Monday, December 29, 2008


egypt was in all senses, an adventure
and i am the force to be reckoned with

the noise, pollution, history, crudeness, honesty, beauty, and magic of egypt felt more like home than this place ever will

Monday, December 22, 2008

just a few things

im leaving for cairo today!!!!
i hope the temperature wont dip excessively come sundown as im quite looking forward to a little warmness.. comparatively at least.


ive been at yameens place just chillin with the cat she's looking after for the hols and she's an absolute darling.
ive been waking up to her purring and massaging my shoulder.
she constantly craves attention and im all too happy to give it to her.
i really cant find the heart to leave her today although im very much looking forward to egypt.


watched twilight with soozanne, alyaa and daz yesterday.
i thought id understand what all the hype is about after watching it. to be completely honest, i still dont.
edward cullen, the character is easily likable i admit. but id still like his character if someone else were to play him.
so no girlfriends, i still do not understand why so many girls are obsessing over robert pattinson.

but as soozanne pointed out during the movie..
"omg soraya, doesnt he tick all your boxes?.. vampire... musician"

the idea... is a nice one.


been spending the last few days with alyaa annuar and company as renia, yana and pai are all visiting from malaysia, plus shahid n bob from pompey.
hopefully ill get to say goodbye to them before they leave on the 30th.

cat just fell asleep beside me.
i cant possibly get out of bed now can i?


Friday, December 19, 2008

oh we're on holiday alright

with too much time on our hands that we wish we had.
but the sad reality is of course the exact opposite, but who cares.
lets just pretend to have too much time on our hands and bake mraz cookies.


already in london btw.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

where the hell did my first semester go?

one week till cairo.
and i cant bloody wait!. i cant wait to soak in all the culture
bask in the hot and dusty winter sun, and travel back in time.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

much has been said

me and z thought he was lost. it was cold out and it really seemed like he wanted to follow us in.
but after staying with him out front for abit, a few neighbours passed by and greeted him by his first name.
so i guess he was exactly where he wanted to be.

he certainly helped cure, if only for a little bit, my recent bout of homesickness or rather catsickness.
so, thank you god for sending us georgie. our very own friendly neighbourhood cat.

also, thank you for giving me housemates who were willing to brave the wind, rain and cold for sashimi moriawase.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

its a little too early to bury the worry


i miss my cats so much that webcamming with another cat was enough to lift me a couple of spheres higher.
i cant stop staring at that picture because i know that in less than two weeks ill be able to see and touch an actual cat.
it being the one pictured above, who is staying with yameen throughout the christmas holidays.

for the past 2 christmases ive had family over but nobody wants to come this year because its too cold. i wish i had the power to control the weather but since i dont im thankful that ill at least have a bit of home with me when i see this cat.

well that, and theres the sphinx in egypt.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

halfway there


“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.” – Albert Schweitzer.

i couldnt have said it better myself

Thursday, December 04, 2008

childlike wild

jason mraz has been nominated for 2 grammies (grammys?)!!!!
if anyone deserves such acknowledgment, its him.
i mean. FINALLY!.

well mr a-z was nominated for best engineered album and the producer for best profucer, but that doesnt really count does it? i mean, to me at least, what makes me a fan is the way in which the songs were written and the voice that sang them. plus those nominations werent really acknowlegdements to mraz himself were they?

his nominations are for best male pop vocal performance in 'im yours' and 'im yours' as song of the year

are u kidding me?
song of the century!. haha

i guess he did good by deciding to rerecord im yours and including it in an official radio released album.. EVERYONE was singing the song. which is a good thing really because i dont think i can ever tire from too much mraz.

im puzzled tho by how ALOT of ppl already knew and loved the song even before it came out 'officially'. i myself found it by accident while downloading everything mraz online *guilty* but hey even if i can and have downloaded everything for free i still buy his albums. take mr a-z for instance, i already had all the songs save for bella luna before the album was even released in malaysia. ironically when i bought the album, bella luna instantly became my favourite from the record.

anyways, back to 'im yours'.. how the hell did it become so well known before 'we sing, we dance, we steal things'?. seriously, i couldnt find any official/unofficial album it was ever on beforehand. so did everyone get it illegally then?. there is an 'official' recording of it on youtube tho i think. or maybe it just started to go round by word of mouth n the amount of ppl who started to cover it.

thus is the power of mraz.

or i think it got really popular from myspace?. it was a recording from one of his live shows at some winery or something?

i realize that this is probably my longest word post in a really long time.
so please take note on how excited i am that mraz has been nominated for a grammy (which he will probably win)

i personally prefer his previous version of 'im yours' tho.

brighter days ahead!

taken from his journal:

" im not the person you want to meet. the music is. and the music is alive in you as much as it is in me. we created it together. therefore, you already know me. we've already hugged and kissed. we grew close for a moment, and then said our goodbyes"

i guess i do know mraz, and i would describe the whole of him in one word. beautiful

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

tale as old as time

no classes and no library session today
and a musical to watch!
which is more than enough to make me a happy child, so i decided that the idiot brother deserves a shoutout here. haha

HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY (30th novermber)
yes i do realize it was 3 days ago but i called ok


theyre my brothers too!
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