Tuesday, February 27, 2007


my attempt to stay put in the library and study study study clearly did not go very far.
maybe the next time i head out to the library to read super boring case reports i shouldnt bring my camera phone.
the food at wagamama yesterday wasnt as bad as the trips before.
maybe it was because i was craving for nasi goreng
and the fact that dinner was followed by a trip to the old duke for live jazz. ;)
finally, sem complied and came along
her verdict "the bartender is sooooo cute"... -_-
but she did think the jazz band (severn jazz men) was great tho.
they were all super old, like wheelchair oldfolks home kind of old. but REALLY enthusiastic and super good too. its a wonder how none of them were out of breath and didnt get a heart attack from all the playing and dancing
went paintballing and attended clifton halls cultural night with the malaysians on sunday. more on that when i get pictures from the others.
Let's get, backwards, And forget our restless destination.

Saturday, February 24, 2007


dear mother nature,
i dont like you very much but i think we've established that a long time ago. you're really trying to make me english arent you? youve got me talking about the weather every nanosecond now. i really think tho, that you should decide if you really hate or love us. its not nice leaving us in the dark about your feeling towards us. your moodswings really leave us dazed and confused. just decide already, which is it gonna be.. sunnies? or umbrella?. the latter doesnt really work well for me coz i think i look quite good in sunnies. :p.. so yea, just literally drop by if theres anything at all we can do to help you decide ie just leaving the sun out yea?

yours truly,
girl with wet shoes and jeans.


word of the day:
can you feel it?
her loves so heavy gonna make you stagger

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

the four day weekend

for the low down on yameens birthday happenings click *here*

only one thing, i dont think she gave enough credit to hamleys. OHMYGOD, i felt like i could spend the WHOLE day there. i actually went again on friday with mels n jon and im now convinced that hamleys should be named a 'mind theme park'. you see, prior to that fridays hamleys visit, it was always straight to the 3rd floor for me(excuse the little girl in me), coz thats where little soraya's world is.. but the 4th floor is nothing short of amazing, if i ever had enough money to not know what to spend it on dah (which i highly doubt) id totally buy the whole of the 3rd and fourth floor. oh shit, and the basement too.

aaaaaand. i found.. TROLLS!. but their faces were kinda funny, they dont make trolls like they used too eyh? and most of the trolls were clothed. wtf? naked trolls are the best!

im satisfied tho, i got myself a lucky troll keychain, true they didnt have what i wanted , which were troll earrings but this'll hafto do for now. happy happy

if hamleys brought me back to when i was a doll loving little girl, camden town TOTALLY brought me back to my soraya blackwood days. its like the epitome of my goth fantasies. totally rekindled the rockchic in me (not that im not still a rocklovin dudette or anything), but my visit to camden, which was my first visit btw, totally brought me back to the days when i used to wear thick leather cuffs, spikes and strictly black. yes, i was one of those kids.

but i guess ive gone a little soft. all i bought were 2 skull scarves (no moolah to get alexander mcqueens, i guess 2 pound camden skull scarves will have to do for now)

sorry, this is the only picture i have of the scarves. thats a dude btw, just in case you had any doubts.

i told myself that saturday would be MY day. for SHOPPING. and all i bought were these scarves. the amount i spent came to a grand total of 4 pounds.. haha. i seriously think ive lost my drive to shop. i really wanted to get myself a bag.

ok, to those who are screaming bloody murder that i already have enough, let me justify myself: right now, i actually only have 2 bags that i can fit my files into. 1. a cheap plastic smelling black bag that already has tears and missing studs. 2. my lv sling bag... which is actually a little too small for my file. justified? but did i manage to get myself a big bag? at portobello at least? noooooo. but i guess the bag gods love me. either that or my mom is psychic. coz the morning after, i got a text from the mom "yaya what bag do you want, give me the name style and color". hahaha.. naturally i asked for something i know i wouldnt be able to put big square file into anyway. ahha. so mama, if youre reading this, i need a few yeah? .



word of the day:

oh, happy year of the golden babi darlings.


it is like a two edged sword. when you cut the other person, you cut yourself. the more violently you hack the other person, the more violently you hack yourself

Saturday, February 17, 2007

i told you we were going to spend the night in hyde park

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

take me back to funky town

do you remember back in the day when potato chips were everything?!

well screw you if you dont, coz i remember a time when potato chips were all i wanted to eat. especially that cottage brand, the one with the crinkle cut ones. tomato flavoured. how come they dont sell those anymore?

well anyways, i was absolutely craving for those today. i guess tortilla chips and salsa will have to do huh?

god i feel like such a kid

i hadnt realized that i had no music playing in my room (yea, weird) when i suddenly heard the heavenly sound of a polyphonic 'you are my sunshine' playing somewhere below my room. i thought it was some crazy dude blasting stupid polyphonic music from his stereo. but no,.. i looked out the window, lo and behold! an ice cream truck!. a real life ice cream truck in badock hall! i havent seen one in aaaaages. the closest thing to that i remember seeing, which was probably ages ago as well, was one of those 'mat kool' ice-cream motorcycles that used to stop in front of sri aman. those never tempted me. but now ice cream trucks are another issue altogether.

but no, sadly i didnt give in to temptation. it isnt a particularly cold day but im still having a slight flu, so lets wait for that to cure first. im sure ill be seeing more of the ice cream truck now that mr.winter is packing his bags.


guess what valentines day reminded me of?

dont ask why but.......


i used to have loads of em lined up on my shelf back when i was in kuantan. i absolutely ADORED trolls. the other girls were playing with barbies, i was playing with trolls. -_- ..well, not that i didnt have a few barbies myself. :p

oh and i used to have troll earrings too!!...

*sigh*, maybe my trip to portobello and camden this weekend might satisfy my craving for trolls... in an absolutely non pervy way yeah?


its yameens birthday tmrw.. and im going down to l-l-l-l-london... yeah, again... well, going UP to london actually.

on our list to do-dos
-beard papa
-camden town
-portobello market
-a night under the horse statue in hyde park? well, maybe.


my funny valentine, sweet comic valentine.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

when im supposed to be reading about national security

Put your music player on shuffle.Press forward for each question.Use the song title as the answer to the question even if they don't make sense.You'll be surprised though.NO CHEATING

How am I feeling today?
falling out of love- aqualung (ah so kesian, somebody love me quick)

Will I get far in life?
you'll never find another love like mine- michael buble (okay, wuts with the recurring theme)

How do my friends see me?
bila aku jatuh cinta- nidji (oh what the fuck)

Where will I get married?
seven years- norah jones (more like when)

What is my best friend's theme song?
esa noche - cafe tacuba

What is the story of my life?
spying glass- horace andy

What was high school like?
nails for breakfast, tacks for snacks -panic! at the disco (says alot about kys food)

What is the best thing about me?
smoke two joints- sublime (wont say a word. haha)

What was today like?
sunshine- maliq & d'essentials (haha!! i wish man!)

What is in store for this weekend?
innocence maintained -jewel (its gonna be an innocent weekend then. haha)

What song describes my parents?
lose control -evanescence (over me! haha)

How is my life going?
fat boy- jewel (i so have nothing to say)

What song will they play at my funeral?
lucy in the sky with diamonds-the beatles (hardly appropriate)

How does the world see me?
jaded -aerosmith

Do people secretly lust after me?
i wish you were here- incubus (well, i guess thats a yes)

How can I make myself happy?
where flamingos fly- stan getz

What should I do with my life?
dreamin - amp fiddler (exactly what im doing)

Will I ever have children?
thats alright mama -elvis presley (hahahahah!)

What will you name them?
here, there and everywhere - the beatles (well, i guess im gonna have 3)

Who will you marry?
strange and beautiful- aqualung (haha. so kena. i dont mind)

Do you have a gf/bf?
its tough to have a crush- okgo (haha. noooooooo)

Monday, February 12, 2007

the weekend was a good one

-baked delicious cookies, filled myself up with seafood pasta that reminded me of home. thank you yameen for being the ever gracious host. again and again

-ate really good malaysian food at a restaurant in sloane ave which i have never heard of up till now. awana.

-ucl's show was hilarious. found out that alyaa is not half bad in acting. id say she was pretty good.

-had a good time hanging out with old and new friends at a shisha place. and of course there was mars, trying to get everyone to play one of her word games.

-had a wicked time just standing and talking on oxford street with yameen n faisal. the whole night. yes, we were standing out in the cold from about 3 till 7 plus. tepi jalan. for absolutely no good reason. next up, under the horse statue in hyde park.

monkey see monkey do

marisa the angry monkey

yameen the wide eyed monkey

faisal the drunken monkey

soraya the unbeatable monkey

Friday, February 09, 2007

as promised

more to come from ucl's malaysian night which is this saturday
yeah, im on a malaysian night spree, so what.
last night i dreamt of san pedro

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

kinda missing you lot

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

fish are jumping, and the cotton is high

tea at 45, woodland road today was fun and filling as usual but 2 new things were discovered:
-sebastian can play wicked flamenco/fandango tunes on the guitar
-ben cant sing for nuts!

was messing around with the guitar when becky came into the kitchen and got me to play sing along tunes. then she asked me to play for globe cafe's unplugged night (",)
so here's the thing, i need some suggestions of songs that will sound good with me singing and playin the guitar. thanx in advance!

one of sebastians songs sounds a whole lot like mraz's. but he claims that its 6 years old which was way before any of us really listened to mraz. -_-

managed to drag sem to the epi for some live jazz, i swear to you that by the end of the term sem is going to praise the lord that jazz exists in a world like ours where pop, techno and jerit-jerit rock reign supreme.
like i said, jazz soothes the soul
the guys that were playing were not half bad.
the guy playing the bass for the 1st half totally butchered their set tho. he obviously thought bass was all about slapping. messy messy.
2nd set was superb . their bassist guided every inch of the music to all the right places and managed a wicked solo.. i know i left the bass 2 years ago, but i still cant help that its the first thing i listen to when it comes to all music jazz.
not that i was any good, i just love listening to the bass. ;)

sem's verdict for epi's jazz mondays?
"sorayaaa, the trumpeteer is so fit!! he's perfect!.. see, he has musical talents, he's too cute to be true and he dresses nice"

and i cant help but to agree with her.
next up will be the old duke.


attended warwick university's malaysian night which was superb.
had a great time at no.59
pictures coming up soon


my friend, leave a mark like no other

Monday, February 05, 2007


i want a nice big floppy bag

Friday, February 02, 2007


- its funny how pesto has come back into my life so quick, but this time in red. ive paired it with sambal abc too.

- lawyers night out at the epi tmrw but cant go as ill be in coventry. oh well, i had a 3 lawyers and a shorty night out yesterday. so thats that.

-just an answer to one of the questions posed in new radicals' 'someday we'll know'
new radicals: *what the wind says when she cries*
jimi hendrix: *the wind cries mary*

-yesterday sebastian saw someone with dreadlocks in the computer room. he thought i had gotten my hair done and started playing with the locks till the poor girl turned around and he realized it wasnt me.

-live jazz at the epi, monday night. pray sem finishes her work so theres someone from stoke bishop to come with me. oh wait, jazz walk is on monday night as well. either one will do. jazz soothes the soul

- leaving for coventry tmrw for warwick msa's malaysian night.

-dragon kiss serves a kickass malaysian buffet. even the service feels malaysian. the waitress kept giving us sharp looks and started clanging the plates when she came to clean our table coz we were the last ones there n refused to leave.. they wanted to clear the buffet spread.

-its kinda cute the way leonardo tries to put on a south african accent in blood diamond. he started out sounded british, and then irish and finally progressed to actually sounding like a south african. yaaa bruv

- i still wish they made big bird red. and oh lets have a super dooper flooper day !

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