Wednesday, March 28, 2007


its such a pity that everytime i plan to write a post with happy thoughts i get all emo. so, although there are many happy stories of malaysia for me to tell i just dont feel like it. not now anyways

today i blame 2 people.
one who means the world to me
and another who means absolutely zero (or so i would like to think).
i can still put up pictures tho.
at alyaa's, night before i left for malaysia.

hantu i tell you. hantu.

the boys' birthday party
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the banners quite big. haha. happy birthday slash, jimi and carlos!
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how not to fall in love?
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people actually brought presents! how cute is that
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couldnt find slash. they didnt make much of an appearance when everyone was around. creeped out by the crowd.. :(
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here's slash in front of his poster. and no, the huge ass posters are not apart of the living rooms permanent deco. haha. we took paintings down to put up posters of the boys.

3diva in concert: kris dayanti, titi dj and ruth sahanaya
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super girls dont cry

Sunday, March 25, 2007

sometimes you make me feel so small


sometimes, its best to just hold your breath and take it all in
even if it breaks your confidence
or your heart

close your eyes, snip your lashes
they fall within the ashes.
the frosty old feeling, will melt so painlessly

soraya soraya, emo pulak
eh, biarla
you're funny you know
no im not, im emo remember
see, told you you're funny
shut up
k but not for so long
ok, youre funny

ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok.

Friday, March 23, 2007

sweet home alaba... er.. pj

you know everyones nightmare of getting a seat in a 13 hour flight beside a person who fills his/her seat and half of yours as well?
lived the nightmare
didnt even manage to close my eyes during the flight.

on a much much much much much brighter note though,
im back home with the boyss!!.. and yoda and wawa!
it feels soo good to be able to play with the cats in the garden .which for me loosely translates as
being outdoors breathing fresh air for a substantial period of time without having to worry about catching pneumonia

so so goood

and faisal is soo soo jelous
and irwans asking me how good it feels to be home
and sems being sympathetic about my 13 hour-no sleep-half a seat flight
and buds is... being an ass

haha, nahh
am talking to them on msn.

im not going to spend hours on end in front of my laptop now that im back home
there are cats that need to be pampered
food that needs to be eaten
and a car that needs to be driven

somebody stop me.

oh and may i add.. it feels SOO good to be able to take a cold shower
yeah, i LOVE cold showers.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

ive been dreaming

dude, seriously?
even a brainless buffalo can be more tactful than that.
im at a loss for words
happy belated birthday to my dearest amoi. -14th march-
babe, i miss you like crazy!!!
and right now i so feel like picking you up because we live 5 minutes away from each other and because you always 'tak kisah', wutever it is you have to teman me to do.
its so hard not being able to see you as often as i used to now that we're halfway across the globe from each other (or whereverla, everyone knows im bad with directions n my geography sucks)
i cant wait to see you in august, when we will again, be living 5 minutes away from each other. heee

happy 20th birthday to faisal fatah -17th march-
the guy who looks like a girl.
and in that tiny little space, i see everything that means nothing

Thursday, March 15, 2007

stayin aliiiive

soraya: eh, kat sini ada lipas tak?
faisal: central london banyak
soraya: oh shit.. you mean summer nanti kat sini byk lipas?
faisal: nope, all year round
soraya: all year round? mana ada.. dont insects only come out in the summer?
faisal: kan all year round orang cucuk langit sambil pijak lipas...

if any of you have a freakin clue what faisals talkin about, then ill hit myself on the head whenever someone tells me so.. because apparently, 'cucuk langit pijak lipas' is a term commonly used to describe.......

the saturday night fever dance

yeah... *inserts super tak boleh blah face*.....
just try it... point your finger in the air, repeat said action and twist your foot.

... OMG


.... ok, so everyone knows the bhangra version of this sort of thing right?.... screw a lightbulb pet a dog? anyone?

apparently cucuk langit pijak lipas is the more common one, coz when i asked..... what i got was

"what is that? bukak coke bottle?"

duuuuuude!. ahahahahahahah

why bukak coke bottle? coz his lightbulb was on the same level as the dog...

omg. hahahahaah.. seriously tak boleh tahan ok.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

of fun

sang at goldbrick house yesterday and i had a ball!
i sang crazy.. again.. but it was better this time as gavin and dan was nice enough to play the guitar for me on last minute notice. better because the mic was the only thing i had to concentrate on and i had a blast..

i know this is long due but click *here* for the video of me singing crazy at globe cafes unplugged night, which was about 2 weeks ago maybe?. i think i did 'crazy' much better at goldbrick. haha

also sang 'im yours' by jason mraz, which was absolutely fantabulous because its my favourite mraz song.. of allll time!. and dan and gavin both sang with me. sure it wasnt perfect coz i kinda messed up the lyrics abit *didnt learn my lesson fr nicholls idol blunder*. haha. but it was fun fun fun.
one two three.. im fine

Sunday, March 11, 2007

never seen before

mom just sent me 3 fairly new pictures of the boys....

arent they the cutest?
ohmygod i cannot cannot cannot wait to see them!!
i just did my last load of laundry.
last because i wont have to do anymore laundry, well not for this term at least.
because im going home next week! yeeaaayyy..
would you let down your hair and be transparent for a while

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


you know how before u praise yourself you tend to say.. i dont mean to blow my own trumpet/horn, but..

why cant we say something along the lines of.. i dont mean to fingerstyle my own guitar..

well then, i dont mean to fingerstyle my own guitar but umm. ahh. i really cant think of anything good to say about myself. ..


theres too much confusion, i cant get no relief.

oh, i finally bought the long sought after keyboard scarf

ohmygod. i cant wait to see my cats.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

so big hearted, but not so remarkable

just suddenly thot of putting this up..
the onions comedy night was great massive fun.
played the kecoh indian mom and wore an ORANGE sari for the play
changed into 'sticker' girl as pictured above. the neon wig mazhars wearing was actually supposed to be on my head. and if u look carefully im wearing a pair of neon green earings and multicolored beads..
haih, the things i do for kicks.

thats one corner of my room back home
i miss it :(
and i miss the bugger who's always meowing to be let it.
she doesnt have the black teddy to hug anymore :(... coz its with me!. ;)
ok i dont want to play favourites.
so here are the others.

and here's my Mr. AbcdefghiklmnopqrstuvwxyZ

wild thing, u make my heart swing

i guess my attempt to study tort in the library didnt go exactly as planned either.
so what else should i ban from my study trips to the library?
notepads and pencils? -_-


global fiesta was alot of fun, we had free nasi goreng all day.
haha, and no the nasi goreng wasnt what made it fun but it certainly helped. im just too tired to go into details.

sang kau ilhamku for what seemed to be the 'malaysian' part of the ents. right before me they put getaran jiwa on the speakers , and cindai right after.

i didnt think i did too good. in fact i thought i sucked.
but some guy from the tourism board came and asked for my contacts and asked if i wanted to sing for some tourism msian thing. and quite a few unknowns (the frens were of course obliged to say it was goodla kot. haha ) came up to say it was good.
best response ive gotten for a bad performance so far.. so im not too down about it

had a goooood sing out with the girls in the music room right after to destress
forgot how much fun it was to scream to that titanic song and lame cheesy westlife songs


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