Thursday, December 31, 2009

if you could put a little sugar

they are troubled and disguised behind wise eyes and wise crackin smiles
hypnotized behind a panel on a thirty hour drive, im not at all what i seem
but my intentions are practical inventions
forgot to mention im insane by definition

Sunday, December 27, 2009

the audacity of...

now I will be selective, calm, cool and collective
and listening to the voice and it's perspective
hoping that the choices appropriately respected,
are protecting me

Friday, December 25, 2009

have yourself a merry little christmas

in the spirit of giving, heres all my LOVE

make sure you give some away too.

bye now, i be off hard rockin and christmas fuzzin for the weekend
be good and be love.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

let love never run dry

may all your wishes come true during this wonderful holiday season
may your dreams be filled with marshmallow and candycanes
may santa leave what you wished for under the tree
may you live in the NOW and TODAY
may we all stay in this circle.

Happy Holidayz from Jason Mraz & The Voices of Prayze from Jason Mraz on Vimeo.

Monday, December 14, 2009

this childlike wildlie is flooring me

im sorry ive been away for so long.
my mind is slowly trying to get used to this whole working thing. and how this is not temporary but forever. or at least till i have enough to live off interest.
that said, i am kind of enjoying the pace.
work hard, party harder.
that leaves very little time for blogging tho.
BUT we'll work it out, as always.

ok anyways,
remember my to-do-list before work officially starts?
*this one*
yeah lets just say its a work in progress.
i have however ticked off 5 places (i think)
only one (or two) of which ive updated on, if i recall correctly (cant be bothered to check)
therefore, my next few posts (i hope, haha) will be on those!

i know i still have alot of (silent) readers. tho you guys (very) rarely comment, i know you come back everyday to check if ive updated (i check my stats hehe). so this picture heavy post on one of my (now) favourite places is for you guys!


having spent most of my years in KL, i daresay i am surrounded by a concrete jungle.
im not complaining, we enjoy the luxuries of life that comes along with it. the technology, the comfort, the hustle and (good) bustle of city life.
but once in awhile, you have to go back to nature
because we're only human.

my tick number 2 was a waterfall hiking trip at FRIM (forest research institute of malaysia ). yeah you remember that place from primary school dont you?
well i dont know why we almost never make use of the fact we have a 130 million year old rainforest a mere 30 minute drive away


would you look at that.
tell me this does not spell peace and beauty.

the plan was to go on the canopy walk and then to the waterfall. there was of course a short cut straight to the waterfalls (no chance!), but obviously we took the long route and hiked up to the canopy walk and down the stony waterfall trek.

the hike up was pretty rough on me that day as my legs were still hurting from rpm and combat the day before.
but i am a child of nature so i did okay!

however i did literally jump for joy when i finally saw this!

even mars was relieved!
oh yeah, i forgot to mention that i went with mars didnt i? hahaha.

the canopy walk was. AMAZING!.
so high up.
im pretty sure even tarzan cant swing this high up!

such tall trees! the rainforest was pretty dense too . it was amazing! omg i wanna go again tmrw!


sad to say though, we (unintentionally -yeah right-) brough a little pinch ( or a whole paperbag) of civilization along with us to the treetops.



after admiring the views, we descended down through the waterfall trek!
which surprisingly did not have a clear footpath whatsoever!

the only thing guiding us were these pipes that kinda showed up at random intervals.
the lady at the counter where u get your maps told us to just "follow the pipes"
we sure did, bi-yatch! we had to go under it, climb over it, slide along it , avoid large roots, climb over boulders and jump into pools of muddy water as well.
gee lady, really appreciate the warning !




haha yes, i had time!
the mcdonalds was mars's. this was MY piece of civilization!.

of course after taking a breather we went childlike wildlife and ran around the rocks barefooted.


this was also when mars discovered the name for what she called my 'condition'.
i have..... comedic timing!

mars would go "yaya watch out for the" (and i would slip on moss and fall) "nevermind"
and then she would go "yaya dont step on that slippery leaf " (you know what i did immediately after that right? and fall of course)
and a few more minutes later " yaya dont step into the" (SPLAASHHHH!) "sigh, why do i even bother".

well what can i say,


Tuesday, December 01, 2009

busy being a central banker
hold up!
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