Tuesday, May 30, 2006

dancing in the rain

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so i had a wonderful day.
i woke up to a breakfast fit for a king, and what more, in bed. consciously and literally getting off from the right side of the bed, i knew today was going to go well.

being one of utmost importance doesnt come easy, one must look good all the time. well, seemingly enough im a whiz at this. im gorgeous and everyone knows it. so, back to my terrific day. i step out of my palace of a room n swallowed in the scene before me: paul, george, ringo and john where playing my favourite acoustic set whilst slightly more clearly i could see ace doing light strokes in our indoor pool. beautiful beautiful.


yeap, reality is trying to be more subtle. it beeps instead of playing the brass gong on my head. well maybe so as its not so nice a picture as i would want it to be. not now anyways.

so back to reality

i had my pure maths exams today.. so that was the last i saw of pure maths. i hope. soraya and maths isnt exactly strawberry and cheesecake. haih, so much for the wonderful day. after maths was a whole day of studying statistics at the tun hussein onn library in sunway college. and yes, i go to taylors college. not sunway

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and no, i shall not tell you why i was in sunway .. neither shall ikmal should you be inclined to ask. but lets just say it dampens reality's harsh punishment on me

ahh. theres this orange colored shop nearby that sells really good cheese baked rice with roast chicken.

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toodles. till reality checks in or out again.

Friday, May 26, 2006


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at a loss for words

Monday, May 22, 2006


okay maybe soraya's not that much of a grown up just yet. the fact that my new favourite drink is called pink panther says alot too(thanx amy). so i tried another biskut aiskrim this morning. too tempting. and the life threatening sugary sweet dagger of diabetese did not hit me. maybe i just got a bad batch yesterday.

so much for poised, mature soraya. budi, andi.. hats off to you two for being right (about me not being a grownup)

#listen to mother mother by the veronicas. their only good song.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

all grown up

no visual aid this time but do you guys remember 'biskut aiskrim'.. you know, those oval-like cookies with the colourful swirls on the top. come on, dont tell me you've never had those when you were one of them hyper energetic kids. the swirls come in green, yellow, pink and white and tastes like icing. remember now?

well, i had tea in bayu timor today, and just my luck. it was pasar malam day, and guess what i saw.. you got it. biskut aiskrim!!. i mean, that whooped me right back to my candy cane days when anything sweet was a delicacy. as you might already have guessed, i bought a bag.

so there i was right, sitting cross legged in front of the television, watching an rtm cartoon show ready to eat my biskut aiskrim (ok, it was actually the 8 oclock news).. so i pop one in my mouth. and oh my lord! instead of the candyland i imagined myself being transported to.. there i was, smack in sugar sewer!. i tell you, the thing was waaaaaay too sweet it almost chased the boogers out of my nose!

so heres the part about me being all grown up. when i was younger, i remember always ALWAYS eating the biscuit part first so as to savour the icing part to its full scrumptious sugary sweetness. but now, i cant even take the sweetness WITH the biscuit part intact. and then i looked at the mug in my hand, it wasnt a plastic mug molded to look like a cartoon character. and in it was milo with milk and no sugar. and i dont remember the last time i had chocolate ice cream with rainbow sprinkles.

but i still love eating nuggets with tomato sauce, mind you my mom thinks nuggets are for little kids.

*sigh*. soraya's all grown up

Friday, May 19, 2006

Soraya has a title!!!

watch out html, you may not be winning the war after all, i just need a slightly longer time to prepare my armed forces, thats all. and im advancing, html stop being so cocky and get ready to put your shields up! soraya is officially above level ground! the assault helicopter battalion is ready for take off!

and back to posting, prepare your air cavalry html!

second title: i miss playing in the orchestra

yeh, i miss them gruesome practices ms judy used to put us through. i miss fighting over who gets to play the bass guitar with rezza and mun(its quite a drag having to play the double bass and stand up the whole while u see, but i loved it nonetheless.). i miss sneaking revision notes in our music files to study in between songs, even though we weren't supposed to. i miss the percussion intermission practices. i miss the double bass section being able to rest when the others couldnt (privelages i tell ya, kononnya our fingers hurt really badly), but after awhile judy got tired of us complaining and gave us cotton and surgical tape to wrap our fingers. no more privelages. haih. i miss skiving the droning pasir roboh and waiting out in the loo till it was over. i miss having a better supper than the rest of the school, and in the great hall at that. i miss twirling the double bass at the end of 'why do fools fall in love', and trying to catch it in time to play the last bflat note. but most of all, i miss the company of my double bass mates khairil rezza and hazeril ezme. and the rest of the orchestra members of course, namely the bass, brass and percussion sections who together with us, would always be at the mercy of our conductors.

and what took me on this semi emotional trip down memory lane? and you know it. but to thos who are new to soraya's super human strength, be prepared to be amazed at her abilities to astonish the normal living noid

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iyer my broken double bass. yes, i broke it. yes, at the neck. and yes, thats why it doesnt have a bridge. yes, because there isnt enough support for the strings as the neck is broken. yes, soraya has super human strength.yes, thank you.

and yes, i remember exactly what happened.
by this time, rezza and mun were long gone from kys. new double bass mates were eddy n amir.
this was during one of our double bass classes, my phone was ringing in my pocket (cant recall who the bloody bugger was, and if i could, you owe me a serious wringing in the neck).. back to the ringing phone. well, as i couldnt manage to reach into my pocket with the double bass leaning against my throat, i 'hurriedly' put it back on its stand. yes, not properly. next thing i know. kabaaaam. double bass fell, broke in two, soraya's heart starts beating really2 fast. mom and dad were the first two soraya tried to call. but when i couldn get them, ex double bassmate mun was next

soraya: mun, i broke the double bass
mun: whaat? *noisy chatter in the background*
mun: oh my god, hold on! *doesnt even try to muffle annoucement* korang!.. opu patahkan double bass!!!.. *LOUD incessant laughter followed*
soraya: omg, takpayahla announce! im freaking out here
mun: takpe opu, relax.. try to calm down. you didnt do it on purpose

*mr. sensitive tells me to calm down, and thanx for telling me i didnt WANT to break the thing*

haha, funny actually. i was just sitting in my room, bored out of my wits having had too much of sociology. staring at the broken double bass just got me thinking.

i miss the orchestra, i really do

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

soraya barakbah --


A master of storytelling

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com

i just HAD to put this up lah right. i mean.. its such a kena thing to put on a blog!

so, while im at this... i just got them 3 kittens today!!.. adorable i tell ya. esp the black one. i know its abit traumatic for them since they had to sep fr their mommy and all, so ill give them time to berbaik with their new enviro. nonetheless, the black ones already so hyper and playful. they have a three storey 'apartment' to run around in by the way. so it shouldnt be too bad. they have to be okay with the whole 'new place' feel before we let them out. i have 5 other cats you see.

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you know what, lets just drop this whole 'wait till after the 9th of june till my next post' thing. i mean, it doesnt take me alot of time to blog anyways. this isnt one of them insightful blogs. i just like ranting and telling ya'all whats new. not gonna complain bout major issues and start a movement here so, posting only takes up 15 mins of my time. max

current mood: EXTREMELY HAPPY.

PLUS.. ive been listening to coldplay songs all night. for some reason, ive only just started liking beautiful world (if thats what its called). its a super good song!. fuuh!. i absolutely cant wait to watch coldplay with mun in june! .. mun study hard, you can NOT give up watching coldplay with me. JUST BECAUSE you have a paper the next day. hehe. sorry. but i so love you for this!.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

i say this and i say this proud. ive officially covered sociology. haralambos and holborn, soraya deserves a standing ovation.

back to business

point of post: scroll down, waaaay down(my first post). i kindly requested all of you not to expect any other posts from me as exams are right around the corner(hah, im possibly at that very corner right now).. but as you can very well see, soraya gebang (as yamin puts it). and yeah, normally org gebang nak update.. soraya gebang tak update.

so i finally decided to go against this gebangness and not post till after my exams. ok, this post is as a 'fyi' that im REALLY gonna stop posting till after my exams. and i allowed myself some 'blogging' time as i finished reading sociology. hurrah!. well, sort of. i hope im not gonna blog about how ive finished reading economics next..

NO.. i am NOT going to. this is a solemn declaration at that

im probably going to 'tagboard' about it then. haha

world of blogs, watch out for soraya AFTER the 9th of june!

till then, ya'll can keep reading and checking for updates on my tagboard. hehe

and doo tag. i appreciate it mucho

Sunday, May 14, 2006

It would be nice if you could say that events like the genocide that went on in Rwanda in 1994(which isnt that long ago. this scares me) were behind us. The sad truth is that atrocities like this are still being committed in locations around the globe, much of which we aren't even aware of(or rather shamefully, I am not aware of).

.The Rwandan genocide started sometime in 1994 as the Hutu-led Interhamwe began to slaughter the Tutsi population. what ignited this? apparently, just because tutsis were the minority. how are the tutsis distinguished? im not quite sure of this, but i remember something about how the size of their noses were different. well, truth is, the tutsis and hutus arent all that different, but rulers decided that there should be a separation. looked what happened. GENOCIDE people. close to a million people were killed! for NOTHING. i know that im not in the position to do anything about this, but it just saddens me how some ppl are born without the slightest hint of compassion.

On the other hand, we should celebrate, PAUL RUSESABAGINA. the hero amidst all this anguish. please watch hotel rwanda. it triggered so many things inside me. the movie touched me.

Paul Rusesabagina was never the most idealistic man. As manager of the Belgian-owned Mille Collines, a luxury hotel in Kigali, the Rwandan capital, he knew when to slip a bottle of Scotch to corrupt colonels to keep them in his pocket(this is how he was portrayed in the movie hotel rwanda at least). Those street smarts became his salvation when Rwanda plummeted into genocide in an event that transformed the genial businessman into an unlikely hero.

As ethnic Hutus began killing their Tutsi neighbors, Rusesabagina—a Hutu married to a Tutsi woman—turned his hotel into an impromptu refugee camp for more than a thousand terrified Tutsis and moderate Hutus. Deserted by international peacekeepers(there was that one UN colonel who was determined to help by all means tho), Rusesabagina began cashing in every favor he had ever earned, bribing the Rwandan Hutu soldiers and keeping the bloodthirsty militia (mostly) outside the gates during the hundred days of slaughter. In the end, he survived along with his wife and three children, as did most of the refugees he sheltered.

this gripping account of genocide claimed almost a MILLION lives, mainly Tutsis but also many moderate Hutus.

lets all rise to what Rusesabagina did. carrying on with his duties, brushing aside the fact that people were being chopped everywhere. he couldve saved his family and himself, no doubt. but he ended up saving more than a thousand others.

Paul Rusesabagina receiving the Immortal Chaplains Prize for Humanity from Bob Dole in 2000

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Not your usual bond schmock!

he may not be the healthiest nor pantsiest hero the make believe world has ever created
but to those who fantasize about dirty, scruffy, skinny, booze infested men with filthful heroics, lay your grimy hands off JACK SPARROW!

he's MY hero. all 'smudgy eye liner-unkept hair-swaggering buoyancy-' of him

'only socialism will end artificial separation of family life, private life and public life'

-Eli Zaretsky-

Friday, May 12, 2006


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decisively unconsciouble, my birthday present from tania is
ridiculous fact 1: you're implying that my belly button is dusty!
ridiculous fact 2: for the person who has everything?. hahaha hahaha hahaha!

but still, its the thought that counts, thanks love.

on the other side of outrageousness, a very useful present one did get from homegirl amirah

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useful: seeing that these past few days or weeks rather, have been very stressful for moi. throwing sharp object towards a very carefully imagined target works wonders!.

mucho thanx to amirah.

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18 sept 1970
-may his soul rest in peace-

*random*, i know
but had uncle jimi been alive , im sure he would have given me a really cool birthday present too

listen to dolly dagger by jimi hendrix. uncle jimi wrote that song about me. yeah, *sob*. since you do not know a famous monkey, you can at least say you know a famous DOLLY DAGGER

*out and about*

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

One way ticket to the land of the weird, and then some.

I, sharifah soraya barakbah have been tagged by yaya(not myself), in what i have declared the tagging of the weird

spiegazionie: once tagged, the taggee has to very uncomfortably expose 6 of his/her weird traits numbered in (weirdly, and unecessarily) foreign numbers(in my case, italian). after which he/she would then have to tag 6 more people. whoever created this, thank you for using the number 6(i have more than that, believe me).

numero uno:
i have a weird obsession with numbers. you know how we have to tie our loose exam sheets with a string during major exams? well, i knot the string 9 times. every single time. i hate the number 7(dont ask me why, i wouldnt be able to explain it to you). when i paint my nails, the polish has to cover my nails with 3 strokes. when i walk in a tiled area, i count the number of tiles i step on and will skip the 7th tile (yes, i really hate the number). i do not know at what point in my life did numbers start to control my everyday moves, it just happened. i have more that i would rather not expose. hehe!

numero due:
i have weird speech habits (if you have not noticed this before, please PLEASE do not listen out for it when i talk to you and point it out to me, i am well aware thank you!)... i have tried to curb this problem, to SOME avail. but the weirdness lives on.. enjoy--->

lain kali = jengkali (i only fuond out in highschool that the proper word was lain kali. i never knew. always thought jengkali was correct. confidence in abundance)
in conclusion = pokoknya( indo influenced perhaps?)
saya tak bermaksud = saya tak bermakna( maksud n makna menas the same thing no?)
tengok = nengok( not thaat weird. but i used to get laughed at)

ill leave the rest for you to discover.

numero tre:

i am positively in love with clutter. arina(a super neat freak) can vouch me on this one. we were roomates during our bangkok orcestra tour(poor her).arina, being the neat FREAK that she is kept rearranging our bags n the stuff on our table. moi, being the clutter MADAME that i am, just kept messing them back up. neat just wasnt homely enough for me.

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nope, this is definitely NOT worst case scenario. my romantic affair with mess gets ALOT worse. and YES, i sleep on that bed without having to remove anything.

numero quattro:
puteri pintu: weird enough name?.. this is probably one of my weirdest traits. i cant explain it, nor can i stop myself from doing it. i need serious help!. *takes deep breath*. ok, i HAVE to close ALL the doors in my house(believe me, my house is a maze with tonnes of doors) before i go to bed or i wont be at ease. truthfully, i haf sort of gotten over that as it was abit irrational, so i am now able to leave some doors open, but every door that stays open has to open approximately the same size. i normally measure it with my palm. haha, yes its VERY menyusahkan. and one more thing. the front door to my house is one of those huge wooden double doors, the type that has two pusing2 locks. one on top of the other. everyday, ill go down at least twice to make sure its locked and that the lock dials are PERFECTLY aligned.

numero cinque:
umm, malas dah nak write. go read yaya's blog. sama je. OK OK, my toes and fingers get cold really easily. i can be wearing short shorts and a singlet and not feel cold at all, but my toes and fingers would be freezing!. it gets really irritating, esp when i need to type byk2 (which is why yours truly dah malas). soo mucho thanx to ain for providing me with really cool bedroom slippers

numero sei:

this isnt all that weird, alot of ppl do it. but its pretty weird considering i practically sleep in a freezer and my fingers n toes, as aforementioned get cold really easily. so here it is, weird trait number six: i shower with freezing cold water in the morning, and warm water at night(if i wash my hair)

tagging time!!

-yazmin aziz

-fara alyaa

-farah rani




Tuesday, May 09, 2006


now i cant possibly get on with life when everyone believes me to be something i am not. so contrary to what all of you have been thinking, NaY! i am not and have never been the ring leader of the four monkeys. im sorry to disappoint you guys. but ya'll have to eventually come to the terms that you do NOT know a famous monkey.

there IS a fourth monkey!


The fourth member of that ancient Chinese reminder to behave one’s self, our delightfully innocent little chimp sits nicely, legs crossed and hands folded, with an impish look in his eyes that will gleam right back at you.

and yes, the fella is covering his crotch. guys, please take note! he is the 'do no evil' monkey

and NO, he is NOT my cousin or anything of that sort

Monday, May 08, 2006

the battle over HTML has ended. 1-0, soraya ya'all.

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The three wise monkeys are a pictorial maxim. Together they embody the proverbial principle "to see no evil, speak no evil, and to hear no evil". The three monkeys are Mizaru , covering his eyes, who sees no evil; iwazaru, covering his mouth, who speaks no evil; and kikazaru, covering his ears, who hears no evil.

and from what has come to my knowledge, the idea behind the proverb was part of the teaching of god Vadjra, that if we do not hear, see or talk evil, we ourselves shall be spared all evil. This is similarly reflected in the proverb: talk of the devil- and the devil appears."

now it is surprising to note how often these words and phrases are used with absolutely no idea
that a fourth monkey exists, but is rarely depicted in pictures, phrases, carvings and such. To date, very few people have seen or heard of the fourth monkey who smells no evil. now, as i am one of those privelaged enough to own actual pictures of the fourth monkey(who is in fact, the actual leader of the other three monkeys), i thought it would be nice to share those pictures with the rest of you since, i have wondrously conquered HTML!

presenting,...... the fourth monkey!


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taken before the dawn of colourization


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if you look closely, dunguzaru wears a mockery of her three followers (maybe thats why they sent her to extinction and the land of 'never-heard'ness.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

hear ye, hear ye.. i have a declaration to make

I HATE HTML and how its not SORAYA friendly!!!!!!

i know whats going through your minds right about now, yeah and dont deny it ok! this soraya person must be a real dungu brain. she doesnt even know how to use html. well, i might as well get this over and done with.. not proud of this declaration ok :soraya is a dungu brain when it comes to dealing with html(save friendster of course *gives herself an imaginary standing ovation*).

anyhow, i really2 wanted to post some pictures as a tribute to the people who gave me really funky birthday presents this year. being the really hard working person that i am, i skimmed through the list of people online for blog buffs. after much thought, i decided to seek help from fara alyaa azmin and arina baharin . * a not so imaginary standing ovation to the both of ya'all for being so patient with dungu brained me.*.

i tell you, it took them a really long time to teach me how to post pictures.. yes, that was the only thing they were trying to teach me and no, DO NOT laugh. i already declared myself a dungu brain if that isnt enough humiliation already. i mustve given up about 5 or 6 times. but being the 'tak puas hati if soraya doesnt get it' ppl that they are, they kept insisting that i try over and over again,(well, i probably tried posting about 7 times, and had to keep deleting posts as i failed to produce pictures a total amount of 7 times as well)..

wHooaahh.. too much html brain activity for one night i tell you.. but guess what.. i finally figured out how to post pictures!!.. OHHhh yeaaaHhhh * does that stupid looking dance move* .
UNFORTUNATELY, by the time i figured out how to put up pictures, soraya barakbah was too lazy to letak all the pictures she intended to.. some other day ok?.. but a HUGEASS thanx to


Ms. fara ' id do it for you if i was in malaysia' alyaa


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Ms. arina 'gimme your photobucket password and ill do it for you' baharin

AND OF COURSE...i also have to give credit to none other than

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Ms soraya 'dungu brained' barakbah

yeah, i deserve a much smaller picture too! hehe

nehh, actually, that was just to show you guys that not only do i now know how to put up pictures, i also know how to resize them!!

*loud applause*

thank you, thank you!

Friday, May 05, 2006

huh?. where do i type the title of my post?

i need you to know that i am not IT savvy (or whatever it is you call people who are not good with computers). i know how to use msn, hotmail, google and read blogs that my friens tend to advertise on msn. i however, am a whiz at editing my friendster profile(yes, proud of this accomplishment, i am).

so, as it is.. the thing i find interesting about visitin blogs is that i get to 'chat' by the side of the blog(laymen terms ok, dont know fancy schmancy IT terms, if there r any). oh, interesting besides the posts of course(only applicable to some). ok anyways, in order to see wether sharifah soraya barakbah telah berjaya mengendalikan penginstallan(sorry, cudn find correct malay word) chatbox dengan tepat, baginda(yeah!) perlu mempublishkan(sorry again) satu post. so here it is.

just so you know, this blog is going to stay dead for awhile(unless u guys chat!) as i have my A2 exams coming up, after which i would probably be able to blog everyday you readers wouldnt be able to catch up. the only other reason(besides the chat box) contributing to the establishment of this blog at this time of the month (or year), would be the fact that i wanted 'insidesoraya' as the site name. kalau lambat nanti org ambik. the names so bloggy kan? inside soraya. oh, shoot.. wait minute, i forgot about the whole literal, figurative meaning shit. if you dont get what i mean, thank you very much. but if you do, i am not like that. no no no!

till whenever!
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