Tuesday, February 20, 2007

the four day weekend

for the low down on yameens birthday happenings click *here*

only one thing, i dont think she gave enough credit to hamleys. OHMYGOD, i felt like i could spend the WHOLE day there. i actually went again on friday with mels n jon and im now convinced that hamleys should be named a 'mind theme park'. you see, prior to that fridays hamleys visit, it was always straight to the 3rd floor for me(excuse the little girl in me), coz thats where little soraya's world is.. but the 4th floor is nothing short of amazing, if i ever had enough money to not know what to spend it on dah (which i highly doubt) id totally buy the whole of the 3rd and fourth floor. oh shit, and the basement too.

aaaaaand. i found.. TROLLS!. but their faces were kinda funny, they dont make trolls like they used too eyh? and most of the trolls were clothed. wtf? naked trolls are the best!

im satisfied tho, i got myself a lucky troll keychain, true they didnt have what i wanted , which were troll earrings but this'll hafto do for now. happy happy

if hamleys brought me back to when i was a doll loving little girl, camden town TOTALLY brought me back to my soraya blackwood days. its like the epitome of my goth fantasies. totally rekindled the rockchic in me (not that im not still a rocklovin dudette or anything), but my visit to camden, which was my first visit btw, totally brought me back to the days when i used to wear thick leather cuffs, spikes and strictly black. yes, i was one of those kids.

but i guess ive gone a little soft. all i bought were 2 skull scarves (no moolah to get alexander mcqueens, i guess 2 pound camden skull scarves will have to do for now)

sorry, this is the only picture i have of the scarves. thats a dude btw, just in case you had any doubts.

i told myself that saturday would be MY day. for SHOPPING. and all i bought were these scarves. the amount i spent came to a grand total of 4 pounds.. haha. i seriously think ive lost my drive to shop. i really wanted to get myself a bag.

ok, to those who are screaming bloody murder that i already have enough, let me justify myself: right now, i actually only have 2 bags that i can fit my files into. 1. a cheap plastic smelling black bag that already has tears and missing studs. 2. my lv sling bag... which is actually a little too small for my file. justified? but did i manage to get myself a big bag? at portobello at least? noooooo. but i guess the bag gods love me. either that or my mom is psychic. coz the morning after, i got a text from the mom "yaya what bag do you want, give me the name style and color". hahaha.. naturally i asked for something i know i wouldnt be able to put big square file into anyway. ahha. so mama, if youre reading this, i need a few yeah? .



word of the day:

oh, happy year of the golden babi darlings.


it is like a two edged sword. when you cut the other person, you cut yourself. the more violently you hack the other person, the more violently you hack yourself


Blogger yameEn said...



*I see you windin' and grindin' up on that pole!!*


6:14 PM  
Blogger soraya barakbah said...

yameeeeen. i HATE that song now.. haha... secaanggkkirrrr teh hangat darimu..

11:17 PM  
Blogger BigFishLilFish said...

LoL babi emas, thts priceless, ive neva heard that yet...i wonder how theyre promoting it in msia...

i think trolls were my barbie doll's babies...altho i dunno where the genetic similarities are

1:21 PM  

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