Thursday, June 29, 2006


currently at matts place waiting for everyone to get ready

leaving soon for pancakes on the rocks and maybe the 3 monkeys after for live music

this is my last night in sydney

coldplay was fucking awesome. shall elaborate in my next post. thanx mun. best birthday present ever!

ill post a picture of my current mr.drool/mr.liquid of chinatown/mr.hottest guy with hottest bod ever .. in my next post

erin, nik, joe and kazar are trying to remember a song... tak berjaya.. erins still trying to sing it

im sitting cross legged using god knows whos laptop. joe and matt are trying to clean up the kitchen. niks still trying to figure out the song. and he's screaming

i had mars bar goreng at bondi beach a few hours back. AMAZING. someone should open a franchise in kl

i have yet to meet the frequently talked about julian. tmrw. he still owes me money for his JW anyhow

i leave for malaysia tmrw. sydney was a blast...thanx

Sunday, June 25, 2006


eyh... i forgot to tell you people la!... IM IN SYDNEY DAH
having a blast!. did the usual harbour bridge opera house visit today.. semalam went for visiting rounds....went to this supeeerrb movie theatre where we can watch movies on couches and low beds and all... heh

and i got my coldplay ticket!!.. birthday present from mun. heh. i loooove you mun!. i wanted to pay him.. tapi dia dah kasi in an envelope tulis happy birthday. apa lagi

ooo.. im staying with erin. and i like her room. she has this really cool mcm konon unfinished kinda wall.. coz u can still see the shape of the bricks. maybe the contractors malas nak letak cement n finish it, but it looks really nice. ahha.. .. anyways.. my fingers are freezingg.. so im gonna go back to my sleeping bag on afiqs mattress... i dont even know afiq. and we took afiqs mattress here on his car, but izwan drove it.. ahha. u ppl wouldnt give a tick about any of this and i know u have no idea wut im trying to get across but.. wth. im not in the mood to explain!...


ill be back on the 30th.. or was it the 1st?.. ahh.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


i went cycling with them girls to day!!.. or as farah would say it. bicycling.
my butt still hurts but i had a great time. good workout, much awaited date with mother nature, and whatmore we got to go to the iklim house thing. but guess what season they had in there? FREAKING SUMMER can u believe that? wuts the point? we have that all year long! freaks! but we had fun nonetheless!

we went cycling in bukit cerakah by the way. its abit old and not very well maintained, yes. but if you're just there to cycle and enjoy nature, its superb! it reminded me alot of when i used to live in kuantan. cycling was an everyday event back then, cycling to the beach, by the hutan, with monkeys. i enjoyed life in kuantan i reaaally did. where else can you cycle everyday to the beach and still lead a normal not-so-kampung life?

so i had a great time, and i have an ache in my bum to remind me of that too. it was nice to be near nature when my days are mostly spent in this concrete jungle where bangings and clangings is no more but a distant natural everyday heard sound. it was nice to be around bunyi hutan once again

alyaa luv, of course you deserve a shout out!!.. just thought you weren't all that for fame on your dear friends blog......anyways, ladies and gentlemen, this is fara alyaa azmin my bestfriend. she cycles to schoool everyday. her bike even has a cute basket and all



Monday, June 19, 2006

bringing on the grammar

people of the world. here's something to make your day!

farah said bicycling instead of cycling during dinner at bellas.. oh, i would just like to add that i thought it was pretty cute when the italian owner dude tried to speak malay to us. har har.
anyways, ya'll dont fret so much about your english. farah abdul rani said bicycling. and this is coming from a girl who gets dissed alot for speaking malay all funny. now her english is all funny!. hooray for all!

sorry far!

its 5 am i should get some sleep. have a nice day you goons

Sunday, June 18, 2006


You Belong in London

A little old fashioned, and a little modern.
A little traditional, and a little bit punk rock.
A unique woman like you needs a city that offers everything.
No wonder you and London will get along so well.
seriously people, need i say more???
oh, i do actually. PLEASEla doa for soraya. good results=london. bad results=no scholarship=if still london pon, broke all the time. oo. god forbid.

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this is where i belong people, and i need a li'l help getting there.

Friday, June 16, 2006

i love my pl2

i must say we were a pretty easy going bunch. no hassle tassle... i absolutely enjoyed the time i spent in college with my classmates. each and every one of them will be deeply missed....

eh, this doesnt mean u guys got rid of soraya ok!, if any one of you lose out of the circle, soraya will hunt you down! and she will hunt you down with vangeance!

i will miss our lunch breaks at asia cafe and elsewhere should we decide to venture out for abit. but it would always be back to asia the next day or so kan?. i shall miss the constant pleas to skip class and go foos (though id be watching most of the time). shall miss our after class teacher kutuking session, well, not really after class.. during class is more like it. i will miss how so many great minds can think alike all at once.. ie. next class.. DONT GO!. ill miss fighting for backseats with people whom i know i can box n punch my way through with. i will miss pl2

as most of you would already know, i went to redang with my classmates recently. i had a BLAST!.. i seriously seriously did. i wouldnt mind spending 100 days longer with every single person who went. maybe minus 1 or 2? ahhaha.. kidding2. as promised, below are a part of the beautiful collection of pictures we took... i finally figured out how to use the slideshow thing.. u goin dowwnn html!!

it would do no good for me to keep repeating how much fun i had. a picture tells a thousand stories anyways. or was it a thousand words? .. stories to last a thousand lifetimes. ahh yess

Thursday, June 15, 2006

ok, grad ball was last friday... today is this friday.. so soraya malas nak cerita ceritun about prom.. buuut a promise is still a promise. hehe. here r some pictures!. with captions.. that shall count as cerita ceritun

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i spent a year and a half with these ppl (there are more, i took very few pics malam tu.. will put loads of photos up on redang post!)... i will sooo miss pl2 k!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i know ill be seeing MUCH more of yamin. but i know also that im gonna miss our lunches at starbucks. but kevins not there anymore. so screw starbucks!

ok, so im only gonna put up that much since i couldnt figure out how to get one of them slide show thingies. html, we're still at war! . but sheesh, give it up already.

after the dinner i went with a bunch of others to cotton club.. had a greeeat time listening to live jazz, as always. glad i found these bunch of people who would rather drink while listening to jazz rather than techno. i was the responsible one, sober, thank you!.. oh but i led the way to cotton! well, my car did. mels was giving directions. but of course i managed to screw that up , and 4 cars ended up having to zig zag across kl. i do not care to explain further... pictures!

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ok. enoughla. im too sick and tired of waiting for the photos to load... till the next full of nice pictures post! taaaaa

edited: special request came in by way of the comment box from abhilash for me to put this picture up.. and no abhi, not gonna take it off.. u asked for it!

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i remember showing this picture to someone and he went 'shit no, that cant be abhi". i think it was akmal .. hahahaha.. feast away you goons!


hey ppl..
i know i promised updates and pictures.. soon2!. i was in redang you see. with classmates and i had a suuuupeer fun time. so many nice pictures to put up, dont freaking know when ill get around to it. alamak, grad ball pics lagi, cotton lagi. hishh.. how?. maybe ill put one of those slideshow things up.. easier....
that is whennn i get back to kl, which will probably be tonite.. and after i watch the eng n trinidad tobago match.. after which i would probably fall asleep.. so, tmrw it is!. eyh wait. tmrw morning i haf to check out of the apartment and i promised mama daing n mama that ill have lunch with them... ok lets put it this way.. when i haf nothing better to do ill put pictures up k..

i dont really have anything better to do now, but im in kuantan you see.. listening to my mom jump n scream every few minutes coz amir has a snake in the next room... yeah, she hasnt seen the snake, and its locked up safely in an aquarium. she still squeals every few minutes nonetheless, snake is about ye big * points to cupped palm *. both rooms haf unpenetrable doors. snakes aquarium is under constant watch. its transparent, so everyone knows if the snake is gone. and yes, mom still lets out occasional screams of anguish, even when i pass her the bag.. everytime someone knocks on the door, as if modern aged snakes can now knock on doors. and especially if its amir at the door or when she hears his voice anywhere near.. amusing i tell you

ok, so this is why im in kuantan... well, perception is reality and im starting to believe what everyone has been repeating to me for the past 14 hours also.. yaya couldnt hack the trip on a bus... technically quite true... i was on my way back from redang with classmates on this bus you see. well, kuala tganu to be exact.. to be fair, i made it thru the trip there!! but the trip back was in broad daylight and the bus wasnt using the highway!!.. it was swaying and going over what must have been about a million bumps. and throughout all that agony, they were playing a cantonese version of westlife and backstreetboys!. how people HOW!... so, i did not exactly asked to be dropped off.. my mom was the one who called!! and i told her the bus ride was terrible.. then i smsed her to ask when she wd be goin back to kl from kuantan. her reply was why?.. then i answered coz i can stand the roads.. then her immediate reply was 'ask them to drop you anywhere near kuantan and ill go get you'.. it was HER suggestion.. apa lagi, of course la i jumped at the suggestion.. was sorry i had to leave my classmates tho. but im sure ill be seeing some if not most of them sometime soon... so they dropped me at this toll, which my mom apparently hadnt heard off by the way. haha.. so i had to wait for pakcik kamal to come pick me up and slept straight away in the car... the rest of the ppl in the bus only arrived in kl in the next 6 hours.. it only takes 2 hours 30 mins by car mind you!!..

so here i am, still in kuantan, about an hour after my trip to megamall for the sole purpose of having someone wash my hair and massage my shoulders. but of course i ended up spending some time in starbucks with my book...oh damn, we took a ride in amirs new mini coop. sleek. revamped and everything... haih, i shall be contented with my gen for nowla....

ok, there goes my mom again... and yea, the snake is still in its aquarium

there goes my mom AGAIN.. and now the kids are screaming too. ahhahaha.. ok toodles ya'll!
pictures later! promise!. ada byk... redangla.. grad ball sikit je k. not that lawa. ehhehe... oh god, im as dark as my clothes now.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

happy happy joy joy

.oohhh.. a levels are over.

its FREAKING over!!!!!!

now, i dread the thought of keeping my promise to always update my blog and keep you guys posted with everything. sebelum ni, boleh la use exams as an alasan right.. well, i had a total of 2 hours of sleep last night so i shall not attempt to give you an account of last nights events now..

buuuut... its a promise. yes. i promise that as soon as i get my head back where it should be ill tell ya'll aaaall about our graduation dinner and what i did after.. oh, im watching gavins play tonite.. will tell ya'all about that too!. oohh, and im going to redang tmrw with collegemates!.. i dont know when ill get around to blogging about thatler.

oh and yes of course.. i shall put up some pictures too, though im not quite satisfied with how i look in all of my pics. ahha.

sooo.. till then!. taaa

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

why books are better than people

  1. they dont hide any secrets. you can look in the inside and learn everything there is to know
  2. they dont require anything from you except maybe an occasional dusting
  3. if you dont like them, you can return them without any hassle
  4. you dont have to get dressed up to spend an evening with a good book
  5. they may occasionally get misplaced, but they never leave you of their own accord
  6. if things get too scary or start moving too fast, you can simply slam the cover shut
  7. the only pain they inflict are minor paper cuts or a slight crick in the neck
  8. they cant talk back

good news all around

my dad and i have not been talking for quite a few days, reason being his outburst when i came home late, and my outburst in return as i thought i deserved the late night. for goodness sake, every night prior to that late night was spent either in the library, at home studying or at my apartment studying!. i deserved that break. i really did!!

well good news is, i came home yesterday to find my double bass gone.. uh no, that came out all wrong.. good news because my dad sent it in for repair! finally!! yayy yayy yayy... wonder why? maybe he felt bad.. so i DID deserve that break. and many more breaks to come!

so now that my double bass is well on its way to functioning as an instrument rather than a huge ass ornament in my room, who's up to form a jazz band with me?. oh shoot.. but i wanna sing..ah, we can take turns right???

something im looking forward to: literally 'minta sedekah' by the harbour bridge with erin and nik plus plus plus.. ive soo been wanting to play music tepi jalan and see if ppl actually stop to listen or if theyre kind enough, give us money.. ok ok, i take back the 'minta sedekah' part.. macam teruk pulak. i know theres a term for this, for got wut it is.. edited: the term is 'busking' thanx roy and a.ami ....well, i know for a fact that i would never play music or sing tepi jalan in malaysia, so.. as ill be spending a week in sydney this month.. its then or neverr!

erin: girl under blue feathers
me and nik: of course la the only two ppl who were making funny faces

Monday, June 05, 2006


i take back a quarter of what i said in my previous post about how loud (good) music does everything for me. ok, maybe slightly more than a quarter. why? the michael veerapan trio is why. maybe some of you have heard of lewis pragasam, founder of asia beat. superb drummer of the trio. a while back, zailan razak used to be their bassist, but they have 'fly' now, zailans student. to just sit and listen to the jazz trio's one night performance at no black tie was amazingly superb. no chatter required, no booze needed.. just to be immensely drowned in the stories they told with their instruments was enough to retain me with 100 days of happiness. it was watching the smiles on their faces while they were playing that made me realize that this is the world i want to be in. watching fly play the double bass was amazing, he was doing just the exact opposite of what performers are usually told to do. he wasnt looking at the crowd, neither was he trying to gain just the slightest bit of attention from anybody. he was staring at absolutely nothing, cocking his head from side to side .. eyes not closed like those who pretend to be 'feeling' the music when they shut their eyes, in fact they were wide open. he was just looking up, smiling as though there was zilch matters one ought to think about, fingers moving swiftly to lewis's beats n michael's keys. it was amusing to watch. in august he'll be playing with farid ali or better known as mr.gambus at the mont kiara jazz festival. be sure to check it out

it is during moments like these that i wish i could actually live up to the advise i usually give to other people: fuck reality, just go live your dreams. i wish i could. if i didnt care about living up to the expections of the people i love most, i wouldnt have any qualms about droping everything now and just pack up my whole life and store it in the wonderful world of jazz. kudos to those who already have. how i would love to be under the lights in a simple cocktail dress singing like billy holiday or ella fitzgerald. moving with my hand still on the mic stand as the beat starts to pick up, as the bass starts to play its solo or as the pianist starts banging some nonsensical sounding tune.

as for now, i am quite content with studying law. i will get my degree and meet the expectations that i have somehow or other actually set for myself. in the course of my 3 months break, soraya will do something about her dreams. this might just be her lucky break after which she would store it in a pretty box until she can open the box and keep the contents by her side forever

my time will come

in the mean time, its time to hit the books... again

Friday, June 02, 2006

i havent been in a proper studio for quite a long time. todays invitation came at the perfect time.

i tell you, loud music manages to do everything for me. months of stress, out the window. sitting there, feeling the floor shake, my heart pumping along to the bass, eardrum splitting riffs. a much needed sponge to absorb soraya's stress and squeeze it back out a thousand miles away... as 0f today(or maybe next week), soraya is back in business.

SORAYA: loud and proud.

alia: we are so recording nobody's fool. i dont care how loud ill have to scream!
kirsty&li-ann: i look forward to our day of boutique hopping
razak: thank you virtuoso!
fara alyaa: get your ass back here cepatla. the day after your first paper is the day i
finish for good. haha
mr.mohan: not to worry, i wont 'completely' ignore my econs mcq
ikmal: im still gona join you in the lib next week. and you know why.
amirah: semoga you'll finally get to mengerjakan umrah setelah mengharungi pelbagai
cabaran dan dugaan. haha

world: get your ear muffs ready. soraya's back and she's gonna be loud
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