Friday, June 22, 2007


packing is stressing. i never realized how much stuff i managed to accumulate in 9 months.
stress stress stress

do snakes change skins when theyre stressed? coz my face is peeling like crazy
soon my glorious glorious tan will be yesterdays story
my face looks like a map
patches everywhere.
yeah, it looks like shit too.


C is here, C is here... soon itll be ABC.. maybe
C misses A and B and all the times C and B had to look out for A.



its a beautiful lie, a perfect denial


Blogger Al said...

eh soraya,u missed modest could you.words.wrds.wds.wd.s.

5:56 PM  
Blogger soraya barakbah said...

eh eh.. forgot to tell you. they weren't around.. dunno why they didnt come.. neither did the used or hinder. heh

11:23 PM  

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