aduiii... what happened to my wanting to sing blues n jazzla. hahaha. ahh well.

i had quite a productive class earlier in the day tho. productive meaning i tried quite a number of power ballads im allowed to do. and now my voice is all scratchy. and im attending pcd's show tonite (foregoing reza salleh n shannon shah at nbt). haih, i shall restrain myself from screaming or singing out too much tonite (well, not much to sing except for a couple of dontcha's and a few hah hah hahs right?). haha...

lets just hope i dont lose my voice. im supposed to decide on a couple of power ballads i want to try out and sing them this friday.

note to self: theres always honey and lime strepsils!

Monday, July 24, 2006

malaysian psycho

i suddenly realized that i did not put up any pictures in my last few posts. so here are a few to compensate

in chronological order to when they were taken

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thats me and erin wearing our newly purchased coldplay tour tees. we look pretty funky in the picture, i know. haha. and i vaguely remember promising to blog about coldplay. oh well, consider this the unbreaking of that promise: they were fucking awesome.

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i remember wanting to blog about hunky dude over here too. oh well, that didnt happen so here's a picture. he has dreadlocks by the way, cant really see his tied up LONG hair from the picture. *swooooooooooooon*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
a-ha!. i KNOW i blogged about them. -top to bottom: jimi, slash and carlos. their eyes look a tad freaky tho. shouldve turned off the flash.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
thats me and amirah sumo-ing. pretty darn fun i must say. of course alyaa was there too to laugh her head off and take pictures for us. im telling you i dont ever want to get that fat, balancing a huge ponch with short stubby legs is no easy job! oh , i lost by the way... fat soraya in fatter suit lost to slim amirah in fat suit. i wonder how we would fair without the fat suits.

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and thats me showing the middle finger and the tongue to someone on the webcam. oh, how do you snap pictures from someones webcam that youre viewing? .. didnt know you could actually do that..

Thursday, July 20, 2006

obladi oblada

i just spent my afternoon and half of my evening napping in thy room
and lemme tell you this. it feels oh so gooooooooooooood. i havent been able to do this in oh so long a time.

sometimes you just need to kick off your shoes, relax and make way for a bit of soraya time. which is exactly what i did. bliss man. bliss!.

waiting for amy to come over before heading over to klia to send yamud off

free gig tonite at jam asia kl? asia jam kl? kl jam asia? in hartamas. oh and project bazooka at laundry, curve is also tonite. i doubt this 19 yr old body can make it to either venues tonight tho. believe it or not, i still feel reaaally sengal from trying to imitate luciano's monkey moves yesterday

and that reminds me of something. im taking my level 2 singing exam sometime soon. compulsory numbers: ballad(fine, fair enough).. and a DANCE NUMBER (feel for me people). i can sing and move to the music in front of an audience, fine.. but in a brightly lit room? full of mirrors? in front of examiners? i might just curi some or maybe all of lucianos monkey moves.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

i need money

no cash

will do anything for food

cheh, lebih-lebih pulak

anyone interested in purchasing good thoughts and light-hearted laughter?. will sit and brood at home without it for a day in return for some bucks... but just one day.

irrelevent: im staring at my guitar case. it looks so old. i think i have to re-ductape it. omg, im making me sound like some poor ass musician. no, its not like that. ha-ha

Sunday, July 16, 2006

i had a fantastic weekend. i really really did

i just suddenly had to write this down

theres this sudden rush of relief washing over me, relief of what i do not know. i just feel so so calm. so so happy. so so contented with life that i feel like crying. i didnt do anything huge, i didnt suddenly get a lucky break, i didnt score myself a recording contract, i didnt suddenly receive a truckload of cash, i didnt find a genie in a bottle. yet i feel just so so so so happy

i dont know why

and im probably better off not knowing why. its now exactly 13 minutes past my fantastic weekend. i cant decide wether thats a good or bad sign, but the feelings still there. maybe something good is coming my way. maybe.

i just have this good feeling

and it beats having the feeling that something bads gonna happen by a thousand million gazookas.. wutever that might mean

Saturday, July 15, 2006

jeez oh man

Rezza Salleh has the most beautiful guy voice ever!!
aside from mraz of course!

haih, ku jatuh cinta dengan suaranya!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Slow and Steady

Your friends see you as painstaking and fussy.

They see you as very cautious, extremely careful, a slow and steady plodder.

It'd really surprise them if you ever did something impulsively or on the spur of the moment.

They expect you to examine everything carefully from every angle and then usually decide against it.
how more wrong can this possibly be?.. me? slow and steady... yeah. RIGHT!!!.
the only tiny bit of truth in there would probably be that some people find me painstaking
the rest? complete utter BULL

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


football fever is over! and i officially have no official plans for the next 2 and a half months. somehow, that still sounds inviting as ive never had a break that lasted beyond 3 weeks. post a levels, i promised myself that ill never get bored hence sending the rocketship of boredom straight into space!.. ive had so much to do, what with redang, football, sydney, coldplay, football again.. meeting up with frens back for the hols. ive still got alot to do, havent had soraya time at home doing nothing yet and im enjoying every bit of having something to do everyday which does not include studying. but im quite sure, sooner or later the rocketship of boredom will plummet back down to earth, probably landing right on top of my head. and when it does, i shall bask in the glory of boredom. laze around, maybe sleep all day. aaahhhh.. the joy

its been a great month!! thank you to those who have been up with me mostly at hartamas till 5 am watching football. i shall miss the place (not that we wont be going there, just without football). semangat here semangat there.. wut with nashas luck . which by the way had to suddenly vanish in the finals!! haih, i just have to include this la kan. why the hell did france have to lose, they were playing soo well second half onwards. they practically owned the game! barthez was practically lazing in a hammock at the goalpost sipping tropical punch! its okay, alia amirah, nasha, mars and yamin (and actually a whole lot more) goodness shall prevail. we shall get our revenge against bob. oh n fara alyaa.. bestfriend! helooo.. abandoning me in the finals. tiba2 supporting italy. so what if u lived there for awhile? did u ever support afghanistan. haaaaahhhhh...

anyways, bob has earned his 4 years worth of bragging rights. and i shall post this picture for his satisfaction.(only because i also previously posted a picture of him with an L on his forehead).

sorry alia, but ive got to put this picture up as well

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

this is alia in my room after germany WON 3rd placing. imagine what she must've looked like when they lost. haha. for now, that shall be our inside joke. but look at her, she's a walking flag. black red yellow anyone? .hehe

anyhow, im having dinner with the girls tonight, had lunch with them minus alyaa a while back. you see? always something to do. EAT mostly. hehe

will be attending the kl sing song festival this weekend! u ppl should go!

toodles for now or until boredom catches up. pray it never does!. no worries tho, will still blog


Friday, July 07, 2006

so mom came running up screaming.. i thought maybe amir came over with his snake.. but nay, the doc's here to give the 3 kittens their shots. mom didnt want them to see her when they were being injected so they wouldnt hate her. how come no doctor came over to our place to give me MY first injection? how come we had to GO TO the doc? and how come my mom never left docs office when I was being injected?... sigh, one can only wonder

i might as well love em just as much, they're so painstakingly adorable! mom gave me the honor of naming them anyways. so here goes.. introducing:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

JIMI HENDRIX.. my personal favourite, one can only guess why

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
SLASH...possibly brother n dads fav? i dunno

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
i feel a certain loyalty towards yoda:master of the house, and felt the need to put her picture up as well

i have more cats, cant be bothered to load more pictures. these four pictures are fairly new you see. mom just got me to load em in the com. so feast ur eyes on my pretties

oh and yeah, albeit their names, them four pretties are all females.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

i believe i can fly!

oh yeahh oh yeahh . oh oh oh yeaaahh.. go francee go francee go go go fraaaaance!

finally!. seriously. finally!.. ive had waaay too much bad luck throughout the running of this years worldcup. team i rooted for finally won. FRANCE.. hurrah hurrah... even though it was a penalty, so bagus for zidane for scoring... sundays gonna be his last game. and france is soo gonna menang!

so this is how semangat i am.. i just bought a france tee to wear for the finals. and ill be goin to hartamas tonite to teman amirah look for a tee or a small jersey. oh, nasha's rooting for france as well.. so hell, theyre so gonna win coz so far, every team nasha roots for will menang. haih. luck in abundance. so not fair kan. but she's rooting for france.!. and soo best for yamin, first game she watched, the team she sokong dah menang. hehe... so far, only emir n bob r supporting italy. theyre so gonna lose. ahhaha. seriously.

check out loser boy over here.. haha.. sorry bobby, just had to put this up. you were giving me such a hard time when germany lost... right back at ya!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


that about sums up my raging hatred towards italians right now.actually, no it doesnt, i hate them a whole lot more than that!..first australia.. now germany?! wut the fuck! they better get their asses kicked in the finals.., BODOH NYAAAAAAAAA.. BABIIIIIIIII....
soraya kesian sgt herself, amirah and alia right now....
bob and nasha can go piss off!!.. bob especially!!!!!!!.. afiq syazwan shahru go piss off. haaaaaaaaa... you and your 4 years worth of bragging rights.. haa.. omg, bob. jahatla bob.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

erin tagged me quite a while back. since i haf time in my hands, im gonna actually list down 8 kononnya characteristics that i look for in my significant other. im not gonna elaborate. oh shoot, that reminds me, im supposed to post something bout coldplays fuckin awesome concert and mr.liquid of chinatown right?... will save that for later.. which will come in abundance.. time time time. all the time in the world... right, back to the 8. here goes nothing:

  1. the hair HAS to be longish and NOT straight. if u dont have long hair, NO hair is also good.
  2. the music taste can NOT include rnb, hiphop or paris hilton, hilary duff, lindsay and the likes
  3. being musically inclined is an extra extra bonus
  4. english, if not the first has to be at least a mastered second language
  5. id really appreciate it if he doesnt call me sayang or wifey..ugghh
  6. i hate guys who say 'i love you' after every conv. that particular four letter expression should be special
  7. no smothering please

anyone with the aforementioned characteristics. if you are single and available. come get me. i dare you

nobody shall be tagged. im feeling nice. but if u want to assume yourself tagged. go ahead.

kl festival 2006..

Organised by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, with the cooperation of the Ministry of Tourism and Kuala Lumpur City Hall, the fest has been themed "Where the Arts Come Alive!".

The aim - to establish Kuala Lumpur as an international center for the arts.
The game - theatre, music and dance events, exhibitions, film screenings and loads more activities spread out throughout the month of July, taking place all over the city.

Soak up some culture with performances like:
Theatre: - Wayang Kulit (by Dalang Eyo Hock Seng)- Mak Yong - "Raja Dewa Indera and Indera Dewa"- "Broadway Ah Beng"- Children's theatre - "Learn to Love, Love to Learn"

Music: - Kuala Lumpur Music Festival- National Symphony Orchestra Concert- KL Sing Song- Brass Band- Fringe Festival 'Sentuhan' ISME 2006- "Evolution of Malaysian Music" Concert- Traditional Melodies concert- "Pick-Up the Pieces" concert- Mozartiana Music- UKM Music Festival- Asli Youth Singing Competition

Dance: - "Young Choreographer's 2006" performance- International Lion Dance competition

Others: - Laman Seni Kuala Lumpur- Laman Seni Putrajaya- Malaysian Textile exhibition- Malaysian landscapes- Traditional Music Instruments demonstration- Sale of Crafts- International film screenings- Sale of crafts- 'The Perak Man' exhibition- Museum Trail- Heritage Trail- Craft Trail- Malay Manuscript exhibition and international seminar

The festival will be launched by none other than our Prime Minister, and the star studded event will also feature performances by local artists like Siti Nurhaliza, Zainal Abidin, Azizah Mahzan, Mohram and Farid Ali, with a few traditional dance performances, highlighting our multiracial society, thrown in for good measure.

ps:/the jazz nite in istana budaya is on the 5th of july! this one is a must! farid ali is playing! so is fly

oh, and during the course of the music festival which is the 3rd to 5th of july. there will be workshops held in ASK. free of charge. during the dayla. and go check out for details. thats where i got mine at least
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