Tuesday, February 06, 2007

fish are jumping, and the cotton is high

tea at 45, woodland road today was fun and filling as usual but 2 new things were discovered:
-sebastian can play wicked flamenco/fandango tunes on the guitar
-ben cant sing for nuts!

was messing around with the guitar when becky came into the kitchen and got me to play sing along tunes. then she asked me to play for globe cafe's unplugged night (",)
so here's the thing, i need some suggestions of songs that will sound good with me singing and playin the guitar. thanx in advance!

one of sebastians songs sounds a whole lot like mraz's. but he claims that its 6 years old which was way before any of us really listened to mraz. -_-

managed to drag sem to the epi for some live jazz, i swear to you that by the end of the term sem is going to praise the lord that jazz exists in a world like ours where pop, techno and jerit-jerit rock reign supreme.
like i said, jazz soothes the soul
the guys that were playing were not half bad.
the guy playing the bass for the 1st half totally butchered their set tho. he obviously thought bass was all about slapping. messy messy.
2nd set was superb . their bassist guided every inch of the music to all the right places and managed a wicked solo.. i know i left the bass 2 years ago, but i still cant help that its the first thing i listen to when it comes to all music jazz.
not that i was any good, i just love listening to the bass. ;)

sem's verdict for epi's jazz mondays?
"sorayaaa, the trumpeteer is so fit!! he's perfect!.. see, he has musical talents, he's too cute to be true and he dresses nice"

and i cant help but to agree with her.
next up will be the old duke.


attended warwick university's malaysian night which was superb.
had a great time at no.59
pictures coming up soon


my friend, leave a mark like no other


Blogger yameEn said...

Opu. Play leave the pieces. I'm serious.

See ya this weekendddd!!!

9:28 AM  
Blogger soraya barakbah said...

lets bake!!.hehehe

11:01 AM  
Blogger yameEn said...

i bought the barang already. Muahahahahahaaha!!

1:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

play slow numbers that can show the strength of your voice

5:18 PM  
Blogger soraya barakbah said...

thanx anon.. but like what??

8:29 PM  

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